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The city hall of The Hague, designed by Richard Meier

Jozias van Aartsen

Mayor of The Hague
Photo: Corb!no

interview Jozias van Aartsen

The Hague Design and Government

Interview with Jozias van Aartsen

Why is The Hague Design and Government important for the city of The Hague?
'The Hague is much more than the seat of parliament. It has been a culture city for of time immemorial as well, and an incubator for creative talent. Not in the least because of well-established institutes like the Royal Academy of Art (KABK). In the field of graphic design and typography The Hague used to play a leading role. Besides that The Hague is developing, thanks to the presence of international organizations, NGO's and companies, more and more towards a centre of knowledge and student city. The Hague is a young city, packed with talent. That is why The Hague Design and Government is well at it's place here.'