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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Circle of Rings
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
The background consists of all the colors from the European members flags. Instead of stars, I put circles/dots in a ring, keeping the symbol of the no. 12.
Eye on the world
* Its the European Parliament with her 7 political groups, * Its the euro-sign, * Its an embrace symbol, * Its the rainbow in bleu, * Its the eye on the world.
Erhan Ay, Turkiye
This logo consists of the intertwine of European Union initials "E" and "U". These intertwined characters symbolize interculturel rapprochement and dialog. Vertical "E" describes a monumental building and its columns. And the vertical line in between, a door opening to diversifying Europe’s future.
EU-symbol+flag.pdf/Diversity and unity.
A multi-coloured symbol for a multi-coloured society. With blue -the colour of Europe- as the main colour. Circles and stars as a metaphor for going together into the future.
The symbol resembles a single standing figure built of 2 letters E and U. It represents the European Union, every single European. The symbol should convey the message that the European Union should be seen as a group of individuals, not a group of countries.
Thomas Serriere, france
the eurobase, union = connection between europeans.
Dejan Brajovic, Serbia
Full circle represents the unification and equality of all people no matter from which part of the world come to (embedded four stars).
respect our differences
elena buftea, romania
the flag is blue and in center is a yellow circle, solar symbole, with a rosette multicolore ,symbole of flower of live
the E flag
karen smidth, michael carabetta, denmark
The derivation of this design is based on the colors of the original European Union flag - blue and gold. The design was inspired by the way in which a flag flutters in the wind, creating a fold. The blue stripes are an abstract letter E - for Europe. Additionally, if member countries wished, they could substitute their own national colours for the blue and gold to signify EU membership.
European Sun Big
Peter Lok, Netherlands
besson, france
The yellow star of Arsine Heits is the signature of Europe. This signature is written in the collective memory. The star is repeated on the flag. This strong repetition and gathering symbolize union and alliance.
nEU Flag
The nEU flag is a reworking of the existing flag, but seeks to highlight the closer and yet more numerous and complex bonds we share as a group of nations in a more united Europe. The nEU flag retains the iconic colours and symbols of the existing flag but places the stars in far closer proximity, allowing paths to overlap and intertwine to form a combined geometry that is more symbolic of the European Union as it exists today.
Euro Flame
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"EUROFLAME" The flame symbolizes the ever-burning spirit of unity and cooperation. It also connotes the uplifting of the spirits of European nations for higher achievements. The energy suggested by the forward and upward surge of the flame signifies the relentless pursuit of excellence, as symbolized by the ascendant of yellow star.
Europe united
Eir Stegane, Norway
The blue background symbolises prosperity. The 27 humans forming the "e" are representing the current members of the EU. They are holding hands to symbolise that they are living and working together in unity. The gap in the "e" shows that there still is an opening to others wanting to be a part of the union (and it is possible to fill inn more people in the flag if the EU expands).
Seeing Together
Cristiana VIANA and Marie Bigot, France
"The European union is in constant motion. The flag is emblematic of this dynamism. The circle symbolizes land and cohesion between countries at the time. The lines mark the vision to the future evolution of the EU through time. Member countries are marked by orange lines representing energy, ambition, imagination, wealth. The white and blue represent peace, trust, safety, wisdom.
Colour Palette
Erik-Anton van Dun, The Netherlands
Europeans want be European but do not want to distance themselves entirely from their own nationality, the symbol of Europe must do right to this wish. The recognition of the individual nationality is translated to small flags with the most used colors of the national flags. Randomly spread out over an area this gives an infinite grid, equivalent to the constantly changing and dynamic composition of Europe.
Denis Wong, Singapore
The idea was to show people of different origins and cultures converging to the same location/destination (Europe) in perfect harmony. Here the people are represented by perfect circles of various sizes to show age, gender and race all mixed together. The shape formed by the perfect circles is a STAR which has many positive connotations like bright, guide, unique, freedom and many more. The STAR symbol also ties it back to the original logo which has sustain the test of time. To conclude, Starverge is a simple symbol that is memorable and pack with powerful meanings.
eushine (you shine)
twentyseven sparkling rays converging into a big shiny star: the european union
Acient E Flag (My idea 100.10)
Оn the vertical side to the pole to flag, the belt is placed ornament as a symbol of ancient Europe. Five blue yellow horizontal bands forming the letter E, as a symbol of equality, where all elements of the letter E are equal.
This design called One represents the idea of many people, many countries but one unity, one ideal to combine the vision of the EU in a single symbol of global influence. The One star is wrapped around a globe in creating a new perspective for this new vision of EU.
A New Symbol For Europe
Andi Ferhati, Italy
This symbol is a derivative of the EU actual flag. Taking in consideration that the EU is becoming bigger year-by-year, there is a need to increase the number of stars of the flag. But this is not actually happening. So I tried to bring a new idea of flag. The new flag still has a blue field. It does not have as many stars as it had, but only 2. The yellow parts of the flag, significate all the new cultures and identities, which have recently come from Asia (Right Upper Piece), Australia (Right Lower Piece), Africa (Left Lower Piece), South America (Left Middle Piece) and North America (Left Upper Piece). As it can be easily seen, the yellow parts (the new cultures) plus the blue star in the middle (The Actual Europe) form a strong bond, form the big multicultural star. This big colourfull star (2-colours, yellow and blue) has its head directed to the west, which means, it tends to become a modern and fully integrated state, with no intercultural or administrative-political problems. While on the other hand, the blue star (The historical pure european countries) has its head towards east, with the good will to help those countries which for different reasons suffer nowdays. The yellow parts of the flag are surrounded by a strip of white colour. Each to parts touch each other at only one white point which significates the peace and tolerance between these new multicultural Europeans. The stars of this flag, differently from the old one's, have rounded sides, which gives you the idea of a flower growning up, soon giving its fruits. The fruits that will make life go on and make this wonderful Europe contiue to shine.
Gerjan Konings, Netherlands
The European Union question’s it’s identity by surrendering to endure to the terms of peace in an ongoing proces. The european identity should be materialised in a color or symbol that signifies it's identity. Set an example to surrender and invite peace as a greater, more honourable and difficult venture then war. The European Union's identity is the manifestation of that idea of peace. This white flag signifies that identity!
A new symbol for Europe2
Darek Witczak, Poland
Idea: - current 12 stars a symbol of perfecton - glob a symbol of diversity in cultures, languages, traditions, colours and believes - the circle is the symbol of unity equality Efekt: stars+glob+circle give us unity of the world (mix of cultures, languages and traditions)
You and me
The embrace between two different individuals in a circle that represents the union.
Sum of its Parts - One
"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Dynamic, coordinated lines lead into a uniform whole, representing the peoples of Europe coming together to create one strong entity.
bandiera europea
Venturelli Gabriele, Italy
My picture portrait the five color of the olipic games with ou “E” the means Europe.
Branchy star-1
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
European Union grows from the unity of diverse parts and different colors, it branches and continues to rise in communion with each new member. White background as a simbol of successful beginning, faith, purity and safety.
simbol 1
Katarina Pavlovic, Serbia
A new symbol for Europe. "Europe has changed". The colour of stars has been changed from yellow to white in order to obtain symbol purity.
Akara K. Metasuk, Thailand
The background becomes yellow (gold) because of the countless gold stars. It represents the combination of culture and variations of Europe which is not limited to the number 12. Still all of the gold stars make a single point at the center of the emblem to signify unity. The emblem can also be interpreted as a blossom or the Earth center-point that gives the sense of happiness and strength.
Social europe
loic riou, france
An Européen flag which marks its identity by presenting an human face to express the social character of the continent. The definite green color the ecological vocation and the hope in a company righter. Yellow representative of the action slices on a blue bottom symbol of peace and wisdom. The yellow and green star affirm the will of the Europe to be a light in the sky of the nations. The smaller star aspires to this philosophy.
Living apart together, a blooming relationship
Thijs van Os, Nederland
For me Europe represents strength, partnership and development.
European unity
Tim Holmes, England
This design symbolises the close links of member countries. Their collective interaction forms a whole circle, representative of unity.
Sara de Groot, Utrecht
My design represents one united union. The figures together become a circle, which symbolises unity. A feeling of unity is important with the variety of cultures. I was inspired by a symbol that stands for an ideal society without conflicts. I used twelve stars. Stars are a historic symbol for the Europian Union. Also, the number 'twelve' is considered to be the number of perfection.
One Europe
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"ONE EUROPE" The intertwining letter "Es" are the elements in the design. The symbol emphasizes the concept of unity. It signifies communication, participation and partnership among European countries. The symbol is hued in graduated screens of blue and yellow to symbolize a forward-moving Europe. The colors blue and yellow also complement each other.
Claudia Kipp, Germany
My Idea is a typografic solution. In the two colours who are already published and has the recognition value.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
Shapes to the future
Romainville Samuel, Belgium
Shapes to the future, reprensent the different countries of Europe as differents shapes, these shapes have a border of another color to show the mixing between all the people of Europe. The way to the future is the move to the up right. it represent the hope for the people for a best future in Europe.
Andrea Srečković / Zvonimir Mintas, Croatia
Jean Monnet said: "We are not forming coalitions of states, we are uniting men." This idea inspires design showing a European star being formed by hand symbols of peace and victory. The design reflects on the origins of European integration, which preserved peace among its members, and it speaks on the importance of citizens and their active involvement in the construction of future European unity.
Europa vlag
Theun Okkerse, netherlands
Blauw en geel zijn de ‘Europese kleuren’. De twaalf sterrencirkel die de huidige vlag sieren zijn te iel om de vlag op afstand herkenbaar te maken. Bovendien zijn de sterren verwarrend omdat ten onrechte gedacht word dat zij het aantal lidstaten – zoals dat in de vlag van de USA wel het geval is – representeren. Om deze reden is deze sterrencirkel vervangen door één ster met twaalf punten. Daardoor ontstaat er een stevig en eenduidig beeld. Het blauwe veld word tot een vierkant teruggebracht waardoor aan weerzijden gele vlakken kunnen worden aangebracht. De vlag is aan beide zijde gelijk, dat wil zeggen dat er geen verschil is of de vlag links of rechts wappert. De ontwerp levert een vlag op die tussen de andere ‘grote vlaggen’ (Rusland, China, Verenigde Staten, Brazilië, India enz.) zich goed kan handhaven. Ook is het goed mogelijk om met het ontwerp een vlagsysteem te starten. Denkbaar is een vlag die door de marines van de lidstaten gevoerd word tijdens Europese grensbewaking.
EU symbol by BK
Bojan Krstic, Croatia
New symbol for Europe. Design is derived from Heitze's twelve stars with modified shapes and colours signifying european tradition, cultural & religious diversity, all pouring into a big stylized "E" streaming forward.
Euro+pe =Euro & Europe
Mrinal sharma`, India
It is the member countries which together forms European Union.EU is a basically a combined effort of its member countries.Altogether it is the member countries which equally coordinates to enhance the political, economical & social co-operation,which is what the aim of EU. The no. of different joining hands shows off that all together its members which stands in unity without any discrimination to safeguard the interests of EU. All the hands are in same color which says that there is no barrier among its member countries that holds them to be together. The 12 hands is nothing to do with the member countries, its a symbol of unity & completeness.Blue flag is the representation of west.. The color of the hands is golden because it is the hand which has the capability to convert anything into gold & its a symbol of glory that the GOD has bestowed & euro currency is mostly followed in europe.
The multiplicity of Europe
Max Pohlen, Deutschland
This design symbolizes the multiplicity of Europe. All nations - both large and small - fuse together into a coherent unity. The background colour is the same as that used on the old flag. This ensures recognition. The letters "EU" are integrated into the design to ensure identification. This also helps the citizens to get to know the new flag.
Rings of progress
Steven Whitfield, England
The circles in this design losely represent the plan view of the European Parliament seating. They 'hug' the yellow ring (now filled in to represent unity). The surround invokes a sense of heritage and european past.
Europe: The star of stars.
Quand l'Union fait la Force
Valérie Brunissen, France
When Union makes the force : One star, One planet.
Alex Pertsinidis, Greece
The twelve stars are in a circular order that interprets the unity and continuity in time. The number 12 is a symbol of perfection and unity. The identical size of the stars and uniform spatial order interprets the equality. The sequence of the colors in the stars is achieved according to the color spectrum of light which is finally integrated into a circle. The color spectrum symbolize the diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes and the continuity and integration into a circle, the interaction, solidarity and the union of Europe. The intense and bright colors interprets health and liveness. The letters EU show the identity and history of Europe where culture and writing is born and still exists in history. The dimension of EU are designed according to the analogy of Golden Ratio and its important historic, aesthetical and natural base.
EU Past-Present-future (My idea 100.3.1)
The three symbols represent the past, present and future. Blue surface with equal sides symbolizing the equality of EU members.
Katrina Robinson, United States
In this design, I wanted to celebrate the diversity of Europe by putting a spotlight on it. The twelve stars are still there, but arranged differently. Again, the brown, black, and white stars represent the population. I wanted to portray an overall feeling of balance.
united people in europe
This symbol stands for unity, because we see Europe as one identity, made out of diversity. We’ve kept the main elements of the existing symbol, giving it a new interpretation. The circle in the middle of the flag, represents union and equality between diverse people and cultures, as well as the world. The circle’s color, white, stands for peace, calm, purity and truth. Inside the circle we've placed a silver star, metaphorically located in Europe's geographical center (relatively to the most common view of a globe or map, when referring to the continent). One star only (symbol of solidarity), representing a unique element, neutrality, the whole, union (again!). Silver stands for modernity, new technologies and innovation. We've kept the blue as background, the color of the sky, loyalty, fidelity, personality and ideal. The dream. We believe to have created a symbol that has beauty, proportion, order and that represents the Europe of now-days, and to come.
An union of differences II
The symbol has been created intersection of two rectangular that horizantally and vertically in two different directions. It constitutes an union in four rectangle different directions and represents a strong aliance despite the differences. Moreover evoking a circle perception with pixel effect refers this era and future.
Colors circle
Nova Soviningrat, Indonesia
The logo come from various colors that come together in a circle that led to one star. circle itself represents the symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, and strength. The logo also formed the EU letter. The colors symbolized the countries in the EU who have a variety of characters, cultures and uniqueness, which joined into the form of circle as a depiction of the same vision and mission that represented by a star. LOGO PERSONALITIES: - Dynamic - connection - design oriented - distinctive
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
The three white lines are the ones of the E of Europe. In this way, there is the stylization of a building, like the classical ones that we can find around europe. Most of them are museums, libraries, universities and other places where we can find a cultural mix.
A yellow butterfly with stars on his wings.Stars are representing countries in EU, and butterfly is representing beauty, liberty and different EU.
Changgeun, Han, South Korea
The clock which does not have the hour and minute hand is a symbol of the eternity of Europe. It means Europe which is the most trendy, classic and coexist the past, present and future. Also, it symbolizes Europe which glories eternally in the world due to the descriptions of light which radiates all sides. It is very modern, classic and easy to draw simply for everyone due to using the black on the white.
Monica Monzon, united states of america
this design is representing the diversity that europe has but also the unity different people creating a whole
same direction
Simone Shin, netherlands
Every arrow points at the same direction. Colours CMYK. Covers every colour of every EU member.
EU_New Symbol_a 001
Adjacency, Continuity, Unity.
Marnix de Vries, The Netherlands
Europe holds a enormous diversity of identities. Therefore a symbol-concept based on Europe as it is today (current number of countries, flags, etc) is useless. Europe's dynamics will outdate the symbol too soon. Eurownway is inspired bij subway network maps. Europe can be seen as a large, fast growing network. A solid system where democracy, freedom of speech and cohesion are keywords. A framework with restrictions but no boundaries. The symbol is based on a typographic EU 'buildingblock'. The base for a modulair system. The actual symbol is composed by three buildingblocks each time in a different composition. The background symbol uses the same design priciple but this time seven buildingblocks are used. The symbol reflects the diversity and liberty of Europe. The numbers 3 and 7 are symbolic for impeccable, alliance and interconnection. The colors are recognizable for the public as it is the same combination as the current Europe symbol.
blue ring
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
The blue ring symbolize Europe. Others color curves are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the synergy of Europe with his neighbours ...
one star for all …
Bert Moritz, Germany
… all stars for one
E for Europe
Declan Stone, The Netherlands
The Magenta represents the progress and openness of the citizens. The Blue represents the sky and water. The Green represents the land. A unique colour combination and form.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
New Horizon
Stephen Hunt, united Kingdom
The expansion of the community represents the dawn of a new age in its development. This new symbol represents the new age.
The idea for this emblem is the exponent. 1. One who represents or speaks for a group. 2. A symbol that indicates the number of times an expression is used as a factor. The star, emblem for nation, here being the exponent. And the circle is the perfect essence of the current flag (as Hans Kruit put it) that also emphasizes the notion of unity. Colors remain the same. Therefore, I believe this design reads as : a union by a number of nations.
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
The four circles symbolize social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of EU. In the middle of them is a star like in a compass; wise decisions lead us to a better future.
The citizen in the middle of Europe
Isaure Perrin, France
The blue (C100%, M80%, Y0%, K0%) represents the sky. It is the official color of the European Union. The circle of gold stars symbolizes the ideals of unity, solidarity ,and harmony between the peoples of Europe. The Union European takes care of the citizen ,and protect human right.
Erik Adigard, United States
A ring of unity is made up of 27 blocks, as if forming a circular arch. The ring is porous to convey openness and it is closed to proclaim our unity and strength. The square at the center stands for the shared ideal that we are aiming for and that is holding us together: the building block that can hold all other building blocks together. The color blue reinforces the notion and hope and optimism.
I LOVE EUROPE gloria font
Gloria Font, NL
In my flag various colorful dots link to produce a unique design. Likewise when people from different languages, traditions and believes come together, a new culture is created that gives identity to its' members and can be symbolized by this special design.
Stars of Colors
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
A development of the original EU flag; the background is the spectrum of colors from all European members, and the stars are white and also put at a closer distance, symbolizing one step forward in a new era.
Unified in Infinity
Explanation Infinity symbol connected symbolises a unified Europe, strong and with infinite/ endless possibilities of collective collaboration. Yellow: communication Green: hope Purple: collective awarness Turqouise: piece
Ankit Mittal, India
Hi, I am Ankit, Pls find enclosed EU Flag design no. 3
Joana EK, Katrin Wesslowski, Stefanie Adelstam, Germany
The submitted European flag shows a self-made EU-writing. The colour green was chosen to symbolize "hope" and "positive thinking" relating to the EU.
Transformation - New sign for new(old) memory
Zdravko Krizmanić, Croatia
Europe-conection different culture, traditions, nations, races in modern digital age.
Circle EU with Star and Bands
Matthew L. Morgan, USA
Loyalty is anchored in the design by the dark blue background. A golden circle encapsulates the EU initials and one golden star represents a united European Union. Bands of honor in gold and bright white represent peace between the spirit of generosity.
European Spiral Flag
Alberto Forcada, Johanna Vinterhav, Sweden
The stars and the blue and yellow colors give continuity to the flag, because Europe has grown but the basic structures and values are the same. The stars form a Fibonacci spiral, symbolizing Europe's openness, dynamism and growth in a harmonious flow. 21 stars because 21 is a hyperperfect, Motzkin, Fibonacci and triangular number that evokes beauty, perfection and spring.
the space-invader, created by a street artist can be found in nearly every city all over europe. it´s a symbol for art without borders and is referring to the beginning of an era of digital connections and freedom of art and people.
Europe - Rising Star
Petro Papucis, United Kingdom
It's coming from the original EU flag concept. The 27 member arms build the star of Europe. The concept represents the synergy of energy of all European nations. Note: there is place for more countries to be added!
Kimberley Chan, United Kingdom
Combining the circular element of the original flag with an 'e' for Europe to create the e within an O shape.
The Big Bang of Europe
Kayo Takasugi, USA
Expansion towards the future of Europe.
Ronny Ivens, The Netherlands
Fixed elements, STAR-BLUE-YELLOW, EASY FEELING It seems, nothing changed. The more members the more the star is glowing by the special contrast, blue, yellow and the 27 points(members) more members more points! The synergism works! The centre point of Europe, new members, new Star.
Star grid
Sarah Lorenzen, USA
The design for this flag started with the idea of keeping the colors and star motif of the existing EU flag, which by now has become instantly recognizable. Today 27 countries are members of the EU, and this number is likely to increase in the coming years. This flag uses a non-hierarchical and expandable grid of stars to symbolically represent Europe’s open and democratic ideals.
We Are Europe
Klaas de Groot, The Netherlands
The golden circle consists of European citizens instead of stars depicting countries. Unity on a human scale. Symbolicly they state: “We Are Europe.” While everyone has his/her individual say too. This flag is not about the (abstract) graphics, it is about the message from all the European people! The portraits are samples, they should be real people, portrayed on a European tour (collecting the message).
Unity in the European Union
I tried to create one design for the new symbol of the E.U. with simple and modern details. In a blue background it symbolizes serenity and creativity and the unity that dominates between the member states. The circles that I created differ in the size depending in the population of each country and their placement shows the geographical position of every different country.
Hands holding hands in a continuous chain, providing and offering help one to another. Four hands form a rectangle as a solid continuous form, providing and offering help one to another. As four sides of the world and the four main elements
The symbol looks like a sun.The colors of sunshine represent the Euro Countries. The symbol also looks like a power baton.
CROWN-BUILDING The crowns as the architectonic elements of the European building, strong and secure. Their side-arms spread and hold each other in unity.
Color blind
Slaven Božić, Croatia
The idea is to represent Europe as it is, place where all have same chances regardless of their skin color and everybody is considered a citizen.
Together as One
Paul Sanders, England
The star symbolises each European country uniting as one, it is encompassed by the 'inner circle' in the form of an abstract €, symbolising security, comfort, unity and freedom.
European ligature
A ligature – the typograhic conjunction of different characters forming an entity – as a symbol for the European community. The form derives from combining all national abbreviations of the EU of its current and prospective members (ue, ae, es, …). Beeing not assignable to a specific language, each nation can identify itself in the ligature while always perceiving the complexity of the community.
United Europe
Ciarán Clarke, Northern Ireland
Just as the UN flag is a worldwide unifying symbol so to can this flag unify Europe. It is not associated with a single country, ethnicity or political ideology. Geography and shared ancient heritage are the unifying factors. The countries that are included on the map are all EU members, candidate and potential candidate countries, and countries still considered highly European (Norway and Switzerland).
Dancing Stars
Teija Lammi, Finland
The symbol continues the familiar elements of colour blue and the stars but gives them an updated context. The stars are now freely dancing, taken out from the geometrical pattern. They are united, but each has its own independent space. The star symbol is flexible, it can take different patterns inside the european institutions, the key elements are the star and the colour blue.
EU = 27
Thom Cicchelli, United States of America
Bright colours and bold graphics represent a modern Europe. Nations with such diverse cultures and people, are represented equally in the Union. They are fused together much like the letters "E&U" and the "=" sign in this flag design. 27 gold stars representing EU member nations will fly in formation, moving forward - as one, when this flag is flown. Brussels (the capital) is represented by the white star.
Constellation Europa
Thom Cicchelli, Unitedf States of America / Chicago
Original concept: Map out the Capitals of each EU member country. Then, place a golden star for each location. Replace the physical countries and their borders with a blue field, signifying UNITY. Option; Brussels/white star(as the EU Capital City). Round EU icon rises above. What do you see in the stars formation? A flying peace dove? A shielded countymen defending himself? Or perhaps a sense of pride.
Star of the stars with Rosa rugosa
Fusun Gucer, Turkey
Stars gave way to a capital star: Europe around Rosa rogusa. It is the oldest specie of all roses and well known by its symmetry just like the guiding star of Venus.
Only one strar
Symbol of the EU is a major star. This symbol collect all the stars of current and future EU members .. The flag has a yellow border
Europe Outline with Stars on Blue Field
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
The addition of a golden disc to the current flag signifies the Sun, prosperity and livelihood. The outline of Europe represents Europe. They also make the centre look less empty. The stars are turned outwards to imply a global outlook (it also makes it a bit more symmetrical and aesthetic this way).
European Septenaire
Aupoint Marie-Claude, French Guiana
The concept of this flag can be put in connection with seven virtues of the Christian tradition, on a vertical axis, the red representing the love / the charity, the White (origin and result(profit) of the union of six other colors) represent the faith / confidence(trust), the green for the hope. On a horizontal plan in connection with four cardinal points the yellow for the caution / wisdom, the purple for the total abstinence, the orange for the justice / harmony and finally the blue for the spiritual strength. 6 characters in the colors of the rainbow symbolize these peoples of any origins, gathered in a round, each bringing all their human qualities for the construction of Europe (symbolized by the seventh color the white) itself contributing to the life of each of these peoples.
Classic One Two
David Chaboissier, Berlin, Germany
not "the center of the world", but one of the center, there really are many
Aad Ledeboer, The Netherlands
The design symbolises the mix of cultures in Europe, strongly bound together in a knot and also forms variations on the letter E. It intentionally avoids the star symbol (U.S. and other non-european nations) and any indication of the number of member states. I have used the same colours of the existing emblem of Europe, in order to maintain continuity.