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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

a new symbol for europe
Astrid Rhijn, van, The Netherlands
I used the stars from the current flag to create a new abstract symbol for Europe. The stars on the current flag create a new form or symbol. I tried to capture the transformation of the EU in a symbol: the old stars created a new symbol for Europe.
European Culture Flag
Malinda J. Lowder, United States of America
Twelve is one of the perfect numbers as it symbolizes the number of what is completed, which forms a perfect and whole unit. This design is a 12 pointed geometric symbol made of 12 smaller parallelograms. The center forms a star, the symbol or hope and light. The colors are sampled from flags of different European countries.
Julie Pliszczak, France
This flag represents the strong cohesion between the different states of the European Union. It is through the intersection, confusion, dynamism, continuity of lines that the EU is transcribed. It is the union that states form a whole. The dynamic lines are showing that the states want to move together as a communion.
The Ivy of Unity
Kelly Grist, England
Ivy was chosen to represent unity as well as growth, strength, connection, friendship and opportunity. There are four ivy leaves as four is seen to bring prosperity and be a fair and safe number. The colours white, blue and green all fit into the aims of the Union – peace, freedom, prosperity, safety, fair and unity as well as representing the environment.
27 Stars (grey)
This is an alternative grey design to a previous submission. The 27 stars of varying shades ranging between blue green and orange portray the diversity in culture between the 27 countries in the EU. The centre focal circle represents Europe and utilises the same shades of blue green and orange as the stars to depict the flavour and culture that the countries bring to the EU.
Color blind
Slaven Božić, Croatia
The idea is to represent Europe as it is, place where all have same chances regardless of their skin color and everybody is considered a citizen.
carlos torres, argentina
A single bright star is cut on a pattern of stars. A single brigth state holds a set of states.
Six Pound Fish, Poland
The idea - the flower represents the Union. It is an organism built out of many different objects. Union`s harmony, beauty and stabilisation depends on every piece of it
EU Flag II
Selcuk Askin, Turkey/Australia
Another version of EU Flag I design.
The Strait
Emre Hakgüder, Turkey
This design of mine puts the EU in the position of a strait through which countries pass for achieving prosperity and high living standards. The left piece represents the past and the right piece the future of countries which will join/have joined the EU.
Band of gold
Steven Whitfield, England
A simple exchange of the stars, to an unbroken multicoloured ring. Symbolic of the many different colours and cultures residing in modern europe. The design has a very positive feel and suggests unity throughout.
Elisa Pasqual, Marco Ferrari, italy
An interweaving nucleus symbolizes internal cohesion and peaceful growth at the same time.
Anita Jovanovic, Serbia
A simple symbol, three interlocking shapes that are painted three primary colors is unity in diversity of communities of different people... forms meet, combine and interfere in one another, simple, elegant and yet firmly and clearly as a unified Europe.
Dario Elio Nubile, Italy
The flag represent an evolution of the actual one, where the 12 stars become a big one, meaning the real Union of Europe during these years. The big star is inside a green circle that represent equality and the hope for a better world. The green circle saves the same dimension of the stars circle in the actual flag.
EU vlag
Lukas van Buuren, Nederland
Ik ben van het bestaande uitgegaan en heb hier een Sterker en Sprekender beeld van willen maken. Ook heb ik er voor gezorgd dat de aandacht niet volledig naar de Sterren toegaat, het is helemaal niet belangrijk dat die gelijk staan aan het aantal landen. I assumed the current and got a picture says Stronger and prefer it. I also made sure that attention is not completely toegaat the stars, it is not important which equate to the number of countries.( I started from the original and made it Stronger and more Standing out. Also tried to make it a balanced picture, it's not important that there are the same number of stars as countries, ridicules and old fashioned is my opinion.
Unity of the nations and European union
Ivan Mladenović, Varaždin, Croatia, Europe
- the design contains two colors: green and blue; a circle, twenty seven stars and eight stars which are getting narrower from the corners - color green represents the land, and color blue represents the sea - eleven stars that are on color green represent landlocked countries, and on color blue are sixteen coastal countries - interrupted circle contains green, red, yellow and white color, which represents the community of the states and expansion of the community - colors green, red, yellow and white represent the people of Africa and Asia that live and work in Europe and make its future bright and new - eight stars represent countries that are about to enter into the European Union
United Europe
VEronika MAnukjan, Czech republic
Simple is the best. I proposed simply symbol- yellow full round symbolized united union- united european states. It is simple, clear and modern design
Erhan Ay, Turkiye
This logo consists of the intertwine of European Union initials "E" and "U". These characteres’ composition expresses the identity diversity, integration and harmony.
To the top
I choose one star with five branches to symbolize the five continents. The yellow branch represents Europe, oriented towards the top. The star looks as a human. The European branch is bigger than the other ones to have a visual impact. The Euro symbol is white on a blue background. The two oblique lines are like the mathematical sign"equal", oriented to the top to symbolize progress.
Interdisciplinarity of EU
Jeroen van Lith, The Netherlands
The logo consists lines that are metaphors for the endless disciplines in Europe. The edges of the letters make them stop, but the suggestion remains that they don't stop. With this the acknowledgement of non-EU territory is also determined.
Modern 'E'
Youngha Park, South Korea
As the Council of Europe emphasizes it in their logo, the initial letter 'E' has been regarded as a new symbol of European Union. The repeated Es symbolize the epicenter of modern European society. I used the exact same two colors from the current flag for respecting the tradition.
Union is strength
Ivan Stanoev, Athens, Greece
The flag is simple, balanced and attractive! The colours (blue and yellow) are durable and well contrasted. It’s easily recognized and the construction isn't so expensive. It has two strong colours, two circles and one star. A rectangle is the flag shape with width/length proportions between (1:1,618 ) – the golden section. The down circle symbolized the European people and the top circles symbolized the emigrants. The star symbolized the European Union who wants to integrate and consolidate us. Now, more then ever we must to be united.
Demetrio Minozzi, Italy
The two blue stripes represent the major seas that surround Europe (the bigger is Atlantic Ocean), the white one symbolizes a hope of lasting Peace. There is only one star because the countries that are part of Europe must feel as a single entity.
Building Europe
Patricia Melo-González, Colombia
My proposal is based on the letter “E”, common in all of the three European writing systems: cyrilic, latin and greek, which symbolizes Europe. The solution is based on the premise that the European community is composed of different cultures and all of them can contribute in the building of a big super-country in a peaceful and tolerant environment, that’s why I propose a blue symbol over a white flag.
people chain
gonçalo bruno, portugal
The "People chain" is: every person is a link, each nation is a set of links. Some big some small, but solid form this great European power. All together hand in hand to make a greater common good.
Unity and change over time
Daniel Cook, England, UK
The design represents an archway, which has connotations of change. It also represents the sun which everyone needs to survive. The ribbon going around is the infinity shape, this suggests the countries have a bond forever in time. It's also a DNA sign representing science.There are 33 ribbons. 33 links to Religion, Jesus died at 33 and 33 is a master number to Freemasonry.
Amber Coils
Natalie Shay, United States of America
As a symbol of infinite unity, the interlaced design contains multiple connections between all twelve loops. The dark blue and amber colors allude to past traditions while the intertwining figure provides empowering, yet modern attitudes by emphasizing harmony between each country of the European Union. The familiar central placement of the amber design also conjures the sense of strength, stability, and power.
European flag for 2012
Felio Sotomayor, United Kingdom
My design is an updated version of the current EU flag, with the 27 member states represented by roundels to symbolise their belief in democratic principles. They are also white to symbolise peace and placed within a yellow ring to symbolise prosperity.
Euro Flag
Neil Miley, Australia
The design has an inner yellow band with 27 blue stars and outer/ inner bands of transparent yellow. The design represents the increasingly diverse nature of the EU while also projecting a firmness of the Union. The ring of stars symbolises the cooperative independence of the member states.
Pauline Branke, Italy
My design shows Europe in quadratic, feathering fractions. The fractions are symbolic for the different cultures outspread in Europe. They are arranged in a grid that skipps in some parts to reveals the impossibilty to depict Europe as a static pattern. The colours show how interwoven the cultures are and that a boarder can not be defined by a line.
Europtimism (ver.5)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
four cardinal points
just an idea : symbolize the four cardinal points. Europe is not only occidental now.
EU star+E (My idea 100.2)
A big star as a symbol of the aspirations of all European states to live in a united Europe, located in the blue box as a symbol of equality in the Union, the two parts in yellow and the background make the letter E
One star one EU
Tommy Liang, Hong Kong China
The 5 elements(race, cultures, languages, traditions and believes) of Eu are united in ONE region. That's means the five yellow shapes is going into center of the flag. And it becomes to a one star.
The facetted ring
Hans Scheijde, Netherlands
The facetted ring on the blue background symbolises the countries that form our union. The blue stripes and yellow dots are heraldic, so even a colorblind can see the flag properly. The centre of the figure is on the intersection of the horizontal and vertical golden section ratio. The randomness of the dots cannot be divided and thus enhances unity.
EU Symbol "We Are Together"
Fiona Cull, United Kingdom
The Dodecagon keeps the theme of 12 but it's solid shape represents community coming together. The surrounding circle represents wholeness and protection. It can be hung either way, and the resulting symmetry represents the equality of the EU, where everyone is connected and works together. The symbol is a progression, not a complete redesign, therefore the original colours have been kept.
United European Identities
Dana Badulescu, Switzerland
My idea of a new symbol for Europe consists of a circle of elements in different colors and sizes on a blue background. The blue represents the west, the elements in different colors and sizes represent the fine maze of identities, cultures, traditions and languages while their position in a circle represents unity.
Yellow Wedge
Lex Drewinski, Germany / Poland
My design is a Homage to El Lissitzky and his poster "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge" (1919). Now, many years ago not all is perfect. We must more work and fighting for European Union. "Beat the Whites with the Yellow Wedge"!
The circle represents unity and oneness. The horizontal line represents the base (values) that holds the circle (unity) strong, safe and in balance. The yellow color represents justice, wealth and the sun. Sun also represents the light, enlightment and the truth. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice.
European Integration
Ciarán Clarke, Northern Ireland
All nations of the EU are shown on this flag with equal representation. No nation overshadows another but all share their common European heritage in the form of the larger EU flag in the canton. The flags are arranged alphabetically as opposed to political or economic significance or by population. Even the most eurosceptic individual can identify with the flag as their nationality is represented.
the european union have many states and each one of them have it's on history, goverment, rules, law...etc and for that I think that it's unfair to put it all in one symbol so I wanted to do something that represent each state of the union and that if you're Italian and he's Bulgarian each one of you when you look to the logo you must see something related with your country so I made a new symbol and It doesn't have any relation with religious because it's about politics and I have put the colors (red, green, yellow, blue) and if you see any flag of the states union flags it have one or more from this colors so I represent each country with a color from her flag and the four colors lead to a white circle inside because according to nuton color wheel when you put all the color together you will have white and the european union is simply white and we all now what great meanings the white color have in every culture or religious...
Europe and beyond
Kelly Hillier, United Kingdom
The design has been created using 12 lines to create a symbol which can be easily reproduced. It represents geometric unity and perfection. The colours have not been changed to continue the theme of the old flag.
A projection of a European Diamond
Ben Bos, Netherlands
The European Union is a configuration of several nations, large and small, in most cases separated as well as linked up by their mutual borders. There are distinct cultural differences differences between them, yet they form a unique kind of a family. I tried to respect the ingredients of the present flag, by sticking to the blue and yellow and also by designing an asteroid shape. In my opinion the dark blue of the European flag, as it is now, appears to be just a little bit melancholic, so I decided to go nearer to the blue of the French tricolore, clearer, more cheerful than the old one. I didn't at all attempt to divide the inner field into as many parts as the (present and still not definite) number of nations that now form the Union. Instead I chose for clarity. Smaller units would have made the flag too complicated. The yellow shape gives the 'positive' impression of a third dimension. The white hexagon embraces all component parts and in that sense replaces the old circle of stars.
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Three yellow diagonal bars in different width on a blue background suggesting the letter E of Europe in a perspective way. Colours: Yellow: C: 1; M: 24; Y: 96; K: 0 Blue: C: 99; M: 78; Y: 0; K: 0
Open Rotating Triangles.
Bidirectional (red triangles, arrows) represents the mixing of cultures within the European Union and its openness to new members.
The points on the flag show Europe with its diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes after 50 years and how all countries can live together.
E.U. Forever
Thom Cicchelli, USA
This design dramatically captures the past, present, and future of the European Union. The bright "starburst" on the right has six sides, honoring the six founding members of the Union, and 27 rays of light, representing all of the current members. The large "E" to the left, facing east and projecting upward, points to a limitless future for the Union and it's members.
Steve Hunt, United Kingdom
Derived from the sculptural Asian influences of Anish Kapoor, and incorporating Islamic crescent symbolism. This concept also derives its energy as a truly European representative image from the vibrant Latin and African influenced colour working. The entity that is Europe is also given an authority by the juxta-position alphabetical and geographic positioning on the planet.
Celebrate Our Unity
Thom Cicchelli, USA / Chicago
27 stars, one for each EU member nation incircle a bold new symbol for the EU. The interlocking leters "E" and "U" are a contemporary and solid icon for Europe, and would be easily recognizable in any world market. Centered inside the EU symbol would be the "Euro Star". A 3 dimensional golden star which "welcomes and celebrates" life for people of all colour, and cultures that freely follow in its path, with respect and honor.
tony, cro
28 members-28 stars proportion of golden ratio 1,618x1m
union europeene-fenetre vers le monde
elena buftea, romania
ce sont les initiales de l union europeene en forme de fenetre ouverte vers le monde sur un fondal bleu
Fade Into New
Katherine Strashnov, United States of America
Unity is represented by the fading colored circle of dots which also shows the new diversity of the people who live in the European Union. Stability is shown through stripes and the way the ring encircles them. The colors and number of dots reference the gestalt of the original flag to show that, despite change, some things have remained constant in the European Union.
constellation of capitals
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
The flag should remind of a constellation. We wanted to show that Europe is such a small point on the map of the infinite universe. So we only marked the capitals of the european community. They represent a whole new space then. As an alternative flag we connected each capital by using processing (computer generated software) to show the effect of a network, where we communicate, deal and live with each other ...
Together in Unity
Nelson Pinontoan, Singapore
4 Stars represents Sovereign States, Nonsovereign territories & regions, Partially recognised republics, territories & regions, Unrecognised republics. territories & regions. They are hand in hand under solid circle (represent round Euro), unity of the different cultures, languages & history.
sharing one sky, united and free
Frank Brechter, germany
blue background, a symbol for the sky we share. yellow circle, a symbol for unity. white wing, the ultimate symbol for freedom. all in all, an abstract "E" for Europe.
One Star 2
Bert Moritz, Germany
One star with 12 pikes instead of 12 stars
Peace of Variety
Jasper van den Boogaard, The Netherlands
27 countries as one Europe. All connected in variated way, the different countries have their influence in the European circle of union. The striped circle, in unique colors, represents the individual culture. The circle stands for a durable and respectful connection between the countries. This is a story about one devoted Europe.
the new colour of europe
I have used blue as the background colour which shows depth.Then i have retained the star to show that the old customs and traditions still prevail.The inner star is multicolored to show the amalgamation and evolution of different cultures and the white star which is predominant shows that they coexist in peace.There is heavenly glow that radiates from the star which shows the spreading light.
Congruent Reconstruction
Ivo Widjaja, Australia
The symbol demonstrates the juxtaposition of the past and the current changes Europe is now experiencing. The overlapping planes which construct the star illustrate the reconstruction that Euro identity has undergone within its constituents, while still maintaining its closeness with its existing symbol and the history that has shaped Europe. The symmetry suggests that the organized flux of change.
europese vlag
harrie visser, holland
Main color blue, the coolness and tranquility of Europe again. The circle symbolizes the world and the strata. The circle symbolizes the world and Europe appear in strata. The yellow circle symbolizes Mon. Arial font is chosen, is tight and gives clarity of Europe again.
Luigi Salis, France
No more 12 stars but only one star representing EUROPE. A star made of differtent colors as all our differences, as all the cultures, as all the countries that make the Union. The Star is not completed. We never stop working for the Eurepean Union.
Pawel Miszewski, Poland
E means Europe. Surrounded by sharp view of horizon of green ground and life-giving sun. Air, ground and sun symbolize unity, equality and brotherhood of nations and culture within one continent.
Euro(pe) on the move
Hans Levendig, Netherlands
Euro(pe) on the move It symbolizes the movement and expansion of Europe, and the embracing of the multicolored society The euro-symbol on the move font: Eurostile (streched and in motion) For recognizing, the basic colors are the same as the current flag.
Youngha Park, South Korea
Obviously the inner circle is the letter 'E' and the outer one is 'U'. I wanted to focus more on its name, European Union as a symbol, which still keeps the originality of the current flag by its color and composition.
This symbol is a 360 degree ring of 36 unique rays of light and vision that represent the existing stars of the EU flag. The stars are combined into the one star that is a ring with a sphere core and rays of different effects and influences. The all knowing eye, vision, power, life, diversity and unity are all represented in this design.
primary combination
Mrinal Sharma, India
It is the member countries which together forms the EU. Each of its member countries has its own combination of colors in thier flag which represent their identity. Altogether there are different variation in terms of color. Here the ideas comes from. Primary colors are the basic color that can form any other color.So if we represent these three colors, it can be a complete representation of its member countries in just three colors in a single flag. The base color of flag is west as ir represent west. The no. of different joining hands shows off that all together its members which stands in unity without any discrimination to safeguard the interests of EU. All the hands are in same color which says that there is no barrier among its member countries that holds them to be together.
map of europe
Astrid Rhijn, van, The Netherlands
I made an image of Europe using the stars of the current EU flag and the map of Europe. It's based on the idea that Europe is a network society and there's room for expansion (more countries can join) and growth of knowledge and prosperity is possible when we work together.
Dejan Brajovic, Serbia
The circle as a symbol of equality and unity is set up so that its full line of form letter "E", while the stars represent the continents of the world.
ode to joy
The 27 circles constitute the different membership countries of the EU. The circle ist the symbol fort the entity. With his endless line he symbolises endlessness as well as finiteless. The circles itself are designed out of the ode of joy. The staves and the sheet music were abstracted into circles and arranged in a harmonic, supporting entity.
Magic tree
Agata Kulczyk, Poland
My proposition is magic tree. 27 birds create abstractive form tree crown. The birds are in the colours of EU countries flags. The birds are free, they migrate and they are looking for the better place for living. Simultanously they neeed life in gather and they need a tree as a shelter. The shelter that is still growing up and give them new, delicious fruits.
A versatile, dynamic Europe
The different colors represent the main components from all flags of the member states, dominated by the blue color of the Union. The star, depicted across the entire width of the flag symbolizes stability and illustrates a strong unity.
Europe in motion
Pedro Yus, Spain
Basically, the design represents: United Europe, Europe alive, Europe in motion.
Dieter Egli, Switzerland
Europe means: Living together, working together, sitting together.
Unity in Diversity
My design for the European flag reflects the collective motto ‘In Varietate Concordia‘ : ‘Unity in Diversity’ The twelve lines or ‘paths‘, the colours of which are derived from the chromatic circle, represent the diverse origins, cultures, philosophies and politics of the European States. Although the paths start at differing points, they finally converge into a single entity : Unity in Diversity...
Alex Pertsinidis, Greece
The sun symbol of truth, light, spirit, wisdom, vitality, reborn… and naturally the sun and and its energy produces and conserves movement-life on earth.The twelve sun shines are in a circular order that interprets the unity and continuity in time. The number 12 is a symbol of perfection and unity. The identical size of the sun shines and uniform spatial order interprets the equality. The sequence of the colors in the sun shines s achieved according to the color spectrum of light which is finally integrated into a circle. The color spectrum symbolize the diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes and the continuity and integration into a circle, the interaction, solidarity and the union of Europe. The intense and bright colors interprets health and liveness.
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
Three lines like in the capital letter "E" are going to create an "e": it's less institutional but it is created by different things, and also it is a circle, that is a strong/perfect figure. In this way, we can say that the mix of different culture is creating something of perfect. At the same time, the "e" it is not finished because this kind of process is always an evolution. It's end-less and the end has no end.
Europe represented through change by time
ROZEN ERDAL, North Cyprus
On this concept of new Europe flag design; I have used the position of the shapes as it is appears on the time, because time represents the change ,and with the time Europe is devoloping and growing. Big shapes represents the same things that was on the old flag(12),and the little shapes(seconds) which are new added are other countries which are accessed and increased Europe.Now the circle is more expanded.
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Three horizontal bars in a forward movement: a perfect number performed by bars similar to the pair of the Eurosymbol.
Quentin Barutaut, France
There is a 12 branches star who symbolizes the old 12 stars in Europa Flag. The stripes symbolize the coninuity of Europa's enlargement, star symoblize country. And Euro symbol is central.
Euro Colours
Steve Hunt, United Kingdom
This design reflects the wide spectrum of ethnic diversity, culture and language that is the entity of Europe. The 'e' type character sits as a unique entity upon the planets horizon, the embodiment of European unequalled pluralist society.
Marco Versteeg, Netherlands
Six different colored but equal shapes blended together through a never ending uninterrupted line, creating a much bigger shape then the sum of them. We, the countries of Europe, all have different backgrounds, but we are strongly connected as one and what kind of one! Together we have much greater opportunities than all of us separated. The colors together create white, symbol of peace and purity.
Vasilis Gravaritis, Greece
"Line is a moving point, which a force has been applied in a given direction." "Point - Line - Basic Plane" W. Kandinsky The idea of "EUROPE" logo is based on W.Kandisky's theory. Europe is a mix of people with a range of diverse characteristics (cultures, language, religions, traditions). Despite this diversity, citizens and immigrants of Europe aim to live under the basic principle of life, humanism. By W.Kandisky's theory, points are the maze of people. Force is the humanism which guides them to create their paths, lines. And the basic plane, area, which is determined from these lines is the place where they live. The Europe Union.
Rita Hart, João Guimarães, Portugal
The concept of Flower is the junction of petals united by a single foot. In this case the petals represent the union of the countries which follow the same structure. The color white is associated with peace, calm, order, cleanliness and other positive connotations in Western culture, and blue for peace, order, harmony. Is the value of these two colors that we think the European Union should unite.
Europe - Tradition and Future Challenges
Caroline List, Great Britain
This design represents a connection between our familiar vision of Europe and its now changing identity. The stars are replaced with circles to emphasize equality, tolerance and flexibility towards immigrants and other minorities, which change the continent as a whole.Together they form the traditional large circle yet with an opening.There remain twelve components to symbolize completeness and unity together with three additional white circles to indicate openness to future challenges.
Living apart together, a blooming relationship
Thijs van Os, Nederland
For me Europe represents strength, partnership and development.
Together in Unity
Nelson Pinontoan, Singapore
4 Stars represents Sovereign States, Nonsovereign territories & regions, Partially recognised republics, territories & regions, Unrecognised republics. territories & regions. They are hand in hand under solid circle (represent round Euro), unity of the different cultures, languages & history.
Infinity Europe
Łukasz Woźniak, Polnad
Today Europe means a lot of many different kinds of culture, nations and possibility, which will be grow, grow up to infinity. If we change the twelve yellow stars to symbol of infinity we can try to take a picture of Europe full of opportunities. Infinity Europe for all of us.
Follow the arrow
The "G" of government is Yellow that European Flag in 12 countries. And the background is Blue that same Flag of Europe. And The "D" of design is white that clean. The "G" is the shape of arrow that a road sign for welcome to "Design and the government" in European Design Biennial 2010.
Europe is like an organism in evolution. it is full of Colors but likes to be in good order too.
stars of europe
hoi-yin ip, nl
Each country has their own colour and changes according to the country's extension for example: .nl .eu .sk .de .es .cz
European Flag
Jacob Gilman, United States of America
The 12 stars of the original European Union flag are still included in the new design. The 12 stars on the flag still represent the idea of perfection. The idea behind the large star on the left side is to represent the union as a whole, and its strength.
Erhan Ay, Turkiye
This logo consists of the intertwine of European Union initials "E" and "U". These characters composition expresses the identity diversity, integration and harmony.
Alex Lau Yuk Shing, Hong Kong
The original colors of the European Union's flag, yellow and blue, are retained and incorporated into the new design, in order to symbolize the historic background of the European Union's formation. The 27 tiny patterns are circularized as a piece of rope, implies that culture difference does no harm on bringing the 27 nations into harmony. Their bondings are tightened as a rope, a reflection of huge unity among members.
One symbol for Europe, for every nation : one bleu star on the yellow round background (with is a simplified map of Europe) in the middle of the bleu flag.
ahmad khalil, lebanon
flag sample, its too simple, but i can expand the idea if u want. the white colour refer to e letter (europe) the small refers to the countries.and the big star refers to the union . the u letter inside the star means (union) i wish that it will attract you.
Infinite Ring Gold and White
Jennifer Cogan, Italy
Strength. History. Heritage. Honor. Tradition. This design encompasses these essential attributes of the European Union. The continuous, universal ring, intertwining infinitely in 3-dimensions, represents the connection between the past and future, the history that connects the European nations to one another, the heritage of the original member nations, and the inclusion of new nations in the future, while honoring the legacy of the original design.
stars of europe
hoi-yin ip, nl
each country has their own colour and star according to their extension.
United Flags
leo vegting, Nederland
Basis for the new design are the flags of all Member States. The flag consists of several planes. Let the different colors and / or additions (vignettes) away, there remain about 12 different variations. Place these variations on a circle. By now the separate planes alternating 'on' or 'off' to turn creates a playful whole, in which any (future) Member State his / her flag will recognize.
Henk Noordam, Netherlands
Merging the 12 stars to one single star symbolizes the unity to be the 12 points of the star represent the existing symbolism of this number Present Eurosign best symbolizes European values, with the open circle and the = sign Stayed close to present design and used same colors Outer Radius Star = radius circle on present flag Inner Radius Star = 1/12 of height of flag Dimensions Euro-sign = 2/3 of height