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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

bandiera europea
Drei Luca, Italy
In the flag, I have represented the five colors of the olimpic games, the letters of EU together with the twenty-seven states members.
Dejan Brajovic, Serbia
The circle as a symbol of equality and unity is set up so that its external and internal lines of the Parliament (which are all equal) while the stars represent the four sides of the world.
Delvas Christophe, France
Build together the new Europe, and builds itself... thx
Ingrid Hufnagl, Austria
The pattern is generated by using a parametric software, i.e. like a growing process of plants, symbolizing the growth of the European Union and how all the different nations getting more and more connected, while retaining its own identity (each circle remain visible). Whereas the circle form itself is based on the current flag of the EU, the same like the colours.
We are open to the whole World
Paulina Marjan, Poland
Twelve stars which are taken from the original Flag of Europe have been rearranged so that they implicitly form a circle – the symbol of unity. Whereas the trimming of external stars represents the endlessness of possible cultural permeation as well as the openness for new countries, values and traditions.
A symbol that visualizes a new perception for Europe. The diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes is representing in this concept trough out the multi colour of this symbol. All these come alive and are joined in the unique shape of a fingerprint.
Very simple design, 27 stars on blue flag, every star is representing one country in EU.
The ring
Planetary ring and wedding ring, this symbol evokes at the same time the life of the nations and the daily life. The form remains open to express the vocation of Europe to dialogue with the world.
Human Being
Andrey Taskin, Russia
In the centre there is a free man. The colours are the colours of continents. It's just an idea that you can use to make it more bright and impressive/
Luisa Vandelli, Italy
This flag is an "E" is composed with the colors of the Olimpic Games.
Together version 3
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
the circle presents continuity and the globe; Europe is an ongoing project and a prosess, Europe is an idea Colours green environmental awareness white the colours of prism together create it; We are Europe blue from current sign
Delvas Christophe, France
Its time for Europe to be the sunlight for every body...
A symbol that visualizes a new perception for Europe. Three different colours which are joined together with a manner that symbolizes the letter -e- for EUROPE. Colours are chosen from the earth -sea - nature - sky- and also are representing the many different cultures which can live together as one.
Nature of Europe
Nova Soviningrat, Indonesia
The logo created from the leaves of oak trees that made as EU letter form. The interpretative of Oak leave is this leave believed to be a gateway between worlds, or a place where portals could be erected. The purpose are to create a dynamic, reliable, represent the connection, networking and yet modern brand identity which represents the European Union countries, suits the present condition, and achieve the logo positioning purpose. PERSONALITIES: - Dynamic - connection - networking - cooperation
Global Europe
Europe is changing itself and Europe is changing the world getting still more and more significant part in global structure / life / community / culture / environment / politics, etc. The symbol expresses genuine unity (E-U) and openness to the world as well. Rotated "U" shows flexibility, involvement and suitable solutions in European and global problems.
diversely the same
Vladimir Biscan, Serbia
Intercrossing differently weighted circles represent diverse in EU, which comes from all sides of EU with their own cultures. Everything is mixed and flows constantly with one point (goal) the same in sense of common prosperity. There aren’t distinctive marks of number of members, or of their origin. Colors remain the same in purpose of well-established association.
Bacherlor of Arts in Media Design
The flag shows on the ground the geographical area and the different parts of europe. I chose a band, because of the european togetherness. The rolling band should demonstrate the people and the cultures, who live on the geographical area. They have different colours and different sides (like this band). And because of their way of life (move from one country to another, because of work, private life,...) the band is intricated. To show that the process of movement from the cultures and the european people will and should never stop I chose to leave the ends of the band the viewer does not see and end of the band.
EU logo
Sven Bjelan, Croatia
Typographic solution that clearly and simple represents EU.
Europtimism (ver.7)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
Stronger by living together
Jeroen Dewaerheijt, The Netherlands
Abstract birds as brotherhood/union freedom, trust & optismism
Overall meaning is the leadership that can interact with its people and be smooth and in the same time shows perfection and clarity .. Colors are chosen to be related and unique.
Our sign means neverending culture history and developing, thanks to multicultural merge. White colour means light which is the fusion of all colours.
Europe in Motion
Europe means for us: a mixture of countries and people. Diversity of history, sience, art, peace, culture, environment and nature. The number of countries is still growing.
The symbol looks like a shape of butterfly, which has 12 colors is representing 12 countries of Europe
one europe, you and me
widianto utomo, indonesia
The design is to create a new symbol for Europe based on the people of Europe origins through colours. Blue to represent the old Europe and the new Europe, the new Europe as one nation and one identity. Brown to represent people with Middle Eastern origin including Africa. Yellow to represent people with Asia origin. Red to represent other people origins outside Asia, Africa or Middle Eastern. Green to represent new generation of Europe born from mix culture/ origins parents. White background to represent peace and harmony of new Europe. Together, symbolised by stars, these multicultural Europe will symbolise new identity of Europe together, reborn without necessarily losing their ancestor cultural identity, hand on hand to build Europe and proud to be European. Quick sketch stars to represent dynamism and ever-changing Europe toward the future.
Come together
The design communicates Europe as a self-centering motion towards its middle. It inspires associations of assembling, focussing and uniting. The arrows complement into a circle as recognizable figure on blue background.
EU Flag
Oleksandra Miroshnychenko, The United States
I started with the same colors, blue and yellow starts, this way the changes in the design wouldn’t seem so major. I moved the circle of stars off center, as an alternative to the traditional circle in the middle. Two connected circles represent unity; they have 27 stars in total. The three growing in size stars show the possible future growth of the union.
Europe is E is 3 is Free
Richard Ferkl, Austria
Europe is E E is 3 Three is free Three is the minimum number of persons to act as group Three is liberté, egalité, fraternité, The political essence of European humanist tradition E is open the (star) circle! The European Union should become the first state with a future perspective on migration. The flag as an E – For the flag, the shape is not a rectangle. The shape of the flag is the shape of the letter „E“: the inner space is a space cut out. The surrounding landscape becomes part of the flag-image. The colour: Like the existing blue / yellow, or green / blue.
Colourful Floral Stars
Heike Siegel, Germany
Colourful Floral Stars 27 colourful flowerlike stars stand for the 27 countries of the EU. The flags of these respective countries were formed into stars. I’ve taken a different star for each colour and lay them on top of each other. Every country of the EU can find his own floral star. My idea and my perception behind this design is that every country keep his own identity in a global europe with its diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes. This layout communicates a many-sided and friendly image for a dynamic europe.
european Star big
Peter Lok, netherlands
A versatile Europe
The different colors represent the main components from all flags of the member states, dominated by the blue color of the Union. The star, depicted in the left field illustrates one of the elements in the current EU flag.
Melanie Mitchell, United Kingdom
The inter-locking symbol represents the unity of the European countries. The dynamic abstract shapes form an ‘e’ and ‘u’ for European Union. The design and colour scheme shows modernity, freshness and quality but maintains authority.
My UE2
Jacek Tofil, Poland
Hi! Logo contains the initials of the European Union "E-EUROPE, the color of the current logo. Stars highlight the initials. Colors of stars from yellow to red, symbolizing fire, such as a Olympic Torch during the Olympic Games. UE is a great event to. Let the fire burn. Gray (silver) is a fluorescent color.
european boom
MATEESCU Claudiu Stefan Teodor, Romania
I tried to keep the same circle aparence but I put colours from european flags in different sizes and amount all emerging to a white circle meaning that all people from europe, no matter colour of the skin, language, culture and lots more must be united.
Kurt Niedermeier, USA
New Europe Logo...
European Uniformity
Chris Blomen, Netherlands
This is a powerful flag with a lot of meaning to it. "The central star is the European, the core of Europe. Guided by a golden compass, always pointing in the right direction. Mounted on a clover shaped shield for good luck and protection. Aiding the Europeans strive for 10 star perfection."
Everlasting Bond
Mason Majszak, US
A chain is created by the five circles showing that all of the countries of the EU are connected. The chain extends off of the page suggesting an everlasting bond. The flag is different in style but it still uses the same base colors to show that viewers can easily identify the change of the flags.
Katrina Robinson, United States
In this design, I wanted to portray how the population has intertwined and binded Europe together, like rope.
Our Europe
Karl Moran, England
The monuments / landmarks found at the bottom of the flag symbolize what we as a continent have to be proud of... even if it is not necessarily in our country of birth. The landmarks are linked together to represent us as one - unity within Europe. The stars rise above our continent, leading us forward and guiding our journey to the future.
A United Expanse
The logo presented herein is a structural confinement of the the infinite space in between four corners. The corners themselves take on this shape, where the negative space in between each facing linear pair forms the base of the "U" from the word union. The logo suggests the bringing together of all these differently directed corners into one harmonious unit, keeping the open negative space that suggests that this unit is not a closed unit on its own, but leaves way for exchange between its own space and the exterior; hence, a harmonious unit solidly structured from different elements that stands on its own yet works along with its surrounding.
Stephen Hunt, United Kingdom
The Spectrum of colours within the 'E' symbol represents the inclusive nature of the EU community and the EU communities celebration of its diversity.
Star Power
Katrina Robinson, United States
This design is meant to turn heads and demand attention. It has more detail than my other design, Pow, yet has a similar effect.
Unity Star E.U.
Thom Cicchelli, United States of America
Men and women of all EU nations will instatly identify with the strength and symbolism of this design that utilizes the existing colours of the EU flag. A 27 stars configuration, or pyramid is completed with the 28th golden star, "the Union" symbolizing the common goals, trust, and equality of all 27 member nations. Roman numerals XXVI add to its uniqueness.
The European Flag
Bruno Lord, Netherlands
I think the idea is self explanatory: peace and understanding and a co-existence that we all sorely need. In this, Europe could be an example to the rest of the world. I would like to add that I am not an official bureau and have just made this on my pc's paint home.
One Star
Bert Moritz, Germany
we are ONE (not 12)
Đorić Miloš, serbia
Well, my personal life belief is that tradition must be kept but always be evolving. That had great impact on this logo as you can see. The twelve stars are again there and that, as the only resemblance, is the major component of this logo. First, stars are three-dimensional and represent the level of modernisation and advancement. The star itself is a symbol of the union of Heaven and Earth. Symbol familiar within every religion. As you can see, the star circle is not closed. This describes the main goal of European society : to be open, growing society, ready to accept and ready to give. Circle is open and represents the circling of people and ideas, the unity of our society. Circle surrounds the main logo which consists of european countries, but as you see, again there are no boundaries... Colour theme is based on deep purple and yellow. Purple is ancient symbol of royality and tradition. It represents all of the history and achievements of our ancient civilisation which binds us to achieve even more. Yellow is a mark of democracy and happiness. Light that must never be extinguished. As you can see, Europe is represented with ellipsoid (shape of the Earth) which reminds us that Europe is cradle of the world and means world to us, all of the European citizens. But the logo itself is not right at the center of the flag, it is based slightly on the left which can be reasoned by political views and proving that union wil never be self-centered.
The shinig star
Instead of the rim with 12 stars in circle, I put a superposition of 2 stars, one with 12 tips (the founding countries) in the centre and the most extern star with 15 tips, also doing reference to 15 integrant countries. Thus, you have the impression of being see only one very shining star, that i wanted to give the meaning of union and Power.
Embracing an Ideal
Stars as a symbol of European states. The different sizes will represent differences between member states. Language, culture, history. The outer stars represent the largest countries (Germany, France, Italy) which surround the medium countries (Austria, Holland) and smaller such as Malta, Luxemburg. Divided into two blocs, East and West, the stars are united from one large ideal, represented by the large central star. A large, unique and united country, Europe.
charles bignon, spain
New symbol for europe, deeply actual and modern. Conservating colours and form of the old symbol in the aim of continuacion with it.
egg of hope
Judith Boon, The Netherlands
The egg symbolizes the still unfullfilled hope of the citizens of europe for peace, prosperity and freedom. The eggshape stands for unity but is at the same time fragile and therefore needs to be protected.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern inside the diamond (the hardest gemstone and the most valued one) that represents the diversity and the power of the international community where the 27 white European dots are inserted. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
Nenad Novakov, Serbia
Europe is GENIUS LOCI which is open for all people and ideas. Name "EUROPE" is best sign for subject Europe.Circule is visal sign sea GENIUS LOCI."E" is visual sign for name of Europe. Four basic colours - red, yellow, blue and black on white background are all flags Europe and world.
the color curcle
simone shin, netherlands
circle of colors symbolising all the unity between all the members.
All for One, One for All.
Gilda Convertino, Italy
27 are the Stars, get in toucht with eachother to stick together in one perfect circle, that contains one big star "Europe" in the centre of the ring. The star is the Identity, the circle is the Form: the ring is solid if all the stars are joined with the others. The Europe is the Idea but the States give to the Idea a real Form.
Katrina Robinson, United States
With this design, I watned to portray hope. The dark background makes viewers' eyes go towards the light. Just as their eyes go towards the light, new people have come to Europe.
Unity and diversity in European's culture
Ka Yin Karen Lam, Australia
This EU flag symbolizes unity and diversity in European culture. The interlocking double squares represent union and order. The gold circle ring depicts unity, harmony and equality between all people from different origins in Europe. The top blue colour means European's power and integrity and the bottom green colour means peaceful and prosperous.
Filip Tofil, Poland
Simple flag made of European Union colors
EU Reinvented 2
Tim Ahmed, United States
same as my first design only add a white circle in middle to represent togetherness. The sun shines over all of us.
Cirlce and Star with Bands
Matthew L. Morgan, USA
Loyalty is anchored in the design by the dark blue background. A golden circle encapsulates the EU initials and one golden star represents a united European Union. Bands of honor in gold uniting from top to bottom.
EU New Symbol_f 001
We all together making the better world, though we are different. (With different colors on the peace white)
Europe = ...
Vic Muhammad, Indonesia
Everyone should be given the chance to define what Europe is according to their own opinion. The phrase "Europe equals to..." could be used as frame to support the campaign and transform into a symbol, " = "
Unity Flow
Chris Wright, United Kingdom
My vision of the European Union Flag is one of unity. The design and colour signifies the continuous ebb and flow of communication between nations. It represents the relationship between these nations running smoothly, with no rough edges and without flaws. European Union - United as one.
Sander van Geest, Nederland
Symbol made of three stars, representing the history of the EU. The first smallest stands for the EGKS, the second voor the EEC and the biggest star for the current Union. In this symbol also embedded is the fact that the unions still get bigger and implies that there is room for growth. For recognition by the public the blue/yellow colourscheme is kept.
old members/new members=total_version2
The second version of the European Union flag with the name "old members/new members=total". Here the background colour is clear and neutral (white) and the dots are replaced with lines.
Harmony and Identity
Vera Verseput, Netherlands
The triangle stands for the junction and unity of the European Union. But the lines continue because every country follows their own direction, but maintains their own identity. The triangle also stands for the growth of the European Union.
The secret of success is constancy to purpose.
Atur Demianiuk, Poland
blue circles on white bacground, with yellow star in center.
Bridge between the cultures
SILVIYA SAVOVA, United Kingdom, Born in Bulgaria
Bridge between the cultures ,wing of white pigeon (symbol of the peace).Blue colour of the sea nad the sky. White colour of the future,peace,culture and belief.
Kelly Davis, United Kingdom
Taking the original concept of the flag featuring 12 stars. I have used the number 12 in a new composition. The circle still represents unity however; lines now interconnect the 12 points around the circle creating a vibrant, eye-catching symbol. This represents a partnership among the people of the European Union.
Rico Bastin, The Netherlands
in PDF
“United in diversity”
PERRIN Isaure, France
The blue(C100%, M80%, Y0%, K0%) represents the sky. It is the official color of the European Union. The circle of gold stars symbolizes the ideals of unity, solidarity ,and harmony between the peoples of Europe. The symbol in this circle is the shape of two shaking hands, which represents peace. The white color is the universal color symbolism also the peace.
Pregadas EU flag.
Pedro Regadas, Portugal
The new EU flag it’s more an evoluction than a rupture with the actual flag. The concept it’s creating a dynamic flag using the current symbols and colours, adapting these symbols to a new European reality: increase community, united, multicultural and dynamic. The final composition for the flag it’s an image very strong, dynamic and contemporary who transmits fully the concept message.
Europe, Strong and Unified
Indra Mahaputra, Indonesia
My concept is a stronger & more prosper Europe. In the future i believe Europe will grow in every aspect and provide a stability among the nations in the world. I kept the color and the stars, preserving the original identity, but i added a "shield" shielding the stars. This represents STRENGTH, PROTECTION, PEACE for the nations. The golden color and the shape of the shield represent PROSPERITY, WEALTH, and DIVERSITY OF CULTURES.
Change & Challenge
Julia van Dunné, The Netherlands
Change & Challenge The flag symbolizes the special mission, task and role of Europe in the transition processes in a swirling world in the coming decades. This is conveyed through dynamic interconnecting shapes in blue and green.
europse vlag
harrie visser, holland
The circle symbolizes the world and Europe appear in strata. The arrows symbolize the directions in Europe. The blue color that coolness and rest of Europe shows. Arial font is chosen, is tight and gives clarity of Europe again.
A new symbol for Europe
Armando, Belgium
Faded Europe
The democratic flag
The design is derived from the existing flags of the Member States and is thus highly democratic. The different colored areas were broken down into its components. This results in percentage surface areas of the flag colors - similar to the percentages of a party in an election. The colors are distributed according to their shares on the surface of the new flag.
Six Pund Fish, Poland
The idea is about being an Union. One object which is made out of many stars (they are the same in shape - it represents the same rights for all countries, but they have different colours - their language, tradition and culture differ from the others.
Waleed A.kawi Saleh, Yemen
Combined of water waves indicating the sea that surrounds Europe from most sides .. And which is considered as a big blessing from God. Also a four hands shape holds each other as a meaning of community/group power. Colors are chosen to be related.
The flag of Europe
Emily Van Cantfort, Belgium
The ball in the middle represents Europe, The lines are pointing at it and these are the 4 other continents. It represents a cooperation, Europe as the center of the world. The color green stands for renewal because Europe grows. You can also read this at my design.
people chain
gonçalo bruno, portugal
The "People chain" is: every person is a link, each nation is a set of links. Some big some small, but solid form this great European power. All together hand in hand to make a greater common good.
old members/new members=total_version3
The third version of the design "old members/new members". The difference with the version 2 is the use of colours.
Sky & Earth
The shape squared represents the creation of Europe, it represents the perfection. The square is divided into four, think about 4 cardinal points, 4 seasons. The square is tilted by 45 degrees angle, giving a dynamism. The circle of 12 stars all around represents the sky.
EU Sphere 2
Rachel Graham, United States
The spherical shape represents community. The gradient touched by light at the front represents the power of the unity of the EU. The visual feeling of motion represents constant evolution and movement forward of this unity.
A place in the sun
Samantha Warburton and Rebecca Warburton, England
Allowing people to recognise that the flag belongs to Europe, we kept the same colour scheme but changed the design. This shows that Europe can keep current, while also maintaining honest, moral principles. Kites are associated with childhood which represents freedom and dreams. Symbolising hope and happiness, the sun is a circle: this highlights the continuity of peace and trust within Europe.
old members/new members=total
The upper part of the circle is made of 12 equal parts that symbolize the first 12 countries entered in the EU and that composed the e.u. flag used until now (this is why the yellow colour is being kept). The lower part of the circle consist of 15 equal parts, equivalents to the yellow ones, symbolizing the next 15 countries that entered the EU subsequently. All together they create the community of the EU as it is now.
Europe woven together
Maarten Baptist, the Netherlands
The unity of Europe woven together in one flag! Displaying the cooperation in politics and all its qualities by weaving one united flag of threads. One different thread from each party member with its own unique capabilities and talents will be woven together into one flag, to symbolize the European members’ collaboration and the strength of unity. Maarten Baptist
North Star
The North or Pole Star is visible in the European sky throughout the year. It is there when we raise our face at night and the sky seems to rotate around it – one steady point, one centre of reference for each one of us. No matter where in Europe. My design shows the Pole star rising over the northern hemisphere.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
Kalina Ntampiza, Greece
The loom of different cultures creates the star of Europe.
E stands for Europe
César Puertas, Colombia
Many languages are spoken in Europe but only 3 main alphabets are used: latin, greek and cyrillic. The three of them have the letter E in common as the initial of the name of the region (Europe, Ευρώπη, Европа). This proposal is based on this fact (that will hardly change) and represents the continuity and viability of the European project by means of 3 golden, horizontal, continuous stripes that wave just as the flag istelf would.
Twelve Points of Flexibility
Rebecca Bell, United States
The twelve pointed star is a modern version of the twelve stars on the original flag. Neatness, purity, and enlightenment are portrayed using white. Royal blue is a strong, dark base color that helps the star stand-out against the light blue stripe. Having a circle makes an optical illusion of the line being curved which represents flexibility within the union.
European flag
Segers, Belgium
I decided to keep the two colours of the previous european flag. Blue and yellow represent peace and strength. The idea of european unity is represented by the circles involving in a sort of a spiral. I prefer an abstract form, more modern and contemporary. The lines show the righteousness of Europe. The different levels of the lines represent the different countries in their common point.
A symbol of unity and multi-cultural living in Europe. Selective colours from flags that are part of the European Union, used to create a vibrant mix of colours. The spiral shape symbolises unity and the colours intertwine with each other almost as if they were hands holding each other. The design is innovative and represents a diversity of cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs. The stars on the outside of the symbol is inspired from the original EU flag, however this time there is more then 12 stars and no fixed number. This new fresh design is very 21st century and represents the present and future of the EU.
New Europe
Candy Ling, Canada
I incorporated the colors of the Europe flags and keep the stars from the current flag but with more vivid colors. The design represents new, live and togetherness.
The 27 european stars
Charlotte Fedij, France
This symbol reinterprets the european flag considering the graphic interest on the natural shape of countries. You can distinguish the 27 countries of Europe.
A star is born
A star representing the EU is produced when the coloured jewel shaped blocks meet and come together. The coloured blocks portray the diversity of culture within the countries in the EU and in coming together create balance, a quality that is emphasised in the star that is produced.
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
Three lines like in the "E" of europe twist making a center, the same of the flag. This is a focus, this is the point of interest: the mix/uninion of the people in Europe with their different cultures. The result are two "E" that makes me think about a generation/spred of things but always european! You can watch the flag upsidedown that is always the same, it's always Europe!