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Embassies as service units at airports.

The embassy of the future is mostly a virtual one.

The inside of the building, where the countries will be grouped per department, shows the variety of the European countries. Colour creates recognisability.


Towards one European embassy

Towards one European embassy


Following the introduction of a European Union, a European parliament, European legislation and the Euro, it is thinkable that in the future a European embassy will arise. From the observation that the design of many national embassies refer to the identity of a country, as if the building is an architectonic business card, one could pose the question in which way a European embassy can refer to the identity of Europe. Traditionally an embassy is a (semi) public building and as a representation of a culture in a foreign country, it is inherent a political gesture. Most countries have a protocol for their embassies. If, in the future, European embassies will be built, will these embassies be more than a building with a gathering of national posts, or could this also be the time to think about a completely different concept of an embassy?

Commissioned by Foundation Design den Haag, architect Eric Vreedenburgh (Archipelontwerpers) has written a text about this subject. This text has been handed to the Dutch ambassadors from all over the world during the yearly week they come back to meet each other at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

The full text can be read here.

Architecture students at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague have worked on ideas and visualisations for a European embassy during one semester, guided by teachers and architects Eric Vreedenburgh and Rainer Bullhorst (Bullhorst Architecten en Stedenbouwers). Some of the results have been inserted in the text and can be seen on this site.