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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

European galaxy
Adele Renault, Belgium
The 12 stars of the current european flag do not represent countries anymore. With this slight transformation, I turned those twelve stars in a more real image of the what the european countries represent. Some are bigger than others, some are not fully part the circle yet.
Tomislav Maricic, Croatia
With all linguistic, cultural and religious diversity, Europe has and will continue to change. Therefore, I've used a symbol which represents Europe's character and tendency, but also promotes tolerance of diversity. The symbol is a Greek letter Δ (delta), which is commonly used in science as a mark of change or difference. By it's shape it also symbolizes stability and progress. Colors are traditionally the same.
One Europe
David Podesta, Australia
The designer has tried to encompass a united Europe while taking into consideration of a pre-existing Europe with the blue, the new Europe with the white and the seven pointed star represents a united people coming from the seven inhabited continents.
BESSON, france
Arsine Heitz ‘s stars are the signature of Europe. This signature is written in the collective memory. The repetition of the crown creates a depth at the flag. The Europe nowadays is different, enlarged, enriched. The optical effect wants to attract the look and to show Europe’s evolutions.
Rainer Woertmann, Germany
The „E" stands for Europe, so by linking two different colured ones to an unit, I think it shows the european idea very well. The colours could be discussed.
Seperate unified
Navien Bansi, The Netherlands
The design consists of 5 shapes with sharp and round edges which are positioned in a way that a star can be seen and also a cirlce. Even though the 5 shapes are separate, yet they form a whole. The number 5 also stands for unity.
Davide Rossi, Italy
The new European flag inherits the concept of the identical yellow stars placed on a blue filed. In the new flag the union of the more closed stars, which portrays old and new EU members, draws a perfect circle.Inside the circle are described the natural European border lines protected by the union af all states. My new flag would like to message the common sense of union, brotherhood and the idea of an unique great modern cuture made by the combination of the history of every single state.
When I think of the EU I think of the world, Europe. That’s why I’ve made the illustration of the globe with Europe in it. The word EU embraces the globe. It’s integrated with the illustration. I’ve chosen the color green, because of the subject natural environment. That is more and more an important issue.
Nova Soviningrat, Indonesia
The interpretative of this logo sets the form of moving and dynamic as windmill, treated as Oak leaves either as EU-initials letter that created a circle and star in the middle. The windmill used to symbolize of movement, growth, and cooperation. In other reason, the Oak leaves also represented to brings health, life, harmony, well-being, and the powerful energies of nature and offers a sense of change, renewal, and freedom to pursue new ideas. PERSONALITIES: - Dynamic - Growth - Unite - cooperation
twelve differents stars
A flag likes the original with 12 stars, but these stars are differents. Differents stars for differents cultures ( the jewish star, the african star, ecc. ). European Union likes meltingpot of various cultures. This flag want to rappresent the same spirit of union than the first one but the differences of states are today differences of various people that work and live in the same place.
The EU Harmony
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
The EU is a union of very different countries (sometimes they differ like white and black, like Yin and Yang). But they all form quite a harmonious unit and aspire to perfection. You can also see all the colours of the flags for the EU countries on the picture.
infinity UE
unlimited possibilities, skills and powers
EU heart
Joanna Murat, Poland
hand-writted looking two letters: E and U in shape of a heart. Like heart has two ventricles,we have two letters and you cannot separate them.
Erhan Ay, Turkiye
This logo consists of the intertwine of European Union initials "E" and "U". This form of labirynth symbolyses intercultural rapprochement and dialog.
the design is inspired by the golden ratio such that the ratio of the whole to the larger portion is the same as the ratio of the larger portion to the smaller portion (like the member countries in EU). As such, it symbolically links each new generation to its ancestors and culture, preserving the idea of a united europe that binds its myriad identities in a common stream and yet is energetic cohesive and vibrant. The white backgroung suggests a common shared identity made by mixing all the various national colours and the single emergent star in the phi ratio symbolises growth and infinite divisions leading to overall unity
EU symbol +E + four sides of the world (My idea 100.5.2)
The original design stylization symbol is the origin of the name Europe. Europe in this variant is prestavena with the letter E, set the symbol of the bull, as in the legends, facing the four sides of the world.
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
The name of Europa is of uncertain etymology, one of thees is "wide-gazing, broad of aspect". From this era, we have a daily use of mobile phone, keyboeards and other gadgets. Many people use smiley face in their text. So i decided to design an international smile made by ":)", the basic way to say a smile. I Think that when you meet someone, the best thing to do first is a smile, a friendly way to start a coopartion/relation. This is how a new mix of culture can start everywhere in Europe! The oversized dimension of ":)" is beacuse of the etymology and beacuse i want spread this meaning.
eu composite
denis zelic, croatia
united stars made circle. circle become major symbol, designed by composition of flags colors
yellow galactic
This design symbolise dynamism of europe. Reference to the old flag in black and yellow. A lot of star like movement and dynamism of countries.
Lukas Ruškys, Lithuania
Each stripe is one color from every EU country flag.
The inner circle represents unity and oneness. The outer circle represents the openness to other European countries. The star at the center symbolizes the democratic values of EU. 6 stars symbolizing the nations of the union, represent the dinamizm and the diversification. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice. The white color represents peace and purity. The number 6 represents harmony, balance and sincerity.
United in diversion
Mariëlla van de Stolpe, The Netherlands
The different squares represent the diverse cultures en countries in the EU. At first side they are divided but when you look closer you can see together with the white part they form the word EU. Seemingly separate elements become a unit while maintaining their own individuality and identity. We may not see the EU always so clearly but its there and protects us.
More than united nations, the proposal wants to represent a community of people linked through infinite and different connections: cultures, religions, ideologies and traditions. In a dynamic movements… United by difference.
This design represents unity, solidarity stronger than the existing symbol for the EU. The stars are united in agreement, the collective ring of leaders unified in stance affecting not just a singular region but have a global influence. A new global perspective on the flat arrangement of stars. Continuous and timeless, the unity is one for all, all for one... The new symbol for EU
Patrick Tay, Ireland
The circles symbolise unity; amongst the member countries within the European Union (smaller circle) and the importance of EU in the world (larger circle). The colour yellow expresses the sovereignty of all european countries and conducts their own duties in the peaceful environment of the Union (blue).
EU Project includes implicit letters ( EU European Union), it can be taken for advantage as a universal sign, as a flag, a logo or signature of EU. The logotype use simple symbols such as =. The colours without changes as they are well recognizable.
bandiera europea
Morotti Michael, Italy
The flag represent our union with other people in the world.
Rimantas Špokas, Lithuania
Round logo means euro and letter "e".
Beata Kaczmarek, Poland
Diamond symbolizes power, hardness and at the same time refinement and beauty. 4 basic colours symbolize Europe's variety, which combine and create new values. White colour symbolize unity of mixed colours.
bandiera europea
Venturelli Maria Chiara, Italy
My flag reprents a star, with the letters “E” (of Europe) in the middle. And each of the 5 point symbolizes a different continent. My flag represent a new United World: the biggest hope in Europe.
Formula For Europe
Heike Siegel, Germany
Formula For Europe Geomatrical shapes in different colours taken from the european flags communicate europe’s versatility like the mixture of cultures and friendliness. This visual identity looks like a mathematical formula – its the visual formula for europe.
diverse but unite
Almir Mazalović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
flexibile but organized - arches are flexible shapes but geometricaly in conformity open but protected - open circles protecting ecah other diverse but unite - all different arch forms together creating a circle strong but peacefull - composition of shapes making compact form but in proclivity
Hands holding hands in a continuous chain, providing and offering help one to another. Five hands form the shape that resembles a star as a link with the old logo, blue and yellow refer to those existing European symbol for their recognizability.
EU Star
Alexander Rexworthy, England
The star is split up into the 27 member countries. But when viewed from a distance the star represents the whole of the EU.
This Design shows the expansion of the EU through the metaphor of a rose and a compass (German word for 'compass' = 'Windrose'). The flag shows the old EU-logo on the bottom left in a faded blue on darker blue, the first 6 stars representing the 6 founding nations. That initial circle is pushed open by a swirly yellow line (the 'wind' in 'Windrose') that splits into 4 directions, indicating the 4 directions of a compass, symbol of expansion and the EU 'encompassing' a larger territory (new member countries). The entire flag visually opens up to the right, showing an open-minded, future-oriented dynamic.
Europe is E is 3 is Free
Richard Ferkl, Austria
Europe is E E is 3 Three is free Three is the minimum number of persons to act as group Three is liberté, egalité, fraternité, The political essence of European humanist tradition E is open the (star) circle! The European Union should become the first state with a future perspective on migration. The flag as an E – For the flag, the shape is not a rectangle. The shape of the flag is the shape of the letter „E“: the inner space is a space cut out. The surrounding landscape becomes part of the flag-image. The colour: Like the existing blue / yellow, or green / blue.
Ring of Trust
Marcel van 't Hoff, Netherlands
Each country is different in identity, but shows strength in the unification in the European Union. The star is a symbol of the European Union, which is protected or rather embraced by these half rings. The star can trust in their cooperation.
Filip Tofil, Poland
Cross as the symbol which was used frequenty in the history of Europe, from prechristian tribes, to catolic chuch, even to the symbol of medical help... I thing it is the logo of Europe.
United by Europe
Ula Janowska, Poland
My logo is a continuation of the previous version, with the letters EU as symbols of whole Europe and of all united countries (the stars united in U).
Toshifumi Kawaguchi, Japan
This design has a strong and simple message that "Europe is one". "One" means also each "individual" of the European residents.
stick together
Europe = Euro Many Square = people in Europe circle = stick together Colors = natural organic Light on the outside = positive future
Culture Meld
Cath Ertler, Australia
A perusal of the current individual European flags yields a group of 7 basic colours. When these colours are overlayed we see that their meld yields a variety of further shades, thus representing the rich melting pot of multiculturalism from within and beyond Europe’s borders - the old and the new.
Complete Connection
Wendy Steenks, Netherlands
The design is based on the idea and meaning of The Borromean Rings. These rings are so combined that if there was one part to be taken away, the whole construction will fall apart, so that's the ultimate cooperation. Which is a great symbol for Europe. Yellow: Glory, Green: Hope, Future, Red: Courage, Love, White: Joy,Thruthness, Blue: Infinity, Sincerity Purple: Royalness, Authority
amandine andrea, reunion island france
the letter "e" represente the europe she's made with the colour of the flag that belong to the european counties
Unity in diversity
The yellow and white circle displays the marriage of the male sun and the female moon, representing unity in diversity. A symbol for all the different countries and nationalities that Europe counts. Meaning of the colors: Blue: water, sky, royalty, calm, magic, trueness 'true blue' Yellow: warmth, fun, happiness, intelligence, love, hope, optimism, curiosity White: brave, purity, nobility, knowledge, peace, life, clean, air, light
From Sea to Sky
The green, white and blue represent the sea, land, and sky. There are 27 stars to represent each country in the union. They encircle the map to represent a union.
Katrina Robinson, United States
With this design, I wanted to portray the potential that Europe has. Just like America, Europe is diverse and beautiful.
Stephanie David, France
The segmented parts of the circle represents the different countries within the european union. The stars are removed because of its religious symbolism.
The European Union symbol consists of the word "Europe" which is visible in different places on the blue background. It never appears as a whole, never occupies the entire space. This symbolizes the variety of identities and diversity which cannot be described only in one word, one symbol. It is a neverending tale of unity, a blank space left open for all cultures.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
Developing Dreams
Marijn van Oosten, Netherlands
All stars are melted to one big star. Green is the mix of yellow and blue and color of sustainability, growth and future. It's a landscape by night, where you can dream away. With seeing a falling star you can make a wish. This flag of Europe is the start of developing dreams, in a positive flow and ready for an evolution.
Line of Europe
Johannes Gerard, Netherlands
My second idea is based on my first design Colours of Europe. The blue E stands for Europe and the colours squares reprensent the different colours tones from the National flags from European countries. The line is a symbol of movement and harmony. However for a bigger contrast and better visabilty part of the backgrond of flag became yellow.
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
"Okay" or "ok" is the most well-known word on our world. So we combined "EU" and "OK" and builded a new sign for the European Community. It is still readable, but also becomes a whole new character, signet, logo, icon, picture for the EU.
Sven Bjelan, Croatia
Spot in the form of star, which in itself draws its dispersed droplets to be re-turned to unity.
Open Circle
Ilaria Recalcati, Italy
These two open circles represent both a solid world and a world open to new cultures. The continuous circle means soundness of European culture, the fact that it is not closed means openness to new realities.
Sander van Geest, Nederland
Abstract respresentation of the European continent. Abstracted enough to be a symbol on it's own, but recognizable as the continent. For recognition by the public the blue/yellow colourscheme is kept.
euro spiral
d_una, Croatia
Minimalistic, clear symbol representing society growth and evolution. Spiral as one of the most ancient symbol in human history has many definitions- continual change, evolution, expansion, fertility, perpetual motion of life, human DNA.. it does not begin or end, it is the essence that connects all things. Also can represent Europe fingertip. No political connotation. Human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals- Madame de Stael
Steef van Loenhout, Belgium
"E-UROPE" is the combination of the territory of Europe and an E, which replaces Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Slovakia. I have chosen the same blue as the original flag and have combined it with neutral white, which results in the most contrasty and clear way.
Peace and Goodwill
Paul Vickers, France
The clear blue sky and the organic green earth gradate gently to meet on a white horizon representing a message of peace between men. The flag speaks of our natural environment, a Europe unlimited by barriers or frontiers and a message of hope and peace.
m_ry, belgium
My graphic research is based on symbol mathematic = for equality of chances, freedom, security and justice for everyone, the same values for all. I used colours white: for peace and stability; the yellow, for renewal; the green for an harmonious and ecological europe, the pink for fidelity and solidarity and finally, the blue for the tolerance. The multicoloured background represents the multiculturality as well as the union in diversity.
Europe Flag 1
I decided to keep the 12 stars to keep a link to the past and its non political symbolism. One star was moved to the center which opens up the circle to show that europe is open to other cultures and the world. The bigger central star gives weight to the flag thus portraying strength. Also, this disposition create a figurative E.
Euro Sunrays
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"EURO SUNRAYS" The sunrays connotes the uplifting of the spirits of European countries for higher achievements. The sunrays' three shades of yellow symbolizes the central focus for a unified European community, gearing towards efforts on peace, economic progress and integration. The solid blue background symbolizes unity and oneness. Colors: Blue - denotes ascendancy, vibrancy and vitality Yellow - symbolizes good fortune and abundance.
Europe – a unit, which is more than the amount of its parts
Peter Lohse, Germany
– a lively, but self-contained, harmonious appearance – preserving the individual pecularities of the members but with common aim – optimistic colours for a positiv, modern charm (alternativ: multi-colour)
Working Together
Katrina Robinson, United States
This is a variation of my design Unity. The different colors work together to complete the picture.
bandiera europea
Barbieri Enrico e Esposito Vanessa, Italy
This flag means the euro joneid to the of the Europe.
A Connected Europe
Jessica Horton, United Kingdom
This flag design consists of twelve interlocking circles, representing equality and unity. They are interlocking to symbolize new connections. The twelve circles mirror the twelve stars initially used, they represent perfection and completeness. The colours are also mirrored so there is still an element of recognition associated with the flag. The circles form sun-like shapes, as this is the symbol for Apollo, signifying intellect and freedom.
Ajda Rotar, Slovenia
The design of flag shows two hands, holding each other. This represents unity, friendship and peace. The colours stand for development (blue) and success (star-like yellow), and the design is kept simple in order to be memorable and easy to produce at any size.
EU_New Symbol_d 001
All of the world but EU marked!
the bond of friendship
Andreas Trenker, Italy
My flag shows the most important value of the European Union of tomorrow: the friendship. Commercial advantage political power should give way to friendship and cultural exchange. The 8 bowknots represent different cultures and languages, the number 8 looks like the symbol for infinity, if you turn it, this represents the infinity of cultural values. the bowknots form a sun, which stands for hope and happiness. the circle in which the bowknots are arranged represents the solidarity and community.
United Europe
Kees van Es, The Netherlands
Should be many colours because of the manu cultures. Unity is acceptance of diversity and makes everybody happy
A proposal for a new European Union.
Yeria Thambos, Indonesia
The proposal for the new flag has the same background color, but slight changes on the golden twelve stars. The stars were replaced by a single twelve-pointed star. The 12 stars merged into one to illustrate the unity among diversity all over Europe. The twelve points of the stars represents the same meaning as the twelve stars.
a symbol of soft power
Marvin de Jong, The Netherlands
The European Union has been a statement for peace and co-operation since it's inception. That's why a new flag should be a statement for soft power. As such I made this flag as a symbol of softness: welcoming and understanding. Doing away with emblems that can complicate and cloud the message and choosing a softer colour rather than the hard and vibrant colours we're used to seeing on flags. Flags whose intention it is to radiate power, virility and strength. This softer colour will form less of a symbolic barrier, appear more open and bring more associations with co-operation and common goals. All in all it's a flag that stands for communication, co-operation and civilization. And moving away from a war torn past and working together on a new future.
The silver ball
Annette Agathine, Seychelles
Silver represents a powerful and valuable metal and the color green represents a green evolution to save energy....
Jenna Burwell, United Kingdom
The circular shape represents symbolism of countries joining together as one body, there are 12 points to the shape as 12 is a strong number (not to represent the amount of counties within the EU as it is forever changing). The shapes are colours that can be found within all of the flags in the EU, interlocking to show a strong body of countries.
Positively different
Kim Verschoor, The Netherlands
Europe represents countries with different national, legislative and cultural identities. I translated these differences into a positive visual language. The most elementary differences in symbolic imagery can be found in the forms of the square, triangle and circle. Therefore this concept shows these different images together, forming a strong and positive symbol for Europe.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
Simple Europe v3
The sign on the flag is a star with a circle around it. Star symbolizes the faith, circle symbolizes perfection. In relation to the current flag, this is a kind of reciprocity, so that instead of stars to go by round, a universal star is given as the center of the circle around it. Colors remain unchanged, mutually complementary.
Nova Soviningrat, Indonesia
This logo illustrates the arrows which is leading to one point as a symbolic one goal, one mission, and one vision. Arrow itself is representing of movement and thingking. The concept of this logo comes from combining the form of origami papers into a ball shape-3D circle. Its meaning is a form of cooperation between the countries in the EU with various cultures and developments both in present and future. LOGO PERSONALITIES: - Cooperation - An association - Cooperation - Trustworthy - Growth
New Flag 3
The uniquely shaped letter „E“ is one solution for European flag. The letter „E“ is not a closed form, it is shaped as a discontinuous line or as open space, passable for everyone in it. The modernism of the European abstract artists and constructivists from the early 20th century is used as a graphic motive. Piet Mondrian is the very best example of that graphism.
Alex Pertsinidis, Greece
The twelve stars are in a circular order that interprets the unity and continuity in time. The number 12 is a symbol of perfection and unity. The identical size of the stars and uniform spatial order interprets the equality. The sequence of the colors in the stars is achieved according to the color spectrum of light which is finally integrated into a circle. The color spectrum symbolize the diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes and the continuity and integration into a circle, the interaction, solidarity and the union of Europe. The intense and bright colors interprets health and liveness.
Global Capitalism
Alain Delluc, Karen van de Kraats, Adriaan Mellegers, France, The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Europe concentrates on export opportunities and innovation of knowledge based products. Multinational's take over the role of states.
BESSON, France
Arsine Heitz ‘s stars are the signature of Europe. This signature is written in the collective memory. With news stars, the flag to show Europe’s evolutions in the world : different, enlarged, enriched.
This symbol is of rings within rings, representing any mixture of groupings that make up Europe - countries, regions, people, thoughts etc. Like ideas they work within and around each other, like cogs they work together - any group could be within or encircling the other. It's a design around the idea of "together, further".
EU Enlargement
This new design for Europe keeps the original twelve stars in the first circle, which symbolises all states participating. The second row of stars, spreading left and right, is middle transparent by being younger and telling the story of the EUs enlargement. The third row of light transparent stars represents those states, that will fulfill all conditions to get part of the EU in future.
european Sun
peter Lok, netherlands
K83_A new symbol for Europe_No01
An idea based on the First Letter (E) of the word Europe and on the Number 5.A combination of 5 parts of different colors and 5 yellow stars represents the 5 continents of the World and their influence in Europe in one united symbol.
The EU Umbrella
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
You can see the letters "E" and "U" (in black colour) for the European Union on the picture, which is a great support for all EU countries and protect them (like an umbrella) from many dangers and different situations.
New Europe
Sign on the flag represents a new solution with elements from the previous flag, in a way that the former 12 stars are now replaced with the stars whose number is not important but which together form a compact circular shape, the symbol of a unified Europe. Circular shape of the sign is a symbol of harmony and perfection. Colors are retained from the previous flag.
James & Alex, UK
Helix expresses the unifying connection found in every citizen of the EU, the double helix inherit our DNA. Utilising the existing colours of the EU flag, Helix symbolises a future of unity in diversity - showing two strands interweaving - expressing the diverse nations of the EU coming together as one.
The colours represent people and the future. The shape signifies unity, power, change and peace. The 12 yellow bars is a nod at multiplicity, clearly not a number of states.
Diverse cultural unity of European Union
Ka Yin Karen Lam, Australia
This design symbolizes the EU but also union, diversity and cultural identity. The circle represents unity and power. The interlocking cross stands for the four directions – north, south, east and west. It is symbolizing unity and harmony between people from different culture and countries in Europe. The stars in the middle signify wholeness and completeness. The blue background represents freedom, communication, inspirations and peace.
New Europe
Paulo Simões, Portugal
Europe is changing and expanding since his birth, mixing cultures with traditions, with languages, with different believes, with identities into one and bigger union. Different origins, from north to south, from east to west converge to one bigger, richer and stronger Europe. One symbol that crystalizes this unity and equality. One that reflects, as a ray, larger or smaller, it belongs to the same star.
Together we can grow
The star in this idea is made up of 5 different coloured arrows that are pointing outward. The different colours represent the different cultural attributes within the EU. The outward motion of the arrows represent growth and development on a economic and societal level as the countries and cultures of the EU work together.
Annamaria Varga, Hungary
Without borders, freedom, one community , one aim.
bandiera europea
Imbesi Cristoforo, Italy
The Europe fly in the future
Alex Pertsinidis, Greece
Six which according to the Pythagoreans number six is the first perfect number. The similar size of all circles symbolize unity. The circles cover each other with a centrifuged direction according to the analogy of Golden Ration. The cover of circles symbolizes interaction, unity and solidarity. The identical size of the circles and uniform spatial order interprets the equality. The sequence of the colors in the circlesis achieved according to the color spectrum of light which is finally integrated into a circle. The color spectrum symbolize the diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes and the continuity and integration into a circle, the interaction, solidarity and the union of Europe. The intense and bright colors interprets health and liveness. The letters EU show the identity and history of Europe where culture and writing is born and still exists in history. The dimension of EU are designed according to the analogy of Golden Ratio and its important historic, aesthetical and natural base. The white symbolizes harmony, perfection, truth, spirituality, unity and the fusion of colors to a creation of united European Identity.
Night sky
Matea Topic, Croatia
Yellow stars are the capitals shining on the European Night sky!
I wanted to create something very simple and not logos symbolizes unity, community, freedom, eternity .....
Blue azure and gilt stay the colors of European reference. The symbolism of stars - representing countries - tightens(stretches out) towards the evolutionary and not the quantitative. E for EUROPE. The semi ellipse of stars hidden brings no defined quantity, offering to the union, the possibility of evolving numérairement. The star in the foreground, indicates, a participative demand in the resolution of the big meetings(appointments) of tomorrow. 7 stars: multicultural, multiethnic, Europe is thus representative seven continents.
New Flag 1
The uniquely shaped letter „E“ is one solution for European flag. The letter „E“ is not a closed form, it is shaped as a discontinuous line or as open space, passable for everyone in it. The modernism of the European abstract artists and constructivists from the early 20th century is used as a graphic motive. Piet Mondrian is the very best example of that graphism.