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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Kurt Niedermeier, USA
New Europe Logo...
Paul Boldeanu, Romania
Generation. Aspiration. Revolution. Emanation. Information. Opposition. Institution. Legislation. Population. Circulation. Implication. Explication. Protection. Attention. Vocation. Cohesion. Invention. Culture. Freedom. Equality. Democracy. Just as in music, harmony should be the indisputable sovereign in the union of democracies.
Claudia Kipp, Germany
My Idea is a graphic solution. It symbolize the states of europe witch are aligned together and there are as well gaping spaces for new states. In the two colours who are already published and has the recognition value.
first 6 countries in eu are making better world
Toni Žufić, Croatia
firs 6 countries in the middle like 6 stars, and aroun them are stylized people who are making ring around stars
Niels Berk, the Netherlands
A grid off stars that symbolize the way europa is working. Every part different but still working together as one. The shock-wave of the star stands for the growth that europa still have.
Sven Bjelan, Croatia
Rings are making a chain that represents a range of European countries formed in circle. Rings are firmly bounded to each other regardless of that some are large and some small.
I wanted to put the EU as Europe with these 2 waved word to represent the land. And also these high lines which form the words it is to give an idea of moving towards a future of ever higher. The star represents all member states.
bandiera europea
Canali Alessia, Italy
Europe drop of the color black is created but all the hearts of the people. Of the world arf in Europe!!
Nataša Šušteršič Plotajs,
Henk Doorten, Netherlands
Two yellow equal parallel beams, Europe 's ancient culture and new culture be merged into one community. Everyone respects each other we are equal but different from each other, we make up one big blue E. It is the E of Europe.
Raul Elizaldi, Mexico
Hi, well my intention whit this proposal is that it represents the year in which all the institutes or governments of the Europe Union countries decide to use a single image in the form of a flag. I decide too, to maintain the colors and the 12 stars, they still evoke the same principles that the actual flag, and the circles are the year 1986.
Infinite Ring Blue and Gold
Jennifer Cogan, Italy
Strength. History. Heritage. Honor. Tradition. This design encompasses these essential attributes of the European Union. The continuous, universal ring, intertwining infinitely in 3-dimensions, represents the connection between the past and future, the history that connects the European nations to one another, the heritage of the original member nations, and the inclusion of new nations in the future, while honoring the legacy of the original design.
All the European flags together and the EU circle with all the different colors. Shows a symbol of togetherness.
My symbol consists of 2 letters: “E” and “U” forming a chain, binding, symbolizing unity. The European Union represents a sequence of cultures, bound with one another, creating a strong partnership. Each unit is complete and autonomous however all together they form an even more powerful entity.
europese vlag
harrie visser, holland
The circle symbolizes the world and the strata and Europe is a continent. The white and blue squares indicate the directions in Europe. Lettering Type arial is chosen, is tight and gives clarity of Europe again. The horizontal lines indicate the horizontal space weather.
Europe Compass
A symbol containing a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of Europe. The yellow star into the circle is a symbol of unity and strengthener.
kaktusss, France
Two “E” for EUROPE, which face, as into negative, to show contrasts and the diversity of Europe… but which are linked, which tightens their arms in spite of their differences… the two letters also form like a window open on the world…
happy diversity
Kamila Balwierz, Poland
The most important thing for me was to perform the idea of hapiness coming from beeing different but not isolated. I wanted to keep the main idea of the current flag but I tried to "relax" a bit its official apperance. I chose white background as a symbol of all the spectrum colours mixed together, having its begining in the colorful rainbow.
Better warmer world, cleaner blue globe
Wonchan Lee, South Korea
The yellow circle is the better warmer world to live in which EU will make it so, the blue circle represents the clean blue globe. Twenty seven white stars are the countries of EU that will remain pure, harmonious and equal.
European Wide Web (EWW)
Patricia Brouwer, The Netherlands
The design is based on the current stars, however here the stars are rotated around their centre. With contour they are forming a circle (symbol of unity/equality) of a fine mazed network which represents the dynamic Europe of all identities and cooperation between cultures and countries. It can also be used without the outlines, which shows the unity and when transparent the mix of cultures.
E=egalite=EU (My idea 100.6)
The first letter of the name of Europe and equality is presented in a stylized way, the EU as a symbol of the equality of all citizens.
tony, cro
28 members-28 stars proportion of golden ratio 1,618x1m
EUROPA Green ellipse : for respectful EUROPE of its environment 4 yellow stars : 4 cardinal points : multièthnique, multicultural, EUROPE is represented to 4 corners ( places ) of the world. E.U. : the first two letters of the word EUROPA in the shape of globe. Blue : blue bottom azure to respect the original color of the flag.
Unified Nations
Jessica Castrejon, United States of America
Twelve aligned white stars outline a segment of an ellipse which shows ongoing progress. The twelve stars are borrowed from the previous flag and continue to represent perfection. Two yellow arcs show unity in their intersection. The colors stay the same to make the changes less drastic and more recognizable.
A symbol that visualizes a new perception for Europe. Colours from the already chosen palette and two unique shapes which they coexist and visualize the letter -e, a wave and a spiral.
Vanessa Barral González, Spain
If you think yellow you will see an E for Europe and Equality. If you think blue you will see an “equals” symbol. But if you are open minded and you can think multicolour you will see how both work together. INTEGRATION. COLLABORATION. EQUALITY. UNION. MUTUAL SUPPORT. STABILITY. HARMONY. That´s what Europe is.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
EU Flag
Blue Evans, France
Blue background and 12 stars paying homage to the original flag. 27 segments representing 27 countries in the EU with the central star uniting us all.
EU making the globe blue
Wonchan Lee, South Korea
Europe is another melting pot, yet making a beautiful harmony with its own noble way. The blue circle represents not only the Earth which we have to preserve as the way it shows, but also round Europe. The yellow stars revolving inside the globe represent twenty seven countries in EU. The white circle is the pure innocent world which the EU will make it so.
The house
The “e” is a house. It shelters and protects the Member States, but the gate remains open on the world. In this design, the mention of the number of the States is of course optional.
Unification Star Land &Sea
Thom Cicchelli, United States of America
Unigue, strong and timles, an outlined letter "e" is segmented into two parts. The top portion symbolizes "European" and the lower portion "Union". The "U" also act as the historic trail of the Unification Star, moving onward & upward, representing the progress of the European Union. Colours green/land, blue/waterways, darker blue/ocean,sky.
Flag of Europe
INOZEMTSEV Konstantin, France
This is the number of the countries of the European Union.
Primary Tricolor
Declan Stone, The Netherlands
The primary colours (in printing) are cyan, magenta and yellow. Mix these three colours to get any colour, any image... or any meaning. Distinctive, brave and modern.
Euro Flaf 2010
Ely Weitzman, United States
The inter locking of the ring and lines show the togetherness of the European Union. The flag is simple, clean and easy to look at. Keeping the original color makes the flag easily recognizable. The yellow shows the bright future of the union. The circles make a chain, and they sits on two lines which adds stability.
United in Diversity
The flag consists of coloured circles which form a bigger circle altogether, visualising in that way the E.U. ‘united-in-diversity’ motto. Number twelve, symbolising the ideals of unity and harmony, is preserved. Each circle has a unique position in the bigger circle, sharing a part of it with other circles, but also keeping its own space. The impression of movement and flow signifies European active character.
Future Directions
The 12 star circle becomes a solid ring that has North/East/South/West pointers, representing the various peoples and cultures that form Europe now and in all directions for the future.
Waleed A.kawi Saleh, Yemen
Combined of a three lines shape as a meaning of wider horizons. Also a four hands shape holds each other as a meaning of community/group power. Here, colors of hands are chosen as a meaning of different cultures and to be unique.
Zoran Stamenkovic, Serbia
Logo present dove peace that carries the branch which has 12 stars. The body of dove has the shape of € sign and contain Crescent Moon as a symbol of Islam and the cross as a symbol of Christianity. The color on the flag are not changed.
European Facets 2
Tim Holmes, England
The union of countries working together to form a whole entity.
Maria Reniers, netherlands
In spite of all the unique and different people in Europe, we have a new vision for an united Europe and his role in the world. In wich people can live and work together for a better life in their own community. The Eye looks into our soul, to surge for inner balance and peace. But also is the Eye that looks at our world, outside Europe, and his role to look after this earth, with all his people and nature. Unification by all the colours of the coutries of Europe symbols a new generation wich respect another and his way of life and want to express their new way of living in peace and harmony. WE LOOK INSIDE EUROPE, SEE OURSELFS, AND OUTSIDE TO THE WORLD.
European Handprint
Pule Swai, Switzerland
For this flag, the multicolored handprint symbolizes the history and the future of Europe. The historical handprint reflects the evolution of man in Europe through cave paintings (signed by a handprint). The future handprint represents a childs learning through education. The different colors represent the diversity of Europe today. A map of Europe is integrated within the hand.
UNITED EUROPE /QR code/ A QR Code is a matrix code.the code allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader software can scan the image of the QR Code causing the phone's browser to launch and redirect to the programmed URL. The use of the QR Code is free of any license.
charles bignon, spain
This design symbolizes the territory and economical unity of all the european members.
12 Stripes
Taylor Holland, United States
This design employs 12 red stripes, representative of the original 12 EU nations, while also suggesting inclusion and multiculturalism through use of gradient.
Colored stars
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
Keeping the set of twelve stars, but giving them individual colors from different flags of the European Union. I set the background to a neutral grey, which is also one of the few colors that don't occur in the original flags.
Anja Gabriels, Belgium
My circle the flag to the world. And the squares is a word Europe.
Melody of countries
Sven Jaeger & Frederic Lahme, Germany
The flag symbolizes the harmony of the European Union. It works like music. Where different tones and instruments create a perfect melody. According to this the European Union is like a perfect song because of all its different languages, habits and cultures.
human unity
This flag is the symbol of unity and equality of european citizens. We kept the old color code for better recognition. The star is slightly turned - to go forward. The circle represents the unity of all european citizens but also of all citizens of the world.
Concept Diversity
Blanka Šestan, Croatia
Idea of the concept is the beauty of diversity that is shown in overllaping circles. Circles in primary colors represent each country with its identity, individuality and advantages that make euoropean community rich and wealthy for everyone.
Sander van Geest, Nederland
A more critical design. Through this scattered form it becomes apparent that although the Union wants to be a union of equals, with the growth some countries are less equal than others, despite efforts (think of Greece or the new Balkancountries). The EU is just a collection of loose countries instead of a real union.
coming and gone
Henry Bauke, The Netherlands
People are in transit, not only in their country, or in their jobs, but on lifestyles. This dynamism is getting exponential, due to this phenomenon through generations. As a result we experience the mingling and at the same time clash of cultures. The origins are now getting untraceable, not sure where it started and where does this end.
European emblem
Tim Holmes, England
Representative of Europe's togetherness, and how this is extended to global concerns and considerations.
The Power of Unity.
Ayat Babajan, United Kingdom
The circle represents union, whole and complete. The gap in the circle shows that the E.U. has a utopian mind-frame. The line represents stability in the union. The power symbol created shows the world the EU has the power to make positive change. The colour blue is the world’s safest colour, as it mostly represents good. It’s utopian, it’s universal; it’s the new E.U. flag.
european flag design
27 circles representing the 27 member countries in the shape of and abstract e.
The globe
Imly Links, Netherlands
I choose the colour blue for the background, which is already recognizable for the E.U. The symbol in the middle stands for everybody and every country. They are like pieces of a puzzel, different formed but equal. They are the same and fit perfectly into each other. And we need each other to be complete. The golden lines stand for honesty and prosperity.
EU symbol
Seskutov Jaroslav, Germany
the bull represent the mythos of europa
Dino Brucelas, Philippines
This design stands for the multi-cultural diversity among the EU members, where everyone kknows that there differences (the two color fields), but still there is unity and understanding (the white ring crossing the two). In this design, everyone is united, yet everyone is allowed a different opinion.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
Construction (Bricks)
Mihai Stanescu, Romania
Europe - diversity in culture, lanuages and traditions (the elements look like capital letter E)
European Star
Peter Lok, Netherlands
european entity
Tim Heiler, Germany
Europe as one entity. Open to its surroundings and full of infinite variations within itself.
Woven Together
Erik-Anton van Dun, The Netherlands
The diversity from different cultural backgrounds that are united with each other forms the basis of this design. Abstracted shapes from the national flags are woven into each other, this way creating a new unity with the recognition of the individual identity.
EU heraldic rose (My idea 100.4)
EU heraldic rose of gold belt, a symbol of prosperity and welfare of all citizens of a united Europe.
Liberty in Union
Matthew L. Morgan, USA
Loyalty is anchored in the design by the dark blue background. Golden Liberty spikes adorn the shield and star representing a free and noble peoples. The bottom white band represents a union built on a peaceful foundation.
Mark Goldsworthy, England
This idea is inspired by the flight paths of airlines around europe with each capital city linking up to represent the larger community europe has become since air travell has become so easily and affordably available to a lot of citizens, it also relates to citizens from different europian countries re-settling and intergrating in to other fellow countries in europe.
Kurt Niedermeier, USA
New Europe Logo...
This design shows 6 lines reaching towards the upper right corner, indicating progress and evolution. They go through the Circle of stars that made the old EU-logo, dividing it into 6 yellow stars (for 6 founding countries) on the upper left, and multi-coloured stars on the lower right part. The myriad of blue-tones indicates the diversity of modern-day Europe, while the limitation to blue and yellow refers to the legacy of the old EU-flag.
Let's take our flight
the interlaced white and yellow waves symbolize the diversified culture, in a dynamic move. In this diversity, every nation, take its flight (symbolized by the bird). We find again the twelve stars, for the harmonie and balance.
The sign of the sun and community,the sign of God
SILVIYA NEDYALKOVA SAVOVA, Born in Bulgaria, Living in United Kingdom
What does the Symbol IYI mean?The symbol IYI is to be found more than 50 times in Pliska and Preslav, 157 times for Bulgaria altogether. IYI=X ( the sign of the fire as power of passion and future).Y-"Ypsilon" means ''bridge''.Bridge between the cultures.
our Europe
Andreas Trenker, Italy
my flag doesn't want to represent a specific number of countries or members of the European Union, it wants to represent the beauty of Nature. The blue stands for clear rivers and lakes, the white for high mountain ranges and glaciers, which must be saved and the the green for unspoiled countryside and big forests which are indispensable for the future.
Chris Laws, Great Britain
The design represents community. In this case, the Europe Union community, where even its smallest member country can take its turn at being the head of that community, when democratically voted for by the whole union. The design is based on the unions present membership of 27, the variance in sphere size, is a random representation of the different countries physical sizes, within that community.
blue ring and yellow stars
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
The blue ring symbolize Europe and yellows stars dynamism of European countries. Others color curves are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the synergy of Europe with his neighbours ...
We are one
Niek de Jong, The Netherlands
The two colors of the EU, yellow and blue. The star stands for standing together, supporting each other. It's half on the blue side and half yellow side. We accept each other. Black or white, Russian or German, we need to support each other. Our EU. One star, the same star for us all.
Lines that cross and meet in the middle of infinity to create a solid place. 27 lines of 27 EU Members . Each time a new member enters EU it will be added a new line. The concept is “Integrity, Unity and Interaction” The roads of people, races and their being is united in European Union and represented with one symbol that does not have and end.
Dynamic 'EU'
Wim Wal, The Netherlands
Motivation design/point of departure. Develop a symbol/flag for the 'EU' hat¹s caracteristic and different for all European countries, but where every country can be recognize. It must be fiendly, dynamic and reliable. The gold/yellow square means unity, into the square 4 points that means the different cultures. Numerology the number 4 means; realization of plans, willpower and balance. In the design are the applied colours, all colour combinations of the national flags of each European country.
World Europe
The outer circle is made with arrows representing an ever changing, rotating and evolving earth. Inside you’ll find the European connected borders featured with openings for a Europe not closed to its surroundings. The next symbol represents Europe itself, as a castle with watchtowers for its citizens. The stars represent the European people from the north, south, east and west connected around a compass.
Claudia Kipp, Germany
My Idea is a typografic and graphic solution. It symbolize the E for europe. In the two colours who are already published and has the recognition value.
Unity, cultural diversity and equality of EU
Ka Yin Karen Lam, Australia
This EU flag represents the European Union but also unity, cultural diversity and equality. The shapes in different colours around the star depict solidarity and harmony between people from diverse cultures and origins in Europe. The twelve pointed star symbolizes wholeness, perfection and entirety. The blue colour background stand for the sky and the ocean, and the blue colour represents freedom, communication, inspirations and peace.
We are open, we are aware of constant changes, we are dynamic, we want simple answers on simple question and we are ready to discuss them. Traditional colors new shape. Simple communication.
Europe in Colors
Europe in colours. How does it really look? This flag shows the colours of 27 European flags in the frequency of their percental appearence. The arrangement of the vertical stripes symbolises also a kind of universal landscape: Black as a solid basis, green for nature, red for life itself, white for the air we breathe, the sun before a blue sky and the atmosphere above.
Waleed A.kawi Saleh, Yemen
Combined of water waves indicating the sea that surrounds Europe from most sides .. And which is considered as a big blessing from God. Also a three lines shape as a meaning of wider horizons. Colors are chosen to be related and unique.
European flag - Fenix
Biljana Spirkoska, Serbia
If we look the bird Fenix, we will see that it contains of 6 circles. If we count feathers in every circle, going from the middle we will have next numbers: 1, 4, 6, 11, 22 i 33. This means that the God (1) through the perfect number (4)create the perfect world (6) (for 6 days), where from chaos (11) through innovations (22) make unique, exceptional world (33). 1 - we put number on the top to have a head 11 22=11+11 33=11+11+11 If we multiply sides of pyramid (number of triangles) we will have the next: 4x4x6=96, 96 symbolized Magic of Music - The God that is singing, So we have theory of string in physics. Also this is a harmony of energy. Gives a good economy and harmony life for all people that are living in European Union.
“ Future is in our hands”
Veska Kazakova, Bulgaria
The number Twelve is a symbol of the circle, ( number of months of the year, usefulness of the work done during this time, clock, which counts the time of useful work). United shapes in this type engine(community, unity, success). White color is a symbol of a dove(development, transparency and peace). P.S. Can present it and the colors of the rainbow, as a symbol of the diversity of peoples, to their way of life(religion, culture, color, ethnic).
Europe flag 1
The yellow star defines the power of Europe. The "E"of Europe is mixed with "U "of Union; they are together, symbolizing the unity of all Europe's countries. The "E" is part of the yellow star, indisossiable...
coloured circle
Imly Links, Netherlands
I choose the colour blue for the background, which is already recognizable for the E.U. In the middle is a coloured ring, which stands for equality. It contains 6 colours. They stand for all the countries in the world. There is not 1 flag who hasn’t got at least 1 of these 6 colours. The white dot stands for: honesty, freedom and transparent
Stability for Europe
Supritha Prasad, United States
This design includes the original circular arrangement of twelve individual stars. To reinforce the smaller stars’ unity, the twelve stars now surround a larger twelve pointed star. As well as adding visual interest to the asymmetric design, the two yellow stripes provide a sense of stability in a time of uncertainty. This flag integrates the onset of a new era while respecting past traditions.
Europtimism (ver.2)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
Just a simple and minimalistic take on the letters E and U, aiming for a clean and stylistic look, which colors can be altered if necessary.
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Three yellow horizontal bars in a forward movement on a blue background: a perfect number performed by bars similar to the pair of the Eurosymbol. Colours: Blue: C 99; M 78; Y 0; K 0. Yellow: C 2; M 11; Y 88; K 0. It's preferred to keep the colours blue and yellow. Than people have a referrence.
Alle zusammen
all twelve are still, but all stars became one.
European interconnectivity
Tim Holmes, England
This design comprises of the principle colours used in members flags. Their display as independent units is symbolic of how different cultures are shared in the european community and work together.
People among stars
Stars represent the ideal and the future to which people aspire to, which is accomplished by their interconnection. Stars are defined by the people and people are defined by the stars. The colors refer to those of the existing european symbol for their recognizability.
Triple bar with an Eight Point Star
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
Parts of this design are reminiscent of the current flag, aiding recognition. The ring represents unity and continuity. The eight-pointed star refers to the eight directions, representing the size of the continent, the diverse origins of its peoples and the scope of its influence. The three bars, in conjunction with the flagpole, form an "E" for Europe.
Europe United
John Stelck, The Netherlands
For the new symbol of Europe I chose curly brackets as a synonym for language. The brackets unite the different European countries symbolised in the capital E of Europe.
Unlimited Europe
Tomaž Braček, Slovenia
Unlimited Europe' symbolizes connectedness, equality of rights, collaboration and respect between countries and their citizens. Message of this symbol is ability to do everything for European Union; unlimited care, help and positive progress.
In a new symbol for Europe we use existing color and circleform for recognition. With a combination of units and equality signs we focus our process on essential needs. The enlarged fragment of a scale awares us of temporary participating in a live-time-Europe The fond connects universe and substance.
Me and us
Mark Rooker, Netherlands
Me and us A new symbol for Europe should reflect a new vision of living in Europe. A Europe where more and more borders disappear, between countries and between cultures, physically and digitally. Can you speak of one identity when this identity is so diverse? Yes, that's the identity of the new Europe! The new and unique challenge is to give shape to a society which doesn't have a vertical structure but a horizontal one. Everybody can have his own colour to ad to the universal identity. The power is always to both, to the individual as to the group as a whole. We are interconnected. Europeans versus Europe and Europe versus the world. This interconnection is visualised in this 'me and us' symbol by joining the 'e' and the 'u'. The left arch is the group, the smaller arch on the right is the individual. They are obviously related to each other. One shape comes out of the other shape. And they reflect on each other, being each others mirror. It's about keeping the balance in this relationship.
Diana Ronnberg, Poland
The sun is a symbol of infinity, positive energy and strengt. The sun is a lifesource available for everyone just like the multicultural Europe. The project accentuates unison and solidarity. Colours: blue, symbol of heaven, freedom, yellow: light and activity.
Franziska Holly, Mirja Vollgraf, Germany
We took every european country and indicate them in form of circles. One can also see them as burls. All circles/burls are interconneted with eachother. The circles/burls have diffrent coulours, they exist of all coulours of the flags of the European countries. With our design we want to show that Europe has changed, one is adjunctive, a community and hold together.
europe is on
The on/off button can be taken as a symbol for connection referring to the digital era. europe is connected and online. borders are fading and people are in touch with eachother no matter where they are, and which nation they come from.