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The Government is an important

commissioner for the creative sector in the field of public design, architecture and visual communication. Public squares, bridges, parks, housing of governmental organizations, the police identity and the design of political campaigns are examples of projects 'Designed for the Government'.

On this page we we show projects which are designed for the Swedish Government and government services.

We invite designers and architects

to send in projects to which are commissioned by the Swedish Government. Look here for the requirements in English.

Visual identity Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2011

Client: The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
Design: FamiljenPangea

On 1 January 2011, the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre and the National Academy of Mime and Acting merged to form the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts provides higher education that leads to professions within the fields of dramatic arts, radio, television and other media. FamiljenPangea was instructed to create a visual identity that should be perceived as clear, curious, brave and unpretentious. The experimental logotype creates drama and feeds back into the creative processes that characterise the education.

Visual identity Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, 2011

Client: Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Design: FamiljenPangea

The government agency began operating on 1 July 2011. At the agency's inception, the Swedish Board of Fisheries was shut down, and the new agency assumed many of its areas of responsibility along with certain areas of responsibility from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. FamiljePangea was commissioned to create an entirely new visual identity for a new government agency that its co-workers can agree on and feel proud of. One authority, one look. Other conditions for the visual identity were that it must not resemble that of other government agencies with similar duties, that it should work with cooperative partners and that it should have a modern and stable feel.

Visual identity Tillväxtverket, 2009

Client: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Design: FamiljenPangea

Three government agencies were merged into one, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The aim of the agency is to work to achieve more enterprises, growing enterprises and sustainable, competitive business and industry throughout Sweden. The goal was to portray the agency as unconventional, straightforward, clear and uncomplicated. The unorthodox logo-design created debate and contributed to the agency's image of fostering innovation, growth and entrepreneurship.

Visual identity Pensionsmyndigheten, 2009

Client: Swedish Pensions Agency
Design: FamiljenPangea

The Swedish Pensions Agency's aim was to increase the awareness among over six million citizens about the development of their individual pension's development. The orange colour is the cohesive link. Together with a vast photo archive and unique symbols/icons the visual identity is consistent across all media channels in clarifying and simplifying the individual's pension status and prognosis.

Chancellery of the Royal Swedish Embassy in Berlin, 1999

Client: Statens Fastighetsverk
Design: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor

The embassy is located as part of the Nordic embassy complex at Tiergarten. This is a facility comprising 6 free-standing buildings joined externally by an organically undulating ribbon of copper laminae. The 5 Nordic countries each have a building of their own at their disposal while the 6th is common and public. Birchwood-clad, spatially varied with straight, bent and curved shapes, and with ever changing views of Tiergarten, this is the heart of the embassy. The embassy as a modern, open and creative workplace in a process of constant change in full public view.

PTS visual identity, 2008

Client: PTS
Design: FamiljePangea

PTS is a government agency with the task of monitoring competition and regulations as well as allocating frequencies within the fields of post, telephony, internet/broad band and radio. The starting point for the new visual identity was meticulous analysis of the knowledge of and attitude toward the agency itself as well as their logotype. The proposed logotype was carefully tested by focus groups (normal consumers) to determine if the agency's key words were interpreted by the design: modern, effective, competent and active. The crown represents the governmental association.

House of Sweden, Swedish Embassy, 2006

Client: National Property Board Sweden
Design: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor

The protruding setting on a peninsula in the middle of Washington DC called for an emblematic building, illuminating the Swedish idea of the open society. The architecture emphasizes transparency instead of borders. In the night the woodlike building is all back-lit and the building will glow like a wicker-lamp. A Nordic light in the dark southern night.


The new black, 2010

Client: SL (Stockholm public transport)
Design: Essen International AB

An iconic tram for an iconic route. For many years Stockholm has had a tramline between Normalmstorg and Waldemarsudde - the museum route. This environmentally friendly way of traveling is now being expanded through Spårväg City - 2014. The first phase was completed in 2010. The design of the tram blends in naturally with the Stockholm environment. 

Royal National City Park, 2008-2010

Client: Stockholm County Administrative Board
Design: Essen International AB

Only a stone throw away from the Stockholm city center, one can experience a unique historical landscape, Nationalstadsparken. To help raise knowledge and awareness for this area, a new logotype, visual identity, communication concept and website were created. Today one can meet the design throughout the park for example on signage or guiding maps.