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The current European flag has been the symbol of all European organizations. But the subject goes back to 1955, when the German Arsène Heitz designed a flag for the in 1949 founded Council of Europe. Twelve is a symbol of perfection, completeness and unity (remember the months of the year, the amount of hours on a clock and even the Zodiak counts twelve signs). The circle is among other things a symbol for unity and equality.

Ludolf van Hasselt

Member of the jury and director representative of the European Commission in the Netherlands and member of the jury for A new symbol for Europe

interview Ludolf van Hasselt

Europe and creativity

Interview with Ludolf van Hasselt

What do you think could be the meaning of creativity for Europe?
'Improving innovation and creativity is important for the global competitor position of the European knowledge industry of which design is an essential part. Nevertheless it is not all about economical importance. The social effects and meaning for the personal development for the European civilians counts as well. Innovation and creativity play a very important role these days. Both are necessary to stay competitive worldwide. They contribute to new solutions for current public problems.'

What is currently going on concerning Design and Government in Europe?
'Creativity and innovation abilities are considered key skills by the EU. That is why the year 2009 was called the year of creativity and innovation. It proved to be a way to increase awareness about these themes, spread success-stories and stimulate research. The European Commission focusses mainly on coordination and communication of innovative and creative activities. Meaning that the EC will spread information about practices, stimulate research about creativity and innovation, and will to take steps that improve change on policy level. This is where the link with design lies. We need creative spirits that shape these powers for never ending innovation. Design is on a creative, economical, cultural and social level essential to stay competitive globally.'