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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

The EU flag
Caroline Barske, Germany
The world represent the global aspect of the EU. Mainly the EU is trying to bound and bring countries together. To live in freedom and as one unity. The Map represents the nations which belong to this union. The blue and yellow is the trademark of the EU and as a high recognition value to it.
Bandila ng Europa
Christian Bulaong, Philippines
The “Bandila ng Europa”l Flag have three vertical color white represents unity; blue represents freedom; green as eco-friendly community. A six “Y” shape around star represents the six countries who founded the EU, who have the courage to make a change hand –in- hand to growth and prosperity. A single four pointed star represent northern, eastern, western and southern part of Europe and its people.
"Europeans United for a Rational , Optimistic and Progressive Existence
A wide and unique star symbolizing unity and strength Together as one A star shaped like a happy and welcoming human being Together we care Traditional Blue and Yellow Together we stay
I choose the owl to represent Europe because it refers to Ancient Greece, it was the goddess Athena's animal. That's a symbol of light, knowledge and wisdom. The eyes are yellow, like two headlights, positioned on the skyline (the two horizontal lines) with the background, divided into two parts: a blue one for the night, a white one for daylight towards which the owl leads us.
Behoud het Goede.
Kobus Kortmann, Nederland
Europa heeft een goede vlag met 12 sterren, het getal van de volmaaktheid, geplaatst in de cirkel, zonder begin en zonder einde, van de eenheid.
area europe
Dominique Van Baelen, Belgium
"Area Europe" is an abstraction of the territory of Europe as it exists now. Not all borders are shown to indicate the growth and possible expansion of the European Union (as Mondriaan used his canvas to represent larger universes). Blue is used as the color of Europe, the background color being contrasty but neutral.
One Europe
Babs van Stralen, Netherlands
Europe as a barcode.
Roberto Voorbij, The Netherlands
First of all the design EUROPE'S DNA raises the question whether something as a European identity exists and how this relates to the current nationalistic tendencies. Included are all 27 member states with room for all 195 nations. Secondly is EUROPE'S DNA mend as a warning for over-controlling by the EU. From which we're being distracted by a seemingly harmless, entertaining reality of commerciality.
Thomas Serriere, france
Eurobase should not be a logotype. It may be a universal sign. It should symbolise Europe according to the conceptions of space, time and identity which evolved in our digital and global era.
bandiera europea
Fornaciari Filippo, Italy
The peace reing in the 27 states of the UE.
Europe Plus
Positive electric charge, with the addition of, an advantage, together with; the plus sign with all great meanings as a background of one yellow star into the circle, positive union as a fixed point.
A pure and simple typographic mark.
Europe flag 3
Yellow stars symbolyses all Europe's countries, it shows the projection of Europe. The "E and U" are the same blue color as the background and stars are also part of them. Europe has a global vision of their countries, putting them on the same level. It is the force and opening of Europe.
Colours of Europe
Johannes Gerard, Netherlands
I choose the different colour tones of from national flags of the European countries. In the left corner I place a blue E for Europe. I assembeld the colour tones in straight line moving from left to right.The flag should represent each country equally and neutral. The line of colours should symbolize movement and harmony
Color blind
Slaven Božić, Croatia
The idea is to represent Europe as it is, place where all have same chances regardless of their skin color and everybody is considered a citizen.
eye Europy
tomas scherer, slovensko
EYE je symbolom poznania, oko, ktoré pozoruje a sleduje "svojich" ľudí, ich spôsob, ako chrániť. EYE symbol žltá (žltá farba záplavy, ale symbol slnka, zlato, bohatstvo, kultúra) je vo forme malých mak 'e', pretože Európa EURÓPA povedať, že to vyvolá, je prezentovaná na modrom pozadí aj povodne, kruh symbolom dokonalosti, ale tiež ako svet - svet, odkiaľ majú pochádzať zo všetkých strán.
Perfect Union
Rustam Kayumov, Tajikistan
Perfect geometric form for perfect Union.
euro circle
This flag has colors from every existing member's national flag. The continuous circle indicates eternity and progress. Also each country could have it's own flag. For example, if Netherlands wants to use this flag, they can color the background as red, white, or blue. This makes all the other colors (countries) appear on the top of the flag - Which means collaboration and support.
circle of trust
Europa als veel zijdig continent. Met in het midden een wit vlak van eenheid en puurheid. de kleuren er om heen zijn de verschillen in individuen en landen. De witte achter grond geeft het continent weer. En het blauw de zee of de lucht. Water en lucht.
together we are stronger
Toni Žufić, Croatia
two pieces are together making one piece
White dove on a blue sky
My proposal for a new flag of the European Union is a white dove on a blue sky. The white dove symbolizes universal peace, innocence, goodness, faith, family love, peace and perseverance and hope for thousands of years.
The Strait
Emre Hakgüder, Turkey
This design of mine puts the EU in the position of a strait through which countries pass for achieving prosperity and high living standards. The left piece represents the past and the right piece the future of countries which will join/have joined the EU.
Ans Schotanus, Netherlands
Up for a new horizon
a new symbol for europe
Shital Gohil, India
Continuing with 12 numbers and its true belief of symbol, adding 12 more colors to symbol to make it more evident about 12 seasons of the years, representing “E” as Europe and two bold yellow lines performing balance.
Ilija Uzelac, Serbia
This logo represents unity of Europe as a continent non-devided by the borders or nations, but as a continent which supports same values of democracy and a way of life.Blue colour retains from previous flag, and white is symbol of freedom.
Unity and cultural diversity in Europe's identity
Ka Yin Karen Lam, Hong Kong
This design symbolizes the EU and also Europe's unity, identity and cultural diversity. I retain the 12 gold stars which means perfection, completeness and unity. But adding another 4 different colours blocks connecting to the stars' ring that represents unanimity and harmony between all different kinds of people in Europe. The diagonal lines stand for joining and expanding the EU.
One in All-All in One
Ana Maria Alonso, Italy
This flag, this new symbol unites all the diverse economies, industries and labor forces into One Europe. One nucleus, which manifests itself the ancient, universal Symbol of unity- the circle, which is encompassed by all of the diverse cultures, languages, traditions, beliefs and landscapes, represented with small circles of diferents measures around the big one. EU for All-All for UE.
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Two yellow sails, a large one and a little one, working together, supporting each other united in moving forward. Colours: Blue: C 99; M 78; Y 0; K 0. Yellow: C 2; M 11; Y 88; K 0.
Dejan Brajovic, Serbia
This proposal is a variant of "Unity" in which the external ring of the letter E, while the inner ring represents the letter U (EU). For each ring (the circle) are stars that represent the continents of the world.
the new flag of Europe
Setti Eleonora, Italy
The hand of all the colors is like Europe: a new but different, but consists of many unique and united.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 white European dots are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
Just Like Wind
Though every country has its own identity (symbolized by one color from the flag of each country), thanks to Europe, all the countries together (hence the suggestion of an ampersand formed by the strips) create a coallition and reunite themselves to go to the same directions. The flying strips, like a wind of freedom, represent the democratic state of mind of every country entering Europe.
EU Globe
Van Dooren Gianni, België
The colours that I used in the flag are blue and white. Blue stands for sincerity , divinity and innocence and white stands for purity , joy and truth. I used an image of the world with a few countries of the European Union.
Shining Rays, Star in Shield
Matthew L. Morgan, USA
Loyalty is anchored in the design by the dark blue background. One white center star represents the peaceful existence of all nations within one union. The twelve golden sun rays represent the fountain of life illustrated by the peoples of the European Union and is a symbol of completeness.
Anita Jovanovic, Serbia
Birds as a symbol of freedom, independence... The interweaving of the three birds that were painted by three primary colors represent unity in diversity of communities of different people...
The purpose for this flag design, is to provide a visual for concepts and ideas (represented by the star) that are being adapted and shared by the people of this union. The radiating bands are symbolic of growth and the dynamic and ever-expanding cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs of the nations that are currently a part of, are in the process of becoming a part of, or in the future will become part of this european union.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
charles bignon, spain
The infinity symbol represents the diversity of the new european members and human persons.
sarah klammer, Austria
The colours and the basic form keep the recognition value of EUROpa. It's similar to the „POWer [Button]]“, but also reminds remotely of the Europe TauRUS with its horns. The circle is solid, but not static; it's not closed; there's movement, space for changes; it moves and grows with the constantly changing and expanding world.
EU Flag 3
Blue Evans, France
Blue background paying homage to current flag. The yellow representing happiness and prosperity. The white to represent harmony. 27 joint circles representing the 27 EU countries.
United Smiles
United Smiles United pathway to peace, prosperity, and harmony between the peoples of Europe. "Happiness increases when shared"
Hong-ji Kim, south korea
Sun + World + Star + Europe = One
We Refugee
Alain Delluc, Karen van de Kraats, Adriaan Mellegers, France, The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Europe consists of large refugee area's that become states in themselves. Europe's citizens are in a constant state of exodus.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
ronald dowdy, usa
the gold represents unity/positive growth, while the blue represents the strength/stability.
simbol 1
Katarina Pavlovic, Serbia
A new symbol for Europe. "Europe has changed". The colour of stars has been changed from yellow to white in order to obtain symbol purity.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 yellow European dots are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
culture colours
Inge Elfring, Germany
Every member of the european union has its own culture and background. My Design shows the variety of many elements. Each of them is different either in color or dimension. I show them intentional in a way, that you can not see at first sight how many elements are there. So you are fexible. The colors are fresh and brightly and the appearance has a high recognition value.
6 strips
Imly Links, Netherlands
I choose the colour blue for the background, which is already recognizable for the E.U. In the middle are 6 coloured strips. There is not 1 flag who hasn’t got at least 1 of these 6 colours The strips stand for all the countries in the world.
EU_New Symbol_b 001
More adjacency, Continuity, Unity.
Rising Modernity
Arielle Gordon, United States
The flag incorporates navy blue and gold from the previous flag to symbolize that many traditions from Europe still stand today. The inversion of the gold and blue on the star shows how different countries can join as one. The modernity of Europe is symbolized by converting the twelve gold stars from the previous flag into circles that come together to signify unity.
The E
Alicja Lidia Sokalska, Germany
A clear message –2 letters in one symbol-E and U for European Union, forming an open circle-the symbol for unity open for new cultures.
Peace in the European Union
I tried to create one design for the new symbol of the E.U. with simple and modern details. In a white background it symbolizes peace and the unity that dominates between the member states. The squares that I created differ in the size depending in the population of each country and their placement shows the geographical position of every different country.Each square has a different color and they are the colors of the flags of every country
Multicultural Europe
Shucheesmita Simonti, Bangladesh
In this design, small stars have been joined in the middle to form a big star, trying to illustrate that different cultures, languages and different kinds of people have created the multicultural Europe of present. Stripes of different colors have been used to portray this multicultural aspect.
Modern influence. Derrived from 'T and O' map, 1472. Three sons of Noah. Title; Broadface. Existing 'Europe yellow'. Green for durability and diversion.
together strong
Kayla Hijkoop, Nederland
The big cirkel represence the EU and the smaller cirkel each country protected by the bigger cirkel the EU. Note: I am sorry for the bad quality
Dove of Peace
Bernard Teske, Germany
The dove of peace is my symbol for peaceful union of the european states. Stars are a well known symbol in europe. My tree rising stars describe the hopeful future of our union. In my opinion the aspect of living together in a united, peaceful europe is the most important accomplishment in the last century.
Vanessa Barral González, Spain
Europe – a unit, which is more than the amount of its parts
Peter Lohse, Germany
– a lively, but self-contained, harmonious appearance – preserving the individual pecularities of the members but with common aim – optimistic colours for a positiv, modern charm (alternativ: multi-colour)
Flag three
Raj, India
In this design Blue is the background color.50 stars representing 50 countries in EU. Red is the Vitality. Green, Its energy contains; harmony,sympathy,health,abundance,balance,growth and expansion. Yellow is Wisdom and naturally associated with the sun itself, and so with its life giving and sustaining energy
The Disco Ball
Jacob Kessler, United Kingdom
The design symbolises the coming together of many independent, diverse units to create one whole. The symbol was designed so it could be easily translated as a logo for the E.U. organisation with a versatile function. This allows for a variety of colours or one single colour to be used depending on the occasion (e.g. serious or light-hearted), whilst still keeping its overall identity.
New star
The image represents a shoot or/and hands embracing the star/light. Catching/releasing the star. Hope and the movement toward a new age.
A circle as the ancestral symbol of unity, inclusion and acceptance. Europe and Unity: EUnity.
Branchy star-2
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
European Union grows from the unity of diverse parts and different colors, it branches and continues to rise in communion with each new member. White background as a symbol of successful beginning, faith, purity and safety.
Maintain graphic consistency with the previous flags but we summarize the number of stars in an one single open star.
My design is symbolizes the future of Europe, the recycled Europe.
Delvas Christophe, France
Europe symbol of synergy
Quentin Barutaut, France
There is my modified version of "Starshine" called "Shine again". The stripes dissapears, stars symoblize country again. And Euro symbol left too, because Europa may be don't need to have a money symbol on it flag. There's more simple, epured. Thanks
Anita Jovanovic, Serbia
A simple symbol, three interlocking shapes that are painted three primary colors is unity in diversity of communities of different people... forms meet, combine and interfere in one another, simple, elegant and yet firmly and clearly as a unified Europe.
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Three yellow horizontal bars united in a forward movement on a blue background: a perfect number performed by bars similar to the pair of the Eurosymbol, suggesting the letter E of Europe. Colours: Blue: C 99; M 78; Y 0; K 0. Yellow: C 2; M 11; Y 88; K 0. It's preferred to keep the colours blue and yellow. Than people have a referrence.
Nova Soviningrat, Indonesia
The logo created from the leaves of oak trees which are united to form a star as a form of cooperation between EU countries to growing and increasingly shine as a star. We can find a lot of Oak trees in European countries. These plants can be said to be one character of European continent. It is also believed to be a gateway between worlds, or a place where portals could be erected. This may represent an EU association which is expected to become a portal for all European countries to be more easier in every all good interests in economic, cultural, politic, education, etc. LOGO PERSONALITIES: - Movement-growth - A well being - Distinctive - Networking - Cooperation - Design Oriented
Mrinal Sharma, India
It is the member countries which together forms European Union.EU is a basically a combined effort of its member countries.Altogether it is the member countries which equally coordinates to enhance the political, economical & social co-operation,which is what the aim of EU. The no. of different joining hands shows off that all together its members which stands in unity without any discrimination to safeguard the interests of EU. All the hands are in same color which says that there is no barrier among its member countries that holds them to be together. The 12 hands is nothing to do with the member countries, its a symbol of unity & completeness.Blue flag is the representation of west.. The color of the hands is golden because it is the hand which has the capability to convert anything into gold & its a symbol of glory that the GOD has bestowed.
Lukas Ruškys, Lithuania
Every part of circle represent different languages, cultures, geografics and etc. All elements of different countries comes to one united circle.
New Europe is more aware and new symbol should communicate this message. Background is white _ less ink (ecology). Fusion of two circles _ perfection, means something different for each of European, so we should talk about it all the time, make new definition for better communication between us. Two circles represent past and tradition (shape and colors), and constant movement of nowadays, speed, communication between countries inside European Union but also with other. Flag from 1955 was representing perfection, I would like that fusion_for_ecology represent that we can achieve perfection through better communication and hard work. So let's have eyes wide open.
Claudia Schelker, USA
There are four stars representing people from all four directions (North, East, South, West). The stars are also representing the head and the curved lines are the arms showing a big embrace of all different people & nations. Even though these 'people' (stars & lines) are different (in color), they still create a harmony which is represented with harmonious colors. I believe Europe is now at a time where people have to learn to embrace other cultures and accept that others are different, but yet the same.
European blue stars
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
This design symbolise dynamism of Europe with blue stars. The other color stripes are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the whishes of Europe to be dynamic but not without the synergy of his neighbours...
Stability and Unity
Maddy Crispell, United States
The size of the star on this flag references the size of the circle in the current flag. The colors, iconic of the EU, also remain the same. The circle of stars has been changed to one star, symbolizing the unity of a new Europe. Stability, power, and balance are all represented by the line at the bottom of the flag.
E Spectrum
Stephen Hunt, United Kingdom
The design has been created to represent the inclusive nature of the community and to demonstrate it celebration of the diversity within its family of nations.
Around the Europe
Dubuy Julien, Belgium
good morning, for a logo such as the flag of the Europe, I choose to represent all members of the European community in their entrance order in Europe. Even it can look like complex at first, it can be understood easily. Having flags in a circle accentuates this idea of united Europe. The background color didn't change.
George Feggos/Athena Anders, CANADA
The new EU flag reflects Oneness of all nations, cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs. A central yellow circle symbolizes universal inclusivity and unity. Four yellow diagonal lines converge their energy towards the center and then emit the EU's global strength. Eight small yellow circles represent balance, harmony, and abundant power. Colours of the flag are blue (peace, truth, sky, sea) and yellow (wealth, wisdom, sun).
Sara Gironi Carnevale, Italy
Made with the purpose to synthesize in one sign the concept of the Europe’s multi-ethnic reality, “Reunion” represents the way how the confluence of different elements may generate an unique shape. That’s how swallows, famous to be migratory birds symbolizing, what’s more, freedom, give shape to an hybrid between a star, that’s actually a symbol for the EU member states, and a flower.
EU flag design
Existing EU flag is set the visual standard blue background and yellow stars, I have kept this relationship but in the new constellation. The number of EU member states is variable, further adding to the existing stars that are as small, were still fine. So I kept a blue background and added a single, large star, which supersedes all others, reached the visual continuity, and simplicity.
Mimi Law, Canada
While keeping the same blue and yellow, the 60 rays of the 12 stars in the original flag are combined and transformed into a unified radiant sun. This flag represents the progression of Europe into one that embraces all cultures that come within its realm just like the sun which is a symbol of positive energy and power around the world as well.
Dino Brucelas, Philippines
The stars are laid out on the approximate geographical locations of each EU member on the map , like a new constellation, on the field of blue: a color which stands for ideas which unifies all members: unity, peace, and cooperation.
Unity - Foresight - Future
Europe - from old greek Eurṓpē, "these with a wide sight". On a deep blue background marked by unlimited foresight till the horizon, a star is surrounded from a ring of unity it represent the nations of europe. The stars in the corners symbolise the four points of the compass.
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
A capital E is rounded of 90° and it creates this graphic that it represents an ideal place, an open space where people can meet each other and mix their cultures, a temple of freedom where everyone can display their own culture.
EU knot
El-Nadeem El-Rawi, Netherlands
Since the design is for the European Union, my search was for a symbol to showoff the union. My inspiration was from the tying knots, the specific Reef (square) knot which is 2 ropes overlapping to make an 8 shaped figure. the 2 colors represents the parties of the union its not the number of countries but it represents that its a unity between different parties. as for the colors i thought that the blue represents the peace and the yellowish gold represent uniqueness. The font used was: Ariel (bold) The colors used were: Blue-C=100%/M=98%/Y=11%/B=11%. Yellow-C=0%/M=45%/Y=100%/B=0%.
Opening to Future
Erhan Ay, Turkiye
This logo consists of the intertwine of European Union initials "E" and "U". These characteres’ composition expresses both the identity diversity and harmony. And the vertical line in between, to the door opening to diversifying Europe’s future.
Europe. Mix ID.
Arjen Visscher, The Netherlands
A new design for a new Europe. For that purpose we designed a new symbol. The new symbol what Europe unite are a lot of waves of colour. (Transparant) coloured waves that the dynamic Europe reflects. Every culture, every identity got his own colour and mixed together. A fresh, happy and modern symbol. In summary. Europe. An constant dynamic movement. Mixing cultures, mixing identity.
Together in Unity
Nelson Pinontoan, Singapore
4 Stars represents 4 differet territories & region in Europe which together hand in hand moving forward to bright future under unity of Euro Circle
This emblem is basiclally the rethinking of the existing circular EU logo. From the intermixing of various colours (symbolizing different cultures and ideas), there emerges a pure white circle of light (standing for the common vision of the future). As you behold it from a distance, the emblem represents the illusionary nater of the common vision.
Vanessa Barral González, Spain
Make a “C” shape with both your hands. Put them together and rotate your right hand 90º as if you wanted to recreate this logo. Your hands should reflect integration, collaboration, mutual support between them, stability and harmony. Now, move your hands down to the level of your stomach. Can you see the “e” ? Congratulations, Europe is in your hands.
Europe is E is 3 is Free
Richard Ferkl, Austria
Europe is E E is 3 Three is free Three is the minimum number of persons to act as group Three is liberté, egalité, fraternité, The political essence of European humanist tradition E is open the (star) circle! The European Union should become the first state with a future perspective on migration. The flag as an E – For the flag, the shape is not a rectangle. The shape of the flag is the shape of the letter „E“: the inner space is a space cut out. The surrounding landscape becomes part of the flag-image. The colour: Like the existing blue / yellow, or green / blue.
Tricolour with Europe Outline
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
The design is the most common layout of European flags, the tricolour. It includes the current European colours with the addition of white, for peace. In the centre is Europe itself (in borderless form), a neutral and recognisable way of representing it. Because of this, all in Europe would be comfortable flying this flag, regardless of their origins, whether they support the EU etc.
the goal
without a specific aim, mankind will not make it. this planet needs to get a new aim in which everyone can believe. only with a new direction, crisis can be managed, and development can be pushed into the right direction. europe can be the first continent, that establishes such new directions.
united colors of europe
Bert Moritz, Germany
europe is colorful
Colorful garland-2
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
Different colors, different people, nationalities together constitute a symbol of wisdom, glory and victory. White background as a symbol of successful beginning, faith, purity and safety.
the EU spiral
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
1) the spiral/arrow - the symbol of the everlasting development, the aspiration to perfection 2) e - for Europe and the Euro sign