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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Bond of NATIONS.2
Iva Risek, Croatia
Blue, yellow and white colors are integrated in the new design for purpose of combining old and new concept. Combination of strings all connected to a strong and unbreakable bond that represents what the EU really is - a unity of separate entities that are intertwined. All unique, all irreplaceable.
New European Flag
The current European flag has 55 years of equity. Do not throw it away, build upon it. The people of Europe are migratory. They are like the stars moving across the evening sky, constantly evolving without beginning or end. Europe's new focus is the south and the east. Areas whose cultural and natural colors are deep and rich. Europe's new flag should reflect these changes.
United colors of our Europe
Veronika Manukjan, czech republic
I use many color rounds - they mean many different people in present modern europe, many nations, many colors of skin, many dreams, but we are together - In European Union.
A Banner for the Union'.
Mark Prinsen, Nederland
“Gold is for justice and prosperity. White is for peace, contrasting with combative associations the middle banner might raise and the EU’s peaceful character. Blue is for diplomacy and neatrality,(in nearly every culture). Besides that, the flag is made up of three separate parts, able to move apart from one another, but still as (part of) a whole.”
for free
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
We turned one star by 12 degree and duplicated it to get a full circle. The symbol for the european flag is born in reminsiscent of the old flag.
Delvas Christophe, France
I.... its the symbol of one for unity, the symbol of I for I'm, because i'm european, the symbol of a symetric piece because its the union of differents country and peoples...always same colors for continuity.... thx
To follow...
Delvas Christophe, France
3 suspension points its because the Europe is in expansion, Europe is growing, it will not be tomorrow what it is today, then follow... same colors for continuity... thx
The sun. The colors of sunshine represent the Euro Countries. A bull’s head are using centre of the sun, which come from Mythology (Europa’s vehicle)
This flag is about unifying diversity. Its a concentric flag with colourful bands pointing towards the white, center of itself. White which represents the sum of colors and peace. This flag is a symbol for unification, dynamism, grouping and positive movement. The chosen colors are live to show a younger, more active Europe.
Flag in flag in flag-02
Katarina Laus, Croatia
Here are some variations of 3 different flags in blue,yellow,red & white,growing one from another and representing Europe as a union made from many countries.
Russ Heinz, United States
Europe is a conglomerate of many. "Unity", encompasses the old world thought with the new, creating a representation that is urban and welcoming, while still representative of the past.
Red scorpio protecting a shining star circled by a white ring with multicolored stars
The white ring represents the strong link between the EU members, the multicolored stars symbolize our differences, the red scorpio is taken from the shape of the western Europe, it’s a symbol of strengh and longevity, and the shining star represents the values of human rights
New Symbol
Shucheesmita Simonti, Bangladesh
The colors represent the multicultural heritage of Europe.
Janssens Steve, Belgium
I keep the base color so that there will not have a visual shock. European symbol has been designed so that the four points of each star represent all the countries of North, South, East and West, which all together accounted for by each curve which are one of the arrows in both directions. In the center of a Europe thing represented by the formula E european
Endless possibilities
Rob van Dalen, The Netherlands
For me, this symbol tells all there is to know about Europe. It represents unity, co-operation, connection and endlessness. Also, there is a slight reference to the old star-symbol. The colour blue represents strength and orange represents change; Europe is a strong unity, that has endless possibilities to accomplish change.
One Europe
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"ONE EUROPE" The intertwining letter "Es" are the elements in the design. The symbol emphasizes the concept of unity. It signifies communication, participation and partnership among European countries. The symbol is hued in graduated screens of blue and yellow to symbolize a forward-moving Europe. The colors blue and yellow also complement each other.
Together Forward
Felix Polanski, US
Stars uniting and moving forward around a common goal or circle in this case. Colors kept similar to continue to respect the history of the previous flag. The orbit of the stars implies that there are more stars than seen and therefore one for every country
Unity of Europe
al. Jay., south korea
This design for a new symbol applies the existing symbol of EU. Three circle’s combination means unity of Europe. And each of circles means people, politics and mind. The design of combination means the stream of consciousness to be one unity.
The sunny bridge
Marc Andrews, Netherlands
The conservative usage of stars, more associated with the concepts of power and military are avoided. A round, more impulsive, friendly and inviting circle is used to illustrate the new European community. Europe is a very young community, therefore the circle is just shown half, referring to a rising sun. The blue counterform forms a bridge. The European community forms a bridge for people and cultures growing together. The two simple positive forms representing a new modern European society in development.
All for one and one for all
Bernardo Mauro Di Giorgio, Italy
The symbol designed is based on the geometric construction of a circumference formed by modular elements, golden rectangles with tips, which are, without any distinctions, symbol of the 27 states, which, while retaining its identity, constitute as a whole whose focal point is the central part. The central circumference, made visually through the tips, represents the Europe promoting peace, freedom identity, cooperation and unification.
special structure
Joanna Murat, Poland
Big or small all 27 UE members are the same in equality and importance.Like in crystal structure every piece is important for existance of others.Like in real UE members map I imitate the size of each particular country to make the idea more visible.
the union
Andreas Trenker, Italy
my flag wants to represent the European Union in a simple and plain way. the blue background stands for the clarity and cleanness in the way the European Union works. The yellow circle represents the community of the EU, the one color yellow illustrates that we all are equal and have the same rights. the white outline of the yellow circle stands for the non-violent security we have in the European Union.
Mirjam Herrebrugh, The Netherlands
The half circle, symbol of susceptibility, openess, concentration and reference to the eternal life. White being the color of purity, cleanness and surrender. In this design two half circles put together not as a closed object but open to receive. The bottom half circle, giving the design an sollid and strong base. The top half circle, gives the design also an open and friendly character.
The circle represents unity and oneness. The small dot next to the circle represents the basic values of the EU, which other European nations are also needed to acquire to join the union. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice. The white color represents peace and purity.
David Chaboissier, Berlin, Germany
Text in the Pdf-File. Regards
In varietate concordia
Ana Zovko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
In process of creating this symbol, I was inspired by motto of EU - United in Diversity. So I decided to illustrate that. I kept the previous shape of circle but, refresh the old serious style, using many colors and positive association. Circle of diversity continues to grow!
Europe represented through change by time
ROZEN ERDAL, North Cyprus
On this concept of new Europe flag design; I have used the position of the shapes as it is appears on the time, because time represents the change ,and with the time Europe is devoloping and growing. Big shapes represents the same things that was on the old flag(12),and the little shapes(seconds) which are new added are other countries which are accessed and increased Europe.Now the circle is more expanded.
Eye within
Maria Reniers, netherlands
The Eye symbols an united vision of one Europe. A vision that all the different people are working for a united goal. To create a better life, for itself and for each other with respect and love. The Eye looks into our souls, surge for a inner balance all the colours of the flags are united within. One Europe means one world.
Annette Agathine, Seychelles
Spiral is a shape that people do not use that much and i think it will be something new for a new design.
The heart
The “e” of Europe combines with figure 27 to be confined of a new form. It is at the same time a heart which beats and, by the dynamic slope of the form, the sign of the future being written.
Rimantas Špokas, Lithuania
Symbol shows abstract human with raised hands. A circle around him gives integrity and unity impression. Also we can see a flower from side view. Suggested colours are white and blue.
Unity in diversity
Liesbeth de Boer, Nederland
For me is Europe a special continent: so divers in history, culture, languages but in the same time we do have a common culture and traditions. People outside of Europe often see us as 'one'. I think we should be proud of our common values, but cherish our differences too. This symbol's shape therefore is constructed out of a prism, which can separate one ray of light into all different colours. Also is the symbol made out of 3 shapes, that together form one symbol. The shapes are similar in form, but different in colour and overlap each other. Diversity makes unity. The inner form (the perfect triangular shape) is pointed towards the right, as a symbol for movement into the future.
renate eilert, france
This new european symbol is as well based on the current logo as it’s expressing a new dimension. A succession of stars formed by the union of 5 dynamic, opened ellipses translates openness. The main star, symbolizing Europe, includes a multicoloured star designed in pastel-shades to signify respect for diversity, plural identity and cooperation. The innermost star is white for a better peaceful world.
Michele Fioravanti, CALTO (RO), ITALY
The symbol change few in the form but very in the substance. The maintenance of the 12 stars on blue background is a homage, to the history, to the states that have believed in the union and in the integration; without mistakes and polemics. The twelve stars become of gold color, to enfatize the precious of principles pursues. The contour in background of the actual states members: this is an open mosaic that can always accept new states.
Katrina Robinson, United States
This straightforward, bright design is meant to grab attention, and make a bold statement of diversity.
European dots
Joana EK, Katrin Wesslowski, Stefanie Adelstam, Germany
The submitted European flag with its coloured dots should represent the chronological development of the EU since 1951. Each dot symbolizes the entrance of a new EU Member State- from left to right you can chase the European expansion.
EU Reinvented
Tim Ahmed, United States
Keeping the traditional colors and similarity as the old one. Instead of 12 stars, I used one star with 12 points and circle symbolizing unity. The four larger points represents the people originating from the four corners of the world. I changed the yellow to creme to represent the history that is preserved in Europe.
Pawel Miszewski, Poland
No more adding stars. EU is a Star as itself. Stable in flow, acquiring new ingredients. It sails for new Challanges for Prosperity and Hapiness. Horizontal lines reflect emerging silhuette of Unclosed Europe.
people chain
gonçalo bruno, portugal
The "People chain" is: every person is a link, each nation is a set of links. Some big some small, but solid form this great European power. All together hand in hand to make a greater common good.
The European Star
Laia Alòs Palop, Spain
The design is composed of a single object to reinforce the concept of unity. One star formed by elements of different sizes and shapes, referring to the cultural diversity of Europe's distinct components. The colors remain the same in order not to lose its original identity and to help recognition.
Pawel Miszewski, Poland
Presented logo/flag combines both visual and semantic form of communictaion. Following basis of unclosed "U" letter describing Union/Unity, emerges into visual symbol of magnet attracting incomers and inhabitants. Symbol achieved into poster EUROPE - mix of independent letters into united attractive diversity (2nd page).
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
Bird, a symbol of peace, prosperity and happiness. With her head up soaring to the future, creating a star, a symbol of perfection which expresses the unity of many diverse parts.
Me, my family and my people, all together.
Band of brothers and sisters
Steven Whitfield, England
The multicolours ring suggests the link and unity between all of Europe's cultures whilst still appreciating and incorporating its heritage. The unfinished rings are there to honour progress and how far the unity can take the continent.
The European Union is a continuous flow of identities and cultures and at the same time a strong expression of unity. The loop symbol is shaped as the letter “E” for Europe and characterizes the European Union. The loop joins, creates links and without a knot remains open, open to new ideas, new cultures. The symbol is dynamic, unique, leaving space for individual interpretation.
Iva Georgieva Nalbantova, Bulgaria
Eulion I based my idea on the organic object – dandelion. Each of the segments can fly by itself but all together they make the shape we recognize. The same like in the EU all of the countries has their own traditions but all together they form strong society.
Symbol of infinity
Marchand Tiphaine, France
the blue colour represents the ssy such as the present flag. Each star personifies one country , they are all white to remind the sense of equality , their number is not exhaustive beacause every year other countries may join the EU. The ring refers to the european motto " United in diversity". The Yellow colour symbolizes the golden sun as well as the colour of balance . The ring is partly truncated to mean an expansive union . Around the ring the stars are getting further , then closer to symbolize Union is an attractive one , and has got the same target , being united .
The colors of the soul
Daniela Di Giorgio, Italy
With the birth of the E.U. it is takes place the renaissance of the Europe which aims to achieve full unity through cooperation, solidarity between the states. This is reason the 27 states are represented, schematically, as of equal rectangles (regardless of importance), each with a different color, all packed inside a rectangle as united by the same beliefs and common projects.
Dino Brucelas, Philippines
The design is divided into 4 quadrants of different colors, with all colors standing for all the colors used by the different EU members. The 12 stars are retained but without any color, standing for the symbol that unites the multi-cultural people of the EU.
Lex Drewinski, Germany / Poland
One Europe One Star
Ljubisa Cuk, Serbia
Left light blue field represents the Atlantic Ocean and the position of Europe in relation to him. White and yellow bars represent the open and friendly neighbors of the European borders. Yellow star old-new symbol of Europe, around her is white space, eternal space for growth, improvement, betterment... Same gold and blue colour make relation of new and present flag.
Katrina Robinson, United States
In this design I used twelve stars, but changed the layout completely. The stars now represent the diverse population of Europoe. I used each color the same amount of times to portray equality and the different colors working together to form a whole. The bright blue background represents a bright future.
andrea, reunion island (FRANCE)
the e simbolize the europe.The blue star it's all the diversitie of europe. One color the blue We share the same lot of things a territory, a sea, an economy......
”Cirkel”: a tribute to diversity united in union. The circle symbolizes unity and equality synthesized with the colors of all 27 flags of the member countries in alphabetic order. The myriad of colors represent the freedom of the many cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs living and breathing within the EU. All concluded in the one golden star split into blue to symbolize oneness and diversity.
Ancient EU (My idea 100.9)
The middle third of the flag, on a horizontal surface, blue, yellow blue, is charming ornament, which implies that Europe is a place of ancient civilizations, traditions, cultures ..
the round table
The basic shape is a circle: it stands for unity and equality. Within the circle are the colors of all 27 member states flags, overlapping one another. The most common flag colors (red, blue) are the most representative in the circle. Within the unity of the circle it's a vibrant diversity of colors. Diversity and unity come together.
Annalyn Hechtner, USA
Each line represents one of the 27 countries of Europe which are fused together by the colors of each individual flag.
Rainbow of Stars
Morgan Snower, United States of America
Each colored star in this flag represents a strength of an EU member nation. The red stars represent the passion and strength the EU maintains. Representing happiness and energy are the yellow stars, orange represents determination and success. The green stars represent growth and harmony, blue represents stability and loyalty, purple symbolizes wisdom and independence, and black shows power and elegance.
Is it a good thing? I don't know! You decide...
Nikki Simpson, United Kingdom
Simply a flag to represent how the EU might be making us like America! Taking the 12 stars from the original flag to represent unity and the line lengths make up an abstract hint to the amount of member states in the EU.
One Europe
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"ONE EUROPE" The intertwining letter "Es" are the elements in the design. The symbol emphasizes the concept of unity. It signifies communication, participation and partnership among European countries. The symbol is hued in graduated screens of blue and yellow to symbolize a forward-moving Europe. The colors blue and yellow also complement each other.
Girma Fantahun Ewnetu, Ethiopia
Everybody says Europe
A yellow rectangle in the blue one, contains the word “Europe” in different languages: Afrikaans, Albanese, Arab, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Check, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Danish, Hebraic, Estonian, Philippinian, Finlandese, French, Galician, Japanese, Greek, Indonesian, English, Irish, Islandese, Italian, Latonia, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malaysian, Maltese, Norwegian, Olandese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Yiddish.
Circle of cultures united
Thom Cicchelli, United States of America
This circular symbol balances 27 dark blue segments representing each EU nation, large and small, but all equally import to contributing to a complete circle of united cultures. Colour from every members national flag can be can be found in 7 rings moving "freely" within the light blue circles (current flag colour). The gold bar represents solidarity. 7 inner rings represent the 6 founding members plus 1,the Union.
PB European flag
Predrag Bojanic, Serbia
Blue - a symbol of freedom, wisdom and serenity. Circle - a symbol of perfection, unity, stability, and common sense. White - symbol of light, knowledge, harmony and equality. Contains all colors in itself. All this symbolism does not describe the current state but the direction and objectives that Europe should be achive.
This flag was built around the number 7, as it represents «a change after an accomplished cycle and a positive change». The seven ascending stripes represent dynamism and positive evolution. Colors are : white for peace, union amogst countries, blue for serenity, red for energy and strength.
Open space
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
The "Open space" flag consist of a punched hole in the size of the old circled star. It replaces a new space. Wide open. Without any resistance. Wherever the flag blows, the environment is visible through the hole.
Flag of Europe
INOZEMTSEV Konstantin, France
This is the number of the countries of the European Union.
Concept Circle Star
Blanka Šestan, Croatia
Idea of this concept is a star which is made of chromatic colors. Mixing the primary colors we get other colors and that is a concept of a euoropean community: each country is a uniqe by its advantages but also in a connection with advantages of other countries.
Europe is like an organism in evolution. it is full of Colors but likes to be in good order too.
Bacherlor of Arts in Media Design
The flag shows on the ground the geographical area and the different parts of europe. It was on purpose that I used also 12 circles. To make it more harmonical I used circles instead of stars. The rolling band should demonstrate the people and the cultures, who live on the geographical area. They have different colours and different sides (like this band). And because of their way of life (move from one country to another, because of work, private life,...) the band is intricated. To show that the process of movement from the cultures and the european people will and should never stop I chose to leave the ends of the band the viewer does not see and end of the band.
"People Have The Power". It is time that Europeans may once more be the subjects of policies.
Expand The Stars
Egemen Yogurtcuoglu, Turkey
I try to explain stars with expanded shape, i think this shape/symbol is explaining the union in a right way..
Sun for Europe
A brilliant sun in the blue sky: Solid and powerful in the center refers it to the common values like human rights and democracy. Sun and circle are strong symbols for unity and power. But at its periphery it’s multi-layered, not isolated from the environment, but multi-faceted like a jewel. Sun donates light as symbol for human mind and warmth as symbol for emotional power.
Matjaz Ucakar, Slovenia
Migration of flock of colourful birds presents difference between the nations, freedom under the same sky, union in searching of common goals, order and collectively course. In all views a modern, plain and recognizable aproach to present the union on the flag.
"The evening land"
Peter van Deursen, Netherlands
One theory is that the name Europe is actually based on the Semitic word 'erebu' meaning 'to go down, set'. From a Middle Eastern perspective Europe is where the sun sets; the evening land. In this design we see a horizon, an evening sky, a star, all suggesting a sunset.
Stjepko Rošin, Croatia
THE SPIRAL • Represents life force, development, motion, eternity, infinity, sun, group of stars • Goes from and back to origin (human migrations, mixing of cultures) • Letter „e“ grows and expands from upper middle portion of the flag (Europe on the world map) • New symbol, different shape, identical meaning (unconstricted by format) • Old symbol (old continent) • Unused, especially in negative sense
EU for EB
EUrope for EveryBody: in my mind all the differences between cultures, traditions, languages and life-style of the several European’s countries have to coexist, to melt in a unique "immaginary global-nation". The ellipses, to symbolize the 27 “satellites countries”, combine with a "€" symbol (to represent the economy) and the three dynamics stripes (tradition, culture and life-style) as elements in continuos non-stop movement.
Dragan TRAJKOVSKI, Serbia
I added to the circle two other basic geometric shapes: the square and the triangle. Their color and shapes symbolize everything that wasn’t European but became European. The parts where shapes overlap signify diversity’s existance and acceptance. The points where the contour-lines cross each other represent points of interaction, inclusion and integrration. Color scale represents the exchange and the enrichment of the indivudual qualities.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
symbol for Europe
Euro Fenix
Biljana Spirkoska, Serbia
If we look the bird Fenix, we will see that it contains of 6 circles. If we count feathers in every circle, going from the middle we will have the next: that the God (1) through the perfect number (4) create the perfect world (6) (for 6 days), where from chaos (11) through innovations (22) make unique, exceptional world (33). If we multiply sides of pyramid (number of triangles) we will have the next: 4x4x6=96, 96 symbolized Magic of Music - The God that is singing, So we have theory of string in physics. Also this is a harmony of energy. Gives a good economy and harmony life for all people that are living in European Union. So at the end we have bird Fenix in Euro, what is the symbolized the rising Euro.
Future Flag
Anne Koningsberger, The netherlands
My design represents the future of Europe. Europe simply doesnt fit in one basic form, it's not linear, straightforward. Europe is an organic, vibrant and natural whole. Always growing. Nobody is the same, but everyone is equal, large or small.  So: no stars, bars or heroic figures. But colored organic shapes that touch and blend together. Transparent and light. A flag that young people will recognize as their formal language. But above all: a flag that makes you happy.
I wanted to create something very simple and not logos symbolizes unity, community, freedom, eternity .....
brief composition of unification and tradition
Yavuz Korpefiliz, turkey
I also thought of a single yellow star on a blue background...However this would be too simple for the worlds most powerfull and well known union( not only political as well ; refering to the three pillars it was built on)...Since the new era of expansion had begun for the EU ; it is much more like a world uninon not only powerfull in europe and related continents but in all continents of the world...Even in australia indirectly we are able to observe the footprints of the union in both cultural terms as well as the economic aspect...Thefore I decieded to put the yellow star ; represented a more unified europe strengthened by 12 smaller scale yellow stars also refering to the traditon of european union since European council..This design has a much more sphrecial(earth sphere) look also representing the ideologically expansion and world wide existance of the union
The symbol maintain the 12 stars on blue background: is a homage, to the history, to the states that have believed in the union and in the integration; without mistakes and polemics. The twelve stars become of gold color, to enfatize the precious of principles pursues. On background the iride with all colors: symbolizes the unity in the different cultural identities.
We are Europe
The new flag represents the feeling, that every single person is an important element of the whole, europe in the world and the world in europe. We should not forget that.
The circle represents unity and oneness. The line underneath the circle is the mount that represents the base (values) holding the circle (unity) strong, safe and in balance. The yellow color represents justice, wealth and the sun. Sun also represents the light, enlightment and the truth. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice.
Europe: a superior development out of the centre
Ute Lohse, Germany
• positive direction • international and interculturel intelligible • operating with spirit and energy out of the centre
Diversity United Nr.2
Gaby van Ineveld, The Netherlands
European Identity is not a forced upon identity. European Identity emerges from the diversity of cultures, languages, believes and traditions of joining nations and their colorful populations. Together we are crossing bridges, looking beyond borders, being innovative and economically strong. Melting together in all our joyful diversity. That’s Europe. That’s our Identity.
Bert Moritz, Germany
human touch
Europe and the bull
Sabine Ruwwe, Germany
My draught refers to the origin of Europe. It symbolises in his diminished form the history and the attachment of the nations, more topically than ever. The qualified colour has remained, however, otimiert.
The EU Rocket
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
The rocket is the symbol for the jerk forward, permanent movement and development. And the basis of this rocket (development, movement and so on) is the EU. Under the rocket you can see all the colours of the flags for the EU countries.
Marcel van 't Hoff, Netherlands
The European stars pattern can be repeated infinitively, which shows the growth and unification the European Union.
star of stripes
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
Blue flag and white stripe are symbolizing Europe. Others color stripes are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the synergy of Europe with his neighbours ... all stripes seems to draw a star.
barcodEU (no starts - all stripes)
jeroen ten berge, new zealand
At a quick glance all Europeans are alike, just like barcodes. But get up closer and unique identities and characteristics become apparent - first and foremost through language. In this generated EU-barcode all EU spoken languages are present - each proclaiming the EU’s motto: ‘united in diversity’. A barcode has never before been applied as a symbol for a nation - it will be unique!
Join the Stars
As the internet connects people in this era, each star is representing a country domain and that makes an irregular but natural position for each member of the EU. There, it becomes a symbol, an arrangement understandable for the members of this community.
Elisa Pasqual, Marco Ferrari, Italy
Geography is the ultimate platform for integration. In a continent no more plagued by any cultural restriction, its image can’t coincide anymore with the borders of its political articulation. The four-sided figure derives from the union of the farther points on Europe according to each of the four cardinal directions. It is the abstract representation of its geographic perimeter, a new icon of freedom and tolerance.
Merijn van Velsen, Netherlands
"Be embraced, millions! This kiss for the whole world!" Finale of “Ode an die Freude”, the official anthem of Europe. This symbol visualizes the acceptation of all human, where we life in fraternity and taking care of each other. Besides it is a political symbol of partnership and peace. It's called Embrace!
More in common, more together
The design should emphasize, without referring to any national symbols, that ,similarly to these squares, Europeans have more in common than that what divides them. And that what we have in-common (biologically, historically and culturally) connects us like the intersection of squares.