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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Colorful garland-2
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
Different colors, different people, nationalities together constitute a symbol of wisdom, glory and victory. White background as a symbol of successful beginning, faith, purity and safety.
Dejan Brajovic, Serbia
The circle as a symbol of equality and unity is set up so that its full line of form letter "E", while the stars represent the continents of the world.
Delvas Christophe, France
Build together the new Europe, and builds itself... thx
europse vlag
Aline Van de Leur, België
you can see EU in my flag The letters are slanted I keep it in the original colors of europe I think is the best for the flag . its Graphic and you can see the E and the U very good.And its very original I hope.
Various ways, one goal
Paulina Marjan, Poland
Configuration of fragments of circles symbolizes different ways to the common goal which we are trying to achieve. Their intersection represents permeation of cultural influences. The amount of stars is six as for from the mathematical point of view this is the first ‘perfect number’. The composition stands for the openness and the opportunity for different cultures, languages, traditions and believes to mix.
A symbol that visualizes a new perception for Europe. So simple but so much to see in. 9 (a magic number!) circles with different colour each - showing the diversity and live next to other as a union
My vision of new symbol for Europa,is The swirl of life(countries).Round but not the same shape,as the countries of EU are not the same with their languages,culture and people.
The ring
Planetary ring and wedding ring, this symbol evokes at the same time the life of the nations and the daily life. The form remains open to express the vocation of Europe to dialogue with the world.
Human Being
Andrey Taskin, Russia
In the centre there is a free man. The colours are the colours of continents. It's just an idea that you can use to make it more bright and impressive/
More in common, more together
The design should emphasize, without referring to any national symbols, that ,similarly to these squares, Europeans have more in common than that what divides them. And that what we have in-common (biologically, historically and culturally) connects us like the intersection of squares.
Together version 2
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
The circle and the stylized infinity/eternity sign present continuity;Europe is an ongoing project and a prosess, Europe is an idea Colours White: the colours of prism together create it; we are europe.
simbol 1
Katarina Pavlovic, Serbia
A new symbol for Europe. "Europe has changed". The colour of stars has been changed from yellow to white in order to obtain symbol purity.
Delvas Christophe, France
Europe symbol of synergy
A symbol that visualizes a new perception for Europe. The diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes is representing in this concept trough out the multi colour of this symbol. All these come alive and are joined in the unique shape of a fingerprint.
Nova Soviningrat, Indonesia
The interpretative of this logo sets the form of moving and dynamic as windmill, treated as Oak leaves either as EU-initials letter that created a circle and star in the middle. The windmill used to symbolize of movement, growth, and cooperation. In other reason, the Oak leaves also represented to brings health, life, harmony, well-being, and the powerful energies of nature and offers a sense of change, renewal, and freedom to pursue new ideas. PERSONALITIES: - Dynamic - Growth - Unite - cooperation
Kwac, js, South Korea
It is for the Europe's desire for peace to create movements that will bring forth changes and developments in European societies.
EU heart
Joanna Murat, Poland
hand-writted looking two letters: E and U in shape of a heart. Like heart has two ventricles,we have two letters and you cannot separate them.
Bacherlor of Arts in Media Design
This version shows a dynamic curve (europe) consisting of single elements (people) with different colours and sizes that should reflect the single characters, ways of life, cultures. That there is no end of the spotted band should show that there is no end of the dynamic that is given europe by the people.
Sven Bjelan, Croatia
Spot in the form of star, which in itself draws its dispersed droplets to be re-turned to unity.
Europtimism (ver.6)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
the bond of friendship
Andreas Trenker, Italy
My flag shows the most important value of the European Union of tomorrow: the friendship. Commercial advantage political power should give way to friendship and cultural exchange. The 8 bowknots represent different cultures and languages, the number 8 looks like the symbol for infinity, if you turn it, this represents the infinity of cultural values. the bowknots form a sun, which stands for hope and happiness. the circle in which the bowknots are arranged represents the solidarity and community.
Overall meaning is the leadership that can interact with its people and be smooth and in the same time shows perfection and clarity .. Colors are chosen to be related and unique.
Alex Lau Yuk Shing, Hong Kong
The original colors of the European Union's flag, yellow and blue, are retained and incorporated into the new design, in order to symbolize the historic background of the European Union's formation. The 27 tiny patterns are circularized as a piece of rope, implies that culture difference does no harm on bringing the 27 nations into harmony. Their bondings are tightened as a rope, a reflection of huge unity among members.
Laurel Leaves
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"LAUREL LEAVES" The laurel leaves/wreath illustrates respect for heritage. It honors the past but has a strong respect for the future. The color palette consisting of blue and yellow gold was chosen to communicate a sophisticatd and elegant image. It symbolizes the immense wealth of European culture.
The symbol looks like a shape of butterfly, which has 12 colors is representing 12 countries of Europe
Hug EU
Eunyoung Go, South Korea
Up to now, EU has made a big development as the group sharing a common destiny. In order for EU to play a role as a bigger community, broad-minded attitude is required. So, the shape symbolizing big two hands seems to embrace Europe together, and acronym of European Union was designed by using soft curves. It means to lead the world’s new flow through stability and unity within EU. Orange Color symbolizes dynamic and development and Cobalt Blue Color means peace and unity.
Melody of the European Nations
The design pictures Europe as vivid ensemble of different individual nations. Large, small, old, young – several musicians forming an orchestra. The melody of the continent remains constant in its change and transforms into a polyphonic unit.
A New Dawn
Tim Blom, Netherlands
I revamped the flag of the European Union rather than creating a new one as I still wanted it to be easily recognizable as such by everyone. I borrowed the original colours and melted the twelve stars together to form one 27-pointed - one for each member state - star or sun, representing the EU's unity. On one side the star forms an arrow, representing the protection and strength the union has to offer.
renate eilert, france
This new european symbol is as well based on the current logo as it’s expressing a new dimension. A succession of stars formed by the union of 5 dynamic, opened ellipses translates openness. The main star, symbolizing Europe, includes a multicoloured star designed in pastel-shades to signify respect for diversity, plural identity and cooperation. The innermost star is white for a better peaceful world.
Formula For Europe
Heike Siegel, Germany
Formula For Europe Geomatrical shapes in different colours taken from the european flags communicate europe’s versatility like the mixture of cultures and friendliness. This visual identity looks like a mathematical formula – its the visual formula for europe.
European Star
Peter Lok, Netherlands
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
Three lines like in the "E" of europe twist making a center, the same of the flag. This is a focus, this is the point of interest: the mix/uninion of the people in Europe with their different cultures. The result are two "E" that makes me think about a generation/spred of things but always european! You can watch the flag upsidedown that is always the same, it's always Europe!
Melanie Mitchell, United Kingdom
The symbol is an abstract ribbon representing solidarity between countries. It also forms an ‘e’ for Europe. The design is dynamic to show forward thinking for Europe. The multi-colour scheme for Europe shows modernity and freshness which represents the diversity of different economies and cultures of the European Union.
The colours represent people and the future. The shape signifies looking forward and momentum. The 12 lines is a nod at multiplicity, clearly not a number of states.
Ankit Mittal, India
Hi, I am Ankit, Pls find enclosed EU Flag design no. 3
Kurt Niedermeier, USA
New Europe Logo...
Sunrise over Europe
Gerrit-Jan Oude Sogtoen, Nederland
It's a sunrise, the stars are still in it because it is recognizable for the EU, but more playful, for the big and little country's. The 'ground' is purple because now country in the EU has this colour in it's flag. The background is white because it stands for pease and harmonie.
Andrea Srečković / Zvonimir Mintas, Croatia
Jean Monnet said: "We are not forming coalitions of states, we are uniting men." This idea inspires design showing a European star being formed by hand symbols of peace and victory. The design reflects on the origins of European integration, which preserved peace among its members, and it speaks on the importance of citizens and their active involvement in the construction of future European unity.
North Star
The North or Pole Star is visible in the European sky throughout the year. It is there when we raise our face at night and the sky seems to rotate around it – one steady point, one centre of reference for each one of us. No matter where in Europe. My design shows the Pole star rising over the northern hemisphere.
star of stripes
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
Blue flag and white stripe are symbolizing Europe. Others color stripes are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the synergy of Europe with his neighbours ... all stripes seems to draw a star.
Rita Hart, João Guimarães, Portugal
The concept of Flower is the junction of petals united by a single foot. In this case the petals represent the union of the countries which follow the same structure.
Symbol of infinity
Marchand Tiphaine, France
the blue colour represents the ssy such as the present flag. Each star personifies one country , they are all white to remind the sense of equality , their number is not exhaustive beacause every year other countries may join the EU. The ring refers to the european motto " United in diversity". The Yellow colour symbolizes the golden sun as well as the colour of balance . The ring is partly truncated to mean an expansive union . Around the ring the stars are getting further , then closer to symbolize Union is an attractive one , and has got the same target , being united .
Katrina Robinson, United States
This straightforward, bright design is meant to grab attention, and make a bold statement of diversity.
colors of europe
VEronika MAnukjan, czech republic
Simple is the best. I proposed simply symbol- yellow full round symbolized united union- united european states. And background are color lines-symbolized diversity of european states- diversity, but united. It is simple, clear and modern design
Multifaceted one Europe star
You sell the product by spotlighting what is unique about it while casting a shadow on its competitors. The strength of Europe is not about stars that stand next to each other in a circle, but the unity of its heterogeneity. Its multifaceted culture should make it strong. The one star is composed of the different colors of the flags used in Europe (members, candidates and other European countries).
Dario Elio Nubile, Italy
The flag represent an evolution of the actual one, where the 12 stars become a big one, meaning the real Union of Europe during these years. The big star is inside a green circle that represent equality and the hope for a better world. The green circle saves the same dimension of the stars circle in the actual flag.
Europe United
Charlie Jabout, USA
I believe it is best to represent all 50 European Countries not just the members of the Union which is the reason I created a flag which includes the original colors with 50 stars with the Euro in the center tying all of the countries together. This would prevent you from having to create a new flag each time a new country is added to the European union.
Cirlce and Star with Bands
Matthew L. Morgan, USA
Loyalty is anchored in the design by the dark blue background. A golden circle encapsulates the EU initials and one golden star represents a united European Union. Bands of honor in gold uniting from top to bottom.
culture colours
Inge Elfring, Germany
Every member of the european union has its own culture and background. My Design shows the variety of many elements. Each of them is different either in color or dimension. I show them intentional in a way, that you can not see at first sight how many elements are there. So you are fexible. The colors are fresh and brightly and the appearance has a high recognition value.
charles bignon, spain
This design shows europe territory unity. It is the symbol of the union of diferents states which compose a new one.
Sara Gironi Carnevale, Italy
Made with the purpose to synthesize in one sign the concept of the Europe’s multi-ethnic reality, “Reunion” represents the way how the confluence of different elements may generate an unique shape. That’s how swallows, famous to be migratory birds symbolizing, what’s more, freedom, give shape to an hybrid between a star, that’s actually a symbol for the EU member states, and a flower.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern inside the diamond (the hardest gemstone and the most valued one) that represents the diversity and the power of the international community where the 27 white European dots/stars are inserted. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
New EU simbol
Nenad Novakov, Serbia
Europe is GENIUS LOCI which is open for all people and ideas. Name "EUROPE" is best sign for subject Europe.Circule is visal sign sea GENIUS LOCI."E" is visual sign for name of Europe. Four basic colours - red, yellow, blue and black on white background are all flags Europe and world.
same direction
Simone Shin, netherlands
Every arrow points at the same direction. Colours CMYK. Covers every colour of every EU member.
All for One, One for All.
Gilda Convertino, Italy
27 are the Stars, get in toucht with eachother to stick together in one perfect circle, that contains one big star "Europe" in the centre of the ring. The star is the Identity, the circle is the Form: the ring is solid if all the stars are joined with the others. The Europe is the Idea but the States give to the Idea a real Form.
Katrina Robinson, United States
I wanted this design to strike viewers as bright and fun to reflect how far Europe has come as different people make the population more interesting.
Sander van Geest, Nederland
A more critical design. Through this scattered form it becomes apparent that although the Union wants to be a union of equals, with the growth some countries are less equal than others, despite efforts (think of Greece or the new Balkancountries). The EU is just a collection of loose countries instead of a real union.
Syfon Studio, Poland
The star as a symbol of all countries gathered under European Union Flag. Simple to conect with the previous design. Cancels the problem of the number of stars depending on the number of countries in EU.
Histogram Flag
Fabrizio Furiassi, Italy
The histogram is a graphical representation of a number of elements having a common character, in this flag the EU countries are the elements and the common character is the membership in the European Union, of course, flexible to entry of new members.
One of the strongest thing it is visual memory that make us immediately identify colors, shapes and textures. So, to maintain a relationship between the new visual symbol and the memory already consolidated flag created in 1955, I put another 2nd ring with the 15 countries coming to the EU. With this 2nd rim I wanted to give the image of a ring too.
EU New Symbol_e 001
We all together making the better world, though we are different. (with colors of EU)
E.U. Forever
Thom Cicchelli, USA
This design dramatically captures the past, present, and future of the European Union. The bright "starburst" on the right has six sides, honoring the six founding members of the Union, and 27 rays of light, representing all of the current members. The large "E" to the left, facing east and projecting upward, points to a limitless future for the Union and it's members.
Flag for the European Union
Moris Leonardo, ITALY
This flag is composed by the 448 stars that represent the articles of the constitution of the European Union. The blue stars represent freedom and prosperity. The yellow stars represent wealth and justice. The white background represents peace.
Sander van Geest, Nederland
Abstract respresentation of the European continent. Abstracted enough to be a symbol on it's own, but recognizable as the continent. For recognition by the public the blue/yellow colourscheme is kept.
old members/new members=total
The upper part of the circle is made of 12 equal parts that symbolize the first 12 countries entered in the EU and that composed the e.u. flag used until now (this is why the yellow colour is being kept). The lower part of the circle consist of 15 equal parts, equivalents to the yellow ones, symbolizing the next 15 countries that entered the EU subsequently. All together they create the community of the EU as it is now.
Unity in variety
The seven sided yellow star on the blue background stands for peace, justice and refers to the old flag of the Counsel of Europe / European Union. The coloured circle parts stand for the unity in variety of the different populations with their own identity, language, traditions and values. The heraldic orientated colours refer to the colours of the flags from the participating countries.
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Mimi Law, Canada
While keeping the same blue and yellow, the 60 rays of the 12 stars in the original flag are combined and transformed into a unified radiant sun. This flag represents the progression of Europe into one that embraces all cultures that come within its realm just like the sun which is a symbol of positive energy and power around the world as well.
Bridge between the cultures
SILVIYA SAVOVA, United Kingdom, Born in Bulgaria
Bridge between the cultures ,wing of white pigeon (symbol of the peace).Blue colour of the sea nad the sky. White colour of the future,peace,culture and belief.
The European Union is a continuous flow of identities and cultures and at the same time a strong expression of unity. The loop symbol is shaped as the letter “E” for Europe and characterizes the European Union. The loop joins, creates links and without a knot remains open, open to new ideas, new cultures. The symbol is dynamic, unique, leaving space for individual interpretation.
Europe among 7 continents
Jaeseok, Han, S.Korea
Europe among 7 continents' Not just for the combination of europe contries, This flag symbolize europe as a center of the world around 7 continents. Also the stars arranged ith shape 'E' as europe
Celebrate Our Unity
Thom Cicchelli, USA / Chicago
27 stars, one for each EU member nation incircle a bold new symbol for the EU. The interlocking leters "E" and "U" are a contemporary and solid icon for Europe, and would be easily recognizable in any world market. Centered inside the EU symbol would be the "Euro Star". A 3 dimensional golden star which "welcomes and celebrates" life for people of all colour, and cultures that freely follow in its path, with respect and honor.
A Meeting Point
Katy Barnes, England
This flag has continued to use the original symbol of twelve in the form of solid lines, representing the EU’s strength and completeness. The lines start in different positions but ultimately join in the middle conveying the EU’s unity and how it works together to make a positive move forwards, demonstrated by the lines construction of an arrow directing into a positive, pure white space.
blue accord
Olivér Lehel Csepella, Hungary
The blue arrows symbolize the countries of the EU. They trace out a star with many points. I have kept the colours and the star shape from the current flag.
Unification Star Land &Sea
Thom Cicchelli, United States of America
Unigue, strong and timles, an outlined letter "e" is segmented into two parts. The top portion symbolizes "European" and the lower portion "Union". The "U" also act as the historic trail of the Unification Star, moving onward & upward, representing the progress of the European Union. Colours green/land, blue/waterways, darker blue/ocean,sky.
europese vlag
harrie visser, holland
Main color blue, the coolness and tranquility of Europe again. The circle symbolizes the world and the strata. The circle symbolizes the world and Europe appear in strata. The yellow circle symbolizes Mon. Arial font is chosen, is tight and gives clarity of Europe again.
Annemarie van Aken, Nederland
The characteristic of Europe I used for this design is that it takes various characteristics and manifestations of other cultures easily and mixes it up to something new. The circles stand for the differences, where they meet they form new shapes, a mix instead of a clash. The colours I used stand for peace and unity.
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Three yellow horizontal bars: a perfect number performed by bars similar to the pair of the Eurosymbol.Each with a different length. The background in blue: referring to the Atlantic Ocean, the East- and North Sea and the Mediterranian. Colours: Blue: C 99; M 78; Y 0; K 0. Yellow: C 2; M 11; Y 88; K 0. It's preferred to keep the colours blue and yellow. Than people have a referrence.
European Facets 2
Tim Holmes, England
The union of countries working together to form a whole entity.
Waleed A.kawi Saleh, Yemen
Combined of water waves indicating the sea that surrounds Europe from most sides .. And which is considered as a big blessing from God. Also a four hands shape holds each other as a meaning of community/group power. Colors are chosen to be related.
Twelve Points of Flexibility
Rebecca Bell, United States
The twelve pointed star is a modern version of the twelve stars on the original flag. Neatness, purity, and enlightenment are portrayed using white. Royal blue is a strong, dark base color that helps the star stand-out against the light blue stripe. Having a circle makes an optical illusion of the line being curved which represents flexibility within the union.
people chain
gonçalo bruno, portugal
The "People chain" is: every person is a link, each nation is a set of links. Some big some small, but solid form this great European power. All together hand in hand to make a greater common good.
Niels Berk, the Netherlands
A grid off stars that symbolize the way europa is working. Every part different but still working together as one. The shock-wave of the star stands for the growth that europa still have.
A versatile, dynamic Europe
The different colors represent the main components from all flags of the member states, dominated by the blue color of the Union. The star, depicted across the entire width of the flag symbolizes stability and illustrates a strong unity.
EU Sphere
Rachel Graham, United States
Using the original flag colors, I've transformed the design into a modern representation of community. Using yellow to represent members of the EU and white to represent the rest of the world. The EU coincides with the rest of the world and forms a unifying sphere.
Rimantas Špokas, Lithuania
This symbol means human being as most important element in the world. We can see a man or a woman with raised hands, circle and flower blossom as symbol of peace and good. White colour means light and life, cleanness and joy. Blue colour means sky space, water and fellowship.
unity in variety
Karin van Duijnhoven, The Netherlands
Europa is dynamic and in change and will always remain in development. Countries, cultures and traditions melt together and borders blur. Not closed and fixedly. But open, harmonious, equivalent and in movement. Solidarity and unity in variety.
United european flag
Ariane Kok, The Netherlands
Blue (PMS 2748) for trust and freedom, Orange (PMS 021) for energy that we reflect by keep on moving and improving Europe. The ring stands for 'united'. The 4 stars for Freedom, Commitment, Equality and Democracy. Font (type) name: Eurostile Extended . A solid, strong type which is extended like Europe.
Katrina Robinson, United States
This spiral design is the center of a flower. Again, there are various skin colors incorporated into the design. Each petal has a color on it as well.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
Kalina Ntampiza, Greece
People from all continents, origins and cultures create a bond, into one united Europe.
E stands for Europe
César Puertas, Colombia
Many languages are spoken in Europe but only 3 main alphabets are used: latin, greek and cyrillic. The three of them have the letter E in common as the initial of the name of the region (Europe, Ευρώπη, Европа). This proposal is based on this fact (that will hardly change) and represents the continuity and viability of the European project by means of 3 golden, horizontal, continuous stripes that wave just as the flag istelf would.
purity and potential
Marnix de Klerk, the Netherlands
In fact this is not quite a new symbol for Europe. It’s merely an improved version of the excisting identity. It’s a symbol, which expresses the past, the present and the future. It’s purity and potential. The new symbol implies the innumerable different levels of lingustic, cultural and economic varieties of contemporary Europe morphing into an eclectic celebration.
Shapes to the future
Romainville Samuel, Belgium
Shapes to the future, reprensent the different countries of Europe as differents shapes, these shapes have a border of another color to show the mixing between all the people of Europe. The way to the future is the move to the up right. it represent the hope for the people for a best future in Europe.
A symbol of unity and multi-cultural living in Europe. Selective colours from flags that are part of the European Union, used to create a vibrant mix of colours. The spiral shape symbolises unity and the colours intertwine with each other almost as if they were hands holding each other. The design is innovative and represents a diversity of cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs. The stars on the outside of the symbol is inspired from the original EU flag, however this time there is more then 12 stars and no fixed number. This new fresh design is very 21st century and represents the present and future of the EU.
New Europe
Candy Ling, Canada
I incorporated the colors of the Europe flags and keep the stars from the current flag but with more vivid colors. The design represents new, live and togetherness.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe proposition
The triangles of different colours represent the coming together of the diverse variety of culture in the EU. The triangles slot together and each triangle is leaning on and supporting another. The star that is formed by the coming together and stability of these triangles represents the EU.
EU Compass
Tim Ahmed, United States
This design is a compass that has four points. It represents people in Europe that originated from the four corners of the globe. The creme color represents the future, as it replaces the old blue and yellow, while white is added as a sign of peace. the oval pretty much represents the globe as well. the image is a compass as a whole from an angle.