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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Olivia Lerrick
Olivia Lerrick, The United States of America
The main colors of the flag remain and green is added in order to remind us of Europe’s connection to land and water. 12 stars were used in the flag like the original one so people see the link between the old flag and this one. I think it is important to keep some things the same, but change others to show progression.
white galactic
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
This design symbolise dynamism of europe. Reference to the old flag of blue color and using star symbol. A lot of star like movement and dynamism of countries...and so of Europe.
European white stars
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
This design symbolise dynamism of Europe with white stars. The other color stripes are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the whishes of Europe to be dynamic but not without the synergy of his neighbours...
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
A new symbol for Europe
Fibonacci spiral
Jovica Momić, Croatia
A five pointed star is Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. A Fibonacci spiral created by drawing arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling; this one uses squares of sizes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc. EU should grow and develop in like this perfect sequence of numbers where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers.
star of stripes
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
The blue curve symbolize Europe. Others color stripes are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the synergy of Europe with his neighbours ... all stripes seems to draw a star.
the merge
sven brands, germany
well, it's a merge.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern inside the diamond (the hardest gemstone and the most valued one) that represents the diversity and the power of the international community where the 27 white European dots/stars are inserted. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
united difference
Toni Žufić, Croatia
if europe is not united then we have no continent, we are lost, only united we are complete
Jowan de Haan, Nederland
Like fabric, the member states of the EU are fine interwoven. Zoomed in on the complex structure, one sees lots of differences combined into one unity. The four directions of the “knot” are representing the squares of compass, dark blue represents trust and integrity and light blue stands for health and understanding.
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
A patchwork of squares, with colors from all the European members flags. I put together some red squares, forming an "E" and used yellow ones for the "U". The thought is to visualize the idea of all the countries colors, forming the European Union together. Maybe that's obvious and a bit cheesy, but anyway... :-)
Sie in der Mitte
Sis Josip, The Netherlands
The real star in the middle that's you. The other stars are your family and friends, your neighborhood, your city, country en regio. The blue is what connects us.
bandiera europea
Maestri Michael, Italy
In all Europe there is the peace between the people black or white.
E & U in ONE
Jörg Becker & Jörg W. Gronius, USA & Germany
With respect to rationality—EU’s origin—cosmic, mythological & religious symbols diverge. Openness, reason, transparency; democracy & freedom ensure inwards & outwards politics: determined rationality: stated through language: set in type. Typography + traditional EU-colors: gold / blue type on white soil in golden ratio. EU: neither a nation nor a might but throughout a written idea. Typographic abstraction & dynamic represent constructive practice: ideas vary, regenerate and increase.
The EU Arrow
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
the "E" - for Europe; the arrow - for development, growth, aspiration to perfection. You can also see all the colours of the flags for the EU countries.
Two birds
Maya Pijpker, The Netherlands
I chose bleu as an accepted European colour and it illustrates continuity. The two birds stand for cooperation, high ambitions and teamwork between all the countries, in freedom. They fly together, with open borders. They’re white because we are keeping peace after two World Wars. The birds are not symmetric, neither are we, so it’s realistic and stands for diversity in and between our countries.
Exponential O
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
The exponential increase of new cultures is symbolised by circles that become a one bigger circle. It is in the middle and it means a stronger colture made by the others. The circles follow the Fibonacci numbers ratio and the Golden spiral: that because i want underline that Europe has a very ancient story that now is a classic example for all the people and, at the same time, the non-stop evolution.
bandiera europea
Govi Alessandra E Zhou Lina, Italy
The children on finger represent the five continent, Africa, Asia, America, Europa and the Hand connecting Them demonstrates that in Europe People from alla over the world live together. The “E” behind the hand and the used colors rappresent Europe.
Union of the Different
People are different, and so are their counties. The E.U. should be understood as an open platform that supports a wide range of lifestyles and mindsets. This is expressed in this redesign of its flag by the twelve symbolic stars being motley scattered on a blue sky – instead of forming a perfect, exclusionary circle.
Hong-ji Kim, south korea
Sun + World + Star + Europe + One
One Star
LEBLANC Thomas, France
One star, one globe.
Alicja Lidia Sokalska, Germany
A simple symbol of 2 figures holding hands.These figures spell E and U for European Union at the same time announcing unity, communication and friendship.
Unity Star
Erik Cernigoi, Italy
The design consists of an open star representing the European Union and its mix of cultures. The open star stays as a symbol of progress and intercultural opening. The color scheme is a reference to the original European flag. With the rising role of internet in politics, the .eu code is chosen to represent the European identity.
World in Euro
Andy Lee, Canada
The flag design is based on outline drawings of all continents in the world. Europe is in yellow outline while other continents are in white outline. The blue background and outline drawings are selected to represent the new mix of cultures in Europe under the same sky.
European Parliament
Delvas Christophe, France
Symbol of the "future" European Parliament, with all the country (colors flags), unity with a same voice... thx
Elisa Pasqual, Marco Ferrari, Italy
The Fibonacci sequence is a underlying code which can describe and blend together the appearance of a shell from a shore overlooking the Baltic Sea with an Italian Renaissance painting of the XVI century. It is a symbol of balance and euphony, one of the highest theoretical achievement of the European culture, free from any kind of shady connotations.
In spite of the straightforward questions in the referenda in France and the Netherlands in 2005 that asked for a political and juridical judgement, it turned out that the YES and NO answers were based on quite different, very diverse feelings. As a result there are just as many valid interpretations of the outcome. That is why this contribution to the discussion does not focus on reasoning but on feelings: Referenda verdicts are clear: The need for a new élan starts with a new design!
unity flow
Alicja Lidia Sokalska, Germany
The idea of this symbol is to show the constant flow and change in the European Union. 2 letters E and U form a united shape while both of them tend to expand in different directions. This symbolizes on the one hand partnership and on the other diversity and the incompleteness of the union.
United european flag
Ariane Kok, The Netherlands
Blue (PMS 2748) for trust and freedom, Orange (PMS 021) for energy that we reflect by keep on moving and improving Europe. The ring stands for 'united'. The 4 stars for Freedom, Commitment, Equality and Democracy. Font (type) name: Eurostile Extended . A solid, strong type which is extended like Europe.
Unity in diversity
Kris Tolomei, Netherland
A leaf, branch, part of a tree trunk and roots are different but together they form the tree. Tree-EU formed from alphabets, symbolizes diversity between people all EU countries. The tree touches the edges of the sun, the total surface EU, EU as guiding light (sun), part of the earth (circle) and cosmos (blue background), see or rest of the world.
EU - Power symbol (My idea 100.7)
The gold belt is represented - the legend of Evopa as golden star symbol placed on the bull, this is a symbol of power, energy, prosperity, uniqueness and persistence in the European vision. Blue part of the flag with equal sides, is a symbol of equality in the EU.
Gold Flag
Tom Witcherley, England
To re-create the look of the European flag by highlighting positive facts. Europe is the wealthiest continent due to assets and because of this I decided to make the flag gold to show off the wealth of our great continent. Europe is also still a quarter forestland so I decided to represent this by leaving a quarter of the flag a slightly different shade.
Kurt Niedermeier, USA
New Europe Logo...
Alessandra Antonipieri, Italy
The spiral (Fermat’s spiral) that rotate from left to right, from west to east, represent the movement of the stars in the sky, the cycle of the seasons, the life’s cycle. The colour is yellow-gold that evokes the light, the sun, the life.The background of the flag is in blue that evokes the sky, the Universe. The colours are universal.
Joana EK, Katrin Wesslowski, Stefanie Adelstam, Germany
The submitted European flag is a combination of outlines of the EU member states and a self-made font which shows the EU-writing.
United in diversity
The new symbol reflects Europes motto: United in diversity. The idea utilises an optical illusion. From afar, the design seems a simple single circle – a symbol of unity and equality. Yet at close range, you perceive a multitude of circles with different outlines – symbolising diversity.
An union under one star
We have a recognizable EU design wich is still effective, only difference is the little stars are uniting into one - The europian union star. The stars are in different color wich represents diferent nationalities (from white shades-to yellow shades-to black and brown shades) - wich means that they all are or can be the part of Europe. The little stars also represents number of countries in europian union (number depending if some of the countries will be accepted.) at the time of new decade. Also, the stars can be added as the nubmer of countries grow.
Poetic geography
Checconi Julie ; Legrand Ludovic, France
That would be the image of Europe from a satellite, showing the density and circulation of European territory. The strength of this union is in fact the internal accessibility shared by its citizens : a constellation introduced to the west and open to the east.
one europe
This symbol stands for unity, because we see Europe as one identity, made out of diversity. We’ve kept the main elements of the existing symbol, giving it a new interpretation. The circle in the middle of the flag, representes union and equality between diverse people and cultures, as well as the world. The circle’s color, white, stands for peace, calm, purity and truth. Inside the circle we've placed a silver star, metaphorically located in Europe's geographical position (relatively to the most common view of a globe or map, when referring to the continent). One star only (symbol of solidarity), representing a unique element, neutrality, the whole, union (again!). Silver stands for modernity, new technologies and innovation. We've kept the blue as background, the color of the sky, loyalty, fidelity, personality and ideal. The dream. We believe to have created a symbol that has beauty, proportion, order and that represents the Europe of now-days, and to come.
IRWIN RAMÓN, United States
This image represents a continuos movement of people between territories and the speed of technology and information needed for progress. It also emulates the interaction of cultures moving forward in harmony towards the future. Like looking through the window of a moving vehicle; the blurred picture provides a peaceful calm sea-like image that still reflects the values of the European Union.
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
We shouldn’t take ourselves to serious. With a twinkle in one's eye, we designed a flag called "smilEU" with a star still reminiscent of the old flag and a big smile on the face. A smile can convey so much and it’s for free :)
Melody of the European Nations
The design pictures Europe as vivid ensemble of different individual nations. Large, small, old, young – several musicians forming an orchestra. The melody of the continent remains constant in its change and transforms into a polyphonic unit.
Victoria Shabanova, Cyprus
People are comming from all over the world to find themselves in Europe by any kind of transport that is possible. Bycicle with colourful wheels represents moving nationalities, cultures, histories, lives, moods and minds into and within Europe...
Anita Jovanovic, Serbia
A simple symbol, three interlocking shapes that are painted three primary colors is unity in diversity of communities of different people... forms meet, combine and interfere in one another, simple, elegant and yet firmly and clearly as a unified Europe.
Golden Spiral
Taylor Holland, United States
This flag takes the 12 existing stars and expands them to 27, (the current number of EU states) repositioning them according to the Golden Mean, in a spiral reflective of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. The design is flexible enough to allow for the future inclusion of member states.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
House of light
HOUSE OF LIGHT An emanation of light from a house symbolizes a common home to all Europeans. The light takes the form of a flower, a natural shape, to emphasize the universality of the European idea.
Colourful Europe
Coen van Ham, Netherlands
The identity of Europe translated in a sphere of stars in all colours of the rainbow. Representing all different countries, people, identities. All colours mingled form a neutral and bright white star in the middle. This star represents you: a European citizen with your own identity, sparkling in a colourful and multicultural European globe.
Flag in flag in flag-04
Katarina Laus, Croatia
Here are some variations of 3 different flags in blue,yellow,red & white,growing one from another and representing Europe as a union made from many countries.
The Strait
Emre Hakgüder, Turkey
This design of mine puts the EU in the position of a strait through which countries pass for achieving prosperity and high living standards. The left piece represents the past and the right piece the future of countries which will join/have joined the EU.
Europe position in the earth the sun shine over europe yellow sun+blue earth+white peace flag color
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
Where do we have our origins? Our world used to be one continent, called Pangaea. We thought it would be an interesting metaphor of unity to show where we all came from and where we should all get again some day.
The One Dynamic Ring
Leung Man Ho, Hong Kong
One Ring is formed by four segments. The one ring is a unity, and represents for the commitment of Political and Economics union. Four segments, represent the diversities of Believes, Cultures, Languages and Traditions, which go together to form a unity. The rotational motion is the vitality of Europe, it means that Europe is running all the time. Original Blue background color with foreground gold(yellow) color represents that the freedom supports the majesity.
Arsine Heitz ‘s stars are the signature of Europe. This signature is written in the collective memory. And the Europe nowadays is different, enlarged, enriched. Four juxtaposed colors in a crown symbolize four humans races, four humans races represented by thirty-three states of Europe.
Irena Lambadjieva, Bulgaria
Our perception of European Union is mostly as a dynamic system of movement, development and looking for balance between different parts of the community. Europe has to develop and integrate itself continuously, in order to succeed anticipated in front of the world challenges – in social, economical, valuable etc. aspect. And Europe do it! Our point of view is that the identification substance has to operate with categories such “national and euro-global”, “present and future”, “conceptions and opportunities” and their DYNAMIC interaction! Around kernel swirl national identities, already gained achievements and those of the future, loose potentials, which come out of the form, running forward into the future. In this composition can eye be viewed as a symbol for millions hopes/ expectations of the people in Europe for better and significant life.
Failed to constrain
Pepijn Uljé, Netherlands
The EU has failed to constrain, and has grown beyond their own boundries set up to keep the international social feeling off one union.
Stars and Letters
Six Pound Fish, Poland
The design contains of stars forming the letters EU. Their arrangement corresponds to the the deputies seating pattern in the chamber of European Parliament - this represents the democratic nature of EU. On the other hand the stars represent many countries that form EU and that are essential parts of its existence.
RGBBLEND, Republic of Korea
Green represents nature and red represents the heart. The two circles intertwine to form Mobius strip, a symbol of eternity. It is representative of nature and the heart and their eternal existence together.
Europe, it's us !
Eddy Herque, France
Our European identity represented through a diversity of forms and shades which sum up the union of 27 countries. Three squares, the three primary colours -Red, Blue and Yellow- origin of all shades. The image also represents our cultural, ethnical differences, even family differences, differences that are essential, complementary and creative. 27 countries shown as 27 rectangular shape inufied in a dynamic way, in movement represented by a rising curve guided by the star, which symbolises the European Union which uplifts them.
Curved crowns
CURVED CROWNS The form of the crown is here used as a symbol for the independence and sovereignty of all nations. A symbol of goodbeing and unity in the European multitude.
6 + 21 = EU
Thom Cicchelli, USA
This design updates the current flag design, but still utilizes the iconic circle of stars with a contemprary point of view. Six blue stars highliht the original member nations, and the additional 21 gold stars represent the balance of the nations that have joined the Union. The background graphics suggest contiguos borders of the easteren, western and northern countries that co-exist in harmony while still thriving in their own unique culture. By design the stars travel freely through the Union or "U" of the "EU" in the canton.
european white arches
Almir Mazalović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
network-collaboration; arches-flexibility; arches going outo of boundaries-open politic; white arches-peace blue background-humnaism, prosperity,
The triangles
Annette Agathine, Seychelles
in a world of hierarchy where there are many battles for power, the logo represents the great pyramids as a symbolic historian monument that demonstrate strenght and the power to rule.
europe ascendant ver 2
The idea of the 27 member states depicted by individual stars flowing into a larger ascendant star, distinct and yet part of a larger gestalt. The design is open ended, inviting and open to the possibilities of future alliances and a day when we will extend the idea of an united Europe to that of an united world as we search for our destiny amongst the stars . Three versions of the design have been evolved . this is version 2
EU in Stripes
Merrick Jacobson, USA
The flag maintains the unity and perfection of the current EU flag by still including 12 stars. Eight multicolored stripes represent the primary color of all 27 current EU member flags. The stripe width is proportionate to the number of countries the stripe represents. The black background unifies the stripes and creates a visual connection between the stripes and the 12-starred circle.
We unite
Mrinal Sharma, India
It is the member countries which together forms European Union.EU is a basically a combined effort of its member countries.Altogether it is the member countries which equally coordinates to enhance the political, economical & social co-operation,which is what the aim of EU. The no. of different joining hands shows off that all together its members which stands in unity without any discrimination to safeguard the interests of EU. All the hands are in same color which says that there is no barrier among its member countries that holds them to be together. The 12 hands is nothing to do with the member countries, its a symbol of unity & completeness.Blue flag is the representation of west.. The color of the hands is golden because it is the hand which has the capability to convert anything into gold & its a symbol of glory that the GOD has bestowed.
Europa flag - Unity in diversity
Walter Negro, Netherlands
I asked myself what Europa means to the people, and what Europa wants to represent to them. So after I had made my research, i found this motto “UNION IN DIVERSITY”, With a symbol: the circle means unity, and the 2 lines diversity - almost equal, but different! Why have i used this color? Because the blue represents the union and the yellow represents the diversity.
Diagonal Triclour with Twelve Point Star
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
The blue stands for the sea and sky, the white stripe expresses hope for peace from "corner to corner" of Europe and the yellow star represents unity and livelihood. Instead of twelve separate symbols, it has twelve points in a single united, connected symbol, reflecting the motto "Unity in Diversity". The number twelve is derived from the current design; it is the number of perfection.
EU symbol2 by BK
Bojan Krstic, Croatia
New symbol for Europe. Two swirls of multicoloured stars intersecting, forming letters "e" & "u" on earth tone background.
Star Within Stripes
Jennifer Tickman, United States
The star has twelve points to reference the circle of twelve stars on the old flag. Rather than individual stars, one big star unites the EU. Yellow represents the happiness within the EU. Light blue shows that the European Union is healthy and peaceful. The star is in between the stripes to show stability. This flag shows the unity within the EU.
Dino Brucelas, Philippines
The design represents the different threads of culture and people that make up the EU. Behind the unified face of the old symbol, there is a strong and vibrant multi-cultural foundation.
europse vlag
Aline Van de Leur, België
you can see EU in my flag The letters are slanted I keep it in the original colors of europe I think is the best for the flag . its Graphic and you can see the E and the U very good.And its very original I hope.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
Ye Olde School
Ewout van Lambalgen, Netherlands
Europe has a lot of history. Every country has a coat of arms to show that history, so why doesn’t Europe? This flag stands for unity, diversity, peace, safety, protection, prosperity, technology, helping each other, power, trade and building a better future. The flag has a hand made look to show that it was made, it wasn’t suddenly there, just like the European Union
Union & Order
Unity and order are the principles of the European Union. The symbol on the flag is composted of two overlapping squares that, with the centre extracted, form a circle of triangles. The meaning of the symbol is exactly the same as the virtues of the EU - unity and order. The triangles formed by the symbol also have a hidden meaning - harmony, integration and creativity. In all, the graphic image is a union of symbols that represent the essence of the EU beliefs.
Europe among 7 continents
Jaeseok, Han, S.Korea
Europe among 7 continents' Not just for the combination of europe contries, This flag symbolize europe as a center of the world around 7 continents. Also the stars arranged ith shape 'E' as europe
Eye of the Europe-01
Katarina Laus, Croatia
Yellow star on the blue background was left as an symbol already familiar to the europeans and others. Star in the eye that looks to the future europe made from different people with the same idea. Here are variations with classic star and another handrawned which is more humain.
An union under one star
We have a recognizable EU design wich is still effective, only difference is the little stars are uniting into one - The europian union star. The color of the stars may not matter because they are connected in the circle wich can represent the whole world under one star no matter the color of skin, nationality,place of origin. The main star is on top, so it welcomes the whole world.
The European Code
Erik-Anton van Dun, The Netherlands
The identity of Europe reflected in its own code or typography. This code refers to the basic forms of the national identities (flags). Placed as text, everyone can give their own opinion to it, something that also applies to the identity of Europe, a diversity of opinions.
Hands holding hands in a continuous chain, providing and offering help one to another. Five hands form the shape that resembles a star as a link with the old logo, blue and yellow refer to those existing European symbol for their recognizability.
The Rainbow of Europe
Dimas Setyawan, Indonesia
The full circle of rainbow that describe Unity in Diversity between every Europe Nations, and then two identical grain branches symbol described the equality of rights and the wealth of the Europe Nations
Sunrise over Europe
Gerrit-Jan Oude Sogtoen, Nederland
It's a sunrise, the stars are still in it because it is recognizable for the EU, but more playful, for the big and little country's. The 'ground' is purple because now country in the EU has this colour in it's flag. The background is white because it stands for pease and harmonie.
Proposed European International Flag
Christian Bulaong, Philippines
The Proposed European International Flag have three vertical color white represents unity; blue represents freedom; green as eco-friendly community. A six “Y” shape around star represents the six countries who founded the EU, who have the courage to make a change hand –in- hand to growth and prosperity. A single four pointed star represent northern, eastern, western and southern part of Europe and its people.
symbol 2
Katarina Pavlovic, Serbia
"Europe has changed". Stars do not only make the circle but also become a shield to the circle around the centre. The symbol now has become stronger. The colour has been changed from yellow to white.
EUROPA No change on the shape because identitares characteristics. 7 golden stars become integrated into a semi ellipse hidden on bottom azure. No quantitative indication, returning any possible new membership. The figure 7: multiethnic, multicultural, Europe is representative seven continents. Star in the foreground indicating a commitment and a participative representation among the big. A road of letters EUROPA for a visual information.
uni europe is uni colour
agoes tjahyono, Indonesia
uni europe is uni color, that why many color in my design, every country is symbolized as star in difference color but keep in one union (sphere)europe in the sky (the world)
Rina Hetsen, The Netherlands
The "Colours" is compounded of seven overlapped circles. Each represent one of our seven world continents. The European population is a mix of inhabitants of this seven continents. They all together form symbolical, by fusion of each circleoverlap, one powerful heart for one strong-honest-equal-durable-dynamic-colourful new Europe notwithstanding nationality-race-religion-orientation-language-tradition-cultural-,historical-,of political background. ******* Special note by myself: Theoretical it's possible that this design will be the first choice of the jury. At that time I would like to go to the history. As a special art project, I like to make the first "Colours" by mine own hands. Just like Betsy Ross did in 1776 at her upholstery shop where she sewed the very first "Stars and Stripes" for the United States of America. My schooling is designer, teacher/tailor's cutter. Thanks, Rina Hetsen.
i send some models for a new symbol of european union based on geometric patterns:a rosette-symbol of flower of life,a triangle symbol of harmony and peace,inscrits in a yelow circle symbol of sun and a sigle of initiales of union europeene -fenetre ouverte vers les monde regards and best wishes
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 white European dots are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
european unity-flag
Marc Otte, Netherlands
All the stars are melted to one star... Etchy in the corners and round at their points.
Pawel Miszewski, Poland
Logo/flag symbolizes progress and fluxus od Changing Europe. New cultures and diversity find the place. That's why flag flips into another "page" of United Book, bringing new fresh tone in color.
Twist Inspiration
Tanja Grujičić, Slovenia
My inspiration has come from colors of the rainbow and twister. Colors of the rainbow represents all people that live in EU, all ages, nations and cultures. When you mix colors (in EU case with all the people that live in EU) you always get a new color which i beautiful and unique. Mixing colors is represented with small twister.
Bond of NATIONS.1
Iva Risek, Croatia
Blue, yellow and white colors are integrated in the new design for purpose of combining old and new concept. Combination of strings all connected to a strong and unbreakable bond that represents what the EU really is - a unity of separate entities that are intertwined. All unique, all irreplaceable.
Hands holding hands in a continuous chain, providing and offering help one to another. Four hands form a rectangle as a solid continuous form, providing and offering help one to another. As four sides of the world and the four main elements.
Lukas Ruškys, Lithuania
"U" - union and magnet symbol. Magnet keep all parts together. Each stripe is different EU country.
More than a symbol of liberty, the star is also our link with the past and hope for a brighter future. There are 27 stars united as one that stands for unity in diversity. And each star can consist of a multitude of stars, just like every state of the union consists of a diversity of nationalities. Europe is not a union, is a constellation.
Patricia McShane, United States
My flag is just a giant "E" made up of colored blocks to symbolize the wealth of culture and opportunities in modern Europe.
colors of europe
VEronika MAnukjan, czech republic
Simple is the best. I proposed simply symbol- yellow full round symbolized united union- united european states. And background are color lines-symbolized diversity of european states- diversity, but united. It is simple, clear and modern design
Luca Mosele, Italia
The flag consists of 8 colored lines. The number 8 represents "infinity" symbol form potavoce union of all cultures. They differ in language, traditions and habitats may generate a whole new social fabric that can integrate and interact to build a new Europe.
Path of Unity
Claire Ockenden, United Kingdom
My design is inspired by the ancient labyrinth symbol that relates to wholeness, representing the united people of Europe regardless of colour, faith, gender etc. It represents the purposeful path Europe has traveled and will continue to follow. The blue and white were chosen as they represent qualities that depict Europe, peace, trust, truthfulness, loyalty and security.