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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Erik Adigard, United States
The 27-line edge represents the member nations—more can be added. The ring symbolizes the union between all nations and, with its colors, it stands for the shared goal to build an economy that brings coherence and harmony between humanity (red), technology (blue) and environment (green) The icon is black rectangle juxtaposed to a red/blue/green dot
EU Tree
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
The EU countries are very different, but their aspiration to perfection, which is symbolized in the number 7 (7 tree branches), unites them in the EU. On the picture you can see all the colors of the flags for EU countries. The well-being of the EU tree depends on the success of each EU country.
Hug EU
Eunyoung Go, South Korea
Up to now, EU has made a big development as the group sharing a common destiny. In order for EU to play a role as a bigger community, broad-minded attitude is required. So, the shape symbolizing big two hands seems to embrace Europe together, and acronym of European Union was designed by using soft curves. It means to lead the world’s new flow through stability and unity within EU. Orange Color symbolizes dynamic and development and Cobalt Blue Color means peace and unity.
The Star
Robert Žvokelj, Slovenia
How many? 12? I thought there were 15 or even 27. Where is my star? To avoid the dilema, why dont we symbolize this expanding multi cultural mix of identities with just one star.
Andy Abrams, United States
The stripes on the flag demonstrate the coming together of countries from different places, cultures, and backgrounds. This new view of the European Union combined with the 12 stars, representing the old, display inclusiveness towards other cultures. New and different cultures flowing into the European Union gives the Union greater strength. With this strength, the European Union will continue to lead in the future
Europtimism (ver.1)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 white European dots are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
We are one-Together
Thom Cicchelli, United States
This design replaces the previously submitted eps file: EU CICCHELLI #8 It matches the explanation correctly. Thank You.
roberto enrique salazar palacios, mexico
respecting the original colors woven forms represent the union and strength in an expression more visually attractive
United Colours of Europe
Europe, wealthy of this miscellany identities, stays an emblem of peace, tolerance, and dialogue. Its force and its future are the fruit of its tremendous crucible of cultures.
European solidarity 2
Tim Holmes, England
This design highlights the solidarity and togetherness of the europe.
Open Unity
Borus Fortuin, the Netherlands
Europe is trying hard to get unity between it's countries. I wanted my flag to breath this unity, but in the mean time to be open, to have room for new countries, new tradelines, whatever. The symbol I used is a circle for unity, but with the hole in it's hull, it can still breath, it can still react on upcoming changes in the world.
Annette Agathine, Seychelles
New design symbol for European Union. Logo 4 Octagon Represents:- A new force, and a new face for symbol
We use Koch snowflake (or Koch star) to represent the unity (one). It is a mathematical curve and one of the earliest fractal curves to have been described. We chose first three iterations of the Koch snowflake to represent all Europe unity members. Each new element added to Koch snowflake (Europe unity) is equal to others.
Jacek Tofil, Poland
Hi! Logo contains the initials of the European Union "E-EUROPE, the color of the current logo. Stars highlight the initials. Colors of stars from yellow to red, symbolizing fire, such as a Olympic Torch during the Olympic Games. UE is a great event to. Let the fire burn. Gray (silver) is a fluorescent color. Jacek
Tim Holmes, England
This design illustrates the lateral principles of Europe.
The europe NICG
nicle jhon, belgium
By placing "europe" behind the old flag design, the circle becomes interupted and no amount of members/stars are shown. The circle is open. The colors are also based on the old flag design, only placed on a neutrlal colored background to make it look very fresh.
Perspective 1
Patrick McCallion, Northern Ireland
The six stars are representative of the six inhabited continents, with Europe central. The stars also represent each individual and how every star is as important as each other. Europe's star is central to show how other stars from around the world are welcome and can make one big star. Learning from Northern Ireland, I have learnt that in “Perspective” we are all the same.
differents but identicals
The regular pentagon have five sides, and Europe is covered for five seas. From another side, the number five represent the elements of the nature:water, earth, air and fire. Elements as diverse as europeans, but together, they have an extraordinary power. The background is blue beacuse the sea blue is the colour of all the seas that cover the european continent.The circles are yellow because is the colour of the gold,and the ratio between the diagonal of the pentagon and his side is the number of the gold.
EUrope = Complexity = Wealth
In the Origins of Totalitarianism (1952), Hannah Arendt argues that the greatest danger of totalitarianism is that mankind is being “compressed if with an iron hand”, until the point you’re left with “one Mankind of giant proportions”. Since the foundation of the European Union in 1955, individual member states merge together till one stronghold. A process where physical and mental borders dissolve and the EU as superpower will continue to expand. So could we speak of the EU as totalitarianism and we as Europeans sharing our believes in one flag, one national anthem, one constitution and even one God according to Dutch politician Wilders. If identity will develop in such a direction, uniqueness will be lost and be replaced by totalitarian superpowers. When more and more people in the next generation identify with an uniform European identity it could lead to a megalomaniacal cultural impoverishment. The 21st century could well become the century of totalitarianism.
Katrina Robinson, United States
The idea I had was to portray Europe's evolving population. I used stars in a circle formation so that it would still be recognizable as a symbol for Europe. However, I made the stars various skin colors to symbolize diversity. They are blended to portray the graceful way that people have come together to form unity. The yellow star represents a bright and promising future.
amandine andrea, reunion island (FRANCE)
the "e" it's europe, and the circle it's the place where the countries meet to to take desicion social and economical. The circle is made with the colour of the flag european countries.
"Indicator 02"
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
One strong star of Europe. It's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality! Colours: Blue: C 83; M 34; Y 3; K 0. Yellow: C 1; M 24; Y 96; K 0.
Jing Foon Yu, Netherlands
A kaleidoscope has also an figurative meaning: if there is a big choice of options, opinions, points of view in a certain area is possible. Europe is just that: a world full of different countries, cultures & languages, all combined in a kaleidoscopic sign.
Bas Pronk, The Netherlands
What does the the current symbol for the European Union mean? And is this meaning real? Symbolism has to be explained and can be misunderstood. This new symbol (and flag) shows the Member States represented by dots. By counting the dots you know how many members are involved. New Member States can be added in the future. Europe is never finished. Leave the colours, we’re used to it.
We are one but not the same
Robert Carstens, The Netherlands
The stars that are used in the current flag are formed a circular symbol, and the design makes it one. Europe has changed and lots of (new) countries are now making part of Europe. Diversity and cultural backgrounds are important for european citizens. We want to be part of a bigger plan, but want to keep our identity. My proposal is based on the original star (the form) but by using it fragmented and in different colors I want to emphasis the diversity of the european countries and its inhabitants but also draw a picture of unity, interaction and combining. Robert Carstens (The Netherlands)
Cultural Meld
Chip McElroy, United States
Continuing the blue flag with a central star with many more points than the original flag to exemplify the many countries involved. The flow of color to symbolize the cultural meld.
united stars of europe
caglar, turkey
In order to emphasise the unity and coherence of the european union, a 12-pointed star is placed instead of having 12 separate stars on the flag.
It's Complicated.
Coen Brasser, The Netherlands
Authenticity is imperfection.
Emre Hakgüder, Turkey
My design represents the growing and rising power of the EU. The bottom represents countries with different backgrounds and whilst they go up and unite with a curve, the union which these individual countries form is shown. I used the star as a symbol of prosperity and the ultimate point nations can reach.
change Europa
Ruts Arthur, Belgium
The circel in the new logo represents the European Union as it exists now. The horizontal line symbolises the the path, future, and possible expansion. De circle stands for unity, while the horizontal that floads from side to side symbolises the openness and endless possibilities. I used the original colors to maintain the recognizability as much as possible.
white dot
Imly Links, Netherlands
I choose the colour blue for the background, which is already recognizable for the E.U. In the right corner are 6 coloured strips. These colours stand for all the countries in the world. There is not 1 flag who hasn’t got at least 1 of the 6 colours. The white circle stands for: oneness, equality, honesty and freedom.
Peace of Cake
Jasper van den Boogaard, The Netherlands
27 countries as one Europe. All connected in variated way, the different countries have their influence in the European circle of union. The striped circle, in the identifiable EU color, represents the individual power for a durable and respectful connection between the countries. This represents one devoted Europe.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
European flag
Ariane Kok, The Netherlands
Blue (Reflex blue) stands for water & freedom, Yellowgold (PMS 123), only the best for all of us. The 4 stars stand for Freedom, Commitment, Equality and Democracy. English used for world language. Simple but strong.
The Unity
The inner circle represents unity and oneness. The outer circle represents the openness to other European countries, fullfilling the union’s criterias. The star at the center symbolizes the democratic, economic and political values of EU. The surrounding stars symbolize the dinamizm and the diversification of the union. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice. The white color represents peace and purity.
Rossana Figueirêdo, Brazil
The semicircle = "U" of UNION + big star + vertical direction = “E” de EUROPEAN; The biggest star represents currently members of the EU. The three smaller stars suggests that the EU is dynamic and open to new members. Variations can use the color white and partition the semicircle in 24 parts with different shapes and colors symbolize the diversity of culture, language, tradition etc.
Europe is not a place but an idea.
Pascal Deville, Switzerland
Europe has no clear geographical or geological boundaries. Therefore, its boundaries are a matter of social convention. Or as Bernard-Henri Lévy said: “Europe is not a place but an idea.”
Without Titled
Lex Drewinski, Germany / Poland
East Meets West
All Colors
Katrina Robinson, United States
In this design, therer are various skin colors blended together in the background, and a big bright sun shining in the center to portray all people living under one sun.
A new symbol for Europe3
Darek Witczak, Poland
Idea: - current 12 stars a symbol of perfecton - glob a symbol of diversity in cultures, languages, traditions, colours and believes - the circle is the symbol of unity equality Efekt: stars+glob+circle give us unity of the world (mix of cultures, languages and traditions)
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
The equilateral triangle expresses the divinity, harmony, proportion. In the Pythagorean tradition, which manifests as tetractys, the triangle symbolizes the ascent from the many to the One and it is a graphical representation used for the four elements. I added three equilateral triangle of trhee difefrent colour: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, the basic colors of the CMYK color model. The number 3 is the perfection and we find it in the sides and the corner of the triangle, in the number of triangles and in the number of the colours i used to create this graphic. That means the perfection of the mix of culture that we can have in Europe. We can find the central line of the "E" of Europe in the middle of the grapich in white colour. So, in the white there is the grapich like the mix of culture on the european land, and at the same time, the center of the "E" is in the center of the mix of colours. In this way, I underline the membership of the many to the One/Europe.
Rimantas Špokas, Lithuania
Transformed circle - symbol of euro and letter e at the same time.
the 1st New Star in New World Oder
12 stars as ever united for the sake of a leading for New World Oder.
Anita Jovanovic, Serbia
Birds as a symbol of freedom, independence... The interweaving of the three birds that were painted by three primary colors represent unity in diversity of communities of different people...
The EU Flower
Olesya Kuzhel, Russia
1) the number 7 (7 flower petals) - the aspiration to perfection 2) you can also see the letters "e" and "u" for the EU on the picture 3) the flower - the symbol of perfection and development
Expanding Europe
Ryan Van Kesteren, United Kingdom
There are ever more people migrating to Europe, bringing new cultures and ways of life. There has also been an increase in people migrating within Europe to work and study. This is blurring the boundaries between each country, making Europe feel like a much smaller place. My flag represents this by enlarging the stars of the original European flag so that they overlap.
Klaus Wolfgang Goebel, Germany
Europe is an open circle and welcomes new members!
Rita Hart, João Guimarães, Portugal
The concept of this flag, is beginning to join the colors of all the flags of all EU member states. As the game of Tetris objective is to assemble the pieces in order to create a better structure. It is a white background which will unite all this "game".
Emre Hakgüder, Turkey
My design represents the growing and rising power of the EU. The bottom represents countries with different backgrounds and whilst they go up and unite with a curve, the union which these individual countries form is shown. I used the star as a symbol of prosperity and the ultimate point nations can reach.
Many people, many colors make the new Europe
Veronika Manukjan, Czech Republic
My proposal is simple and tells about present Europe - about many kind of people, many colors of the skin,many languages, many ideas, many dreams, many lights in the cities,about our lives. And these all are 1 UNIT one round. This is about Europe and European union.
Filip Tofil, Poland
Oval is the most ideal form in 2D, it represents the infinity and the things beyond our understanding. It has always been conected with the higher ideas. I thing that European Union is such an idea, the union of countries which will lead to something new, which, by now, we cant imagine.
Europe As One
Emma Wilkinson, United Kingdom
The design of the flag consists of 27 lines to represent the 27 member countries of the EU. All of the lines are connecting to represent the connection between all countries but also overlapping to show a fine maze of identities. It is black and white to not favor one country and also black means power and white is the colour of perfection.
Pattern european
This is a concept symbol made with pattern design. This symbol can be duplicated as many times as you want. This symbol define an European model who can be duplicates around the world.
EU Flag, 1 and 2
No explanation
Flag in flag in flag-01
Katarina Laus, Croatia
Here are some variations of 3 different flags in blue,yellow,red & white,growing one from another and representing Europe as a union made from many countries.
A Meeting Point
Katy Barnes, England
This flag has continued to use the original symbol of twelve in the form of solid lines, representing the EU’s strength and completeness. The lines start in different positions but ultimately join in the middle conveying the EU’s unity and how it works together to make a positive move forwards, demonstrated by the lines construction of an arrow directing into a positive, pure white space.
An union of differences I
The symbol has been created intersection of two rectangular that horizantally and vertically in two different directions. It constitutes an union in four rectangle different directions and represents a strong aliance despite the differences. Backround color symbolizes humanity ideals and intirsect area EU ideals. Moreover evoking a circle perception with pixel effect refers this era and future.
Marcel van 't Hoff, Netherlands
The torch should be used as the new symbol. Not a torch to pass on from country to country, but as a source of light for everyone.
Colour swirl
Daniel Lorch, Germany
A swirl of colours creates a blooming new symbol for Europe. It’s about: unity, diversity, motion, positivity and change.
charles bignon, spain
This design shows europe territory unity. It is the symbol of the union of diferents states which compose a new one.
Claire Ferguson, United Kingdom
Extend takes the circle, a symbol of unity and expands it into an oval to emulate the idea of the EU enlarging its capacity to accommodate nationalities from outside of its organization. The blue rectangle penetrates the oval, creating a channel of flow and communication between the EU and the world, also subtly creating the symbol of the Euro, a strong emblem of the EU.
we'ave each other
Meta Menkveld, Netherlands
This design is about unity in diversity. It is a woven flag, which symbolises that all European countries have traditionally their own identity. But at the same time we are all interwoven with each other, and form a unity. The title refers to the happiness off being together, the technique of the flag, or can be seen as a call to unite.
Europe as a meeting place
Orban Tibor Marton, Romania
My symbol represents Europe as a meeting place, of different people and countries. As each person brings with himself his own experience, identity, cultural background, in the same way countries come along, with their own history, cultural heritage, sociological and economical potential. The European Union means searching toghether new ways for development, without losing these roots.
Floris Voorveld, The Netherlands
From above you see the colors go from blue to green/yellow, from outer to inner, representing water, land. and the crops on it. from above it can also be seen as a single sunflower. The circles can be seen as abstract ropes keeping the unity together, (at first glance) countless particles that are a dynamic unity, they seem to be constantly moving.
Kalina Ntampiza, Greece
People from all continents, origins and cultures create a bond, into one united Europe.
The flag shows the European Union as a big table for ecological issues.
Spirit of freedom
A men and a dove together dancing. Freedom,liberty and democracy is representing EU.
My concept for the new European flag uses a dodecahedron (12 sided shape) 12 which symbolises perfection but has a floral element to its aesthetic. This is to give the idea of growth and the ever expanding and growing strength that the European Union has. The shape allows for other possible shapes to form and attach to it.
Nikola Pecencic, Serbia
Symbol with 4 perfect triangles, like 4 side of world in one EUROPA. Triangles create circle like symbol of unity.
Laurel Howells, United Kingdom
camouflage design made up of the outline of each European Union country, all of the outlines are touching to show unity and the camouflage theme portrays the theme of coming together and protection. The colours are based on populations to show again the theme of unity.
Europe = Europe!
Eefje van den Hamsvoort, The Netherlands
Two “E's” facing each other: giving and taking, communicating and interlocking - forming a balanced Europe. The shapes are complementary and fit perfectly into one another. The countries within Europe differ, but do so in harmony. The differences are meaningful and create a unique view of each other and form a face to the rest of the world.
Vortex Europe
The concept is based on the semi-circular shape of the old Greek theatre and alludes to fundamental developments of the ancient world: the blossom of culture and science, the emergence of the polis and the breaktrough to democracy. Due to the formal extension to a full-circle a Vortex appears – a continuing and energetic swirl that dynamically integrates the European nations in its motion.
My design for the new European Union flag begins with the backdrop: The original E.U. blue composed of 100% cyan and 80% Magenta. The vertical strips throughout the flag come from all the colours of the current E.U member state's flags. The radiating circular graphic in the top left corner symbolizes unity: The circle representing perfection and eternity in all cultures. The emanating rings of varying opacity show that the circle can be expanded, welcoming new members into the union. It is a flag that does not resemble any previous flag design nor does it reference any specific cultural symbology, thus espousing the true multiculturalism of present and future European Union.
Flag for the European Union
Moris Leonardo, ITALY
This flag is composed by the 448 stars that represent the articles of the constitution of the European Union. The blue stars represent freedom and prosperity. The yellow stars represent wealth and justice. The white background represents peace.
Laurel Wreath
Cheryl Pei-Ning Yang, Taiwan
A laurel wreath comprises of 27 "E" shape leaves. Each leaf is with different size, color(derived from the flag of each state member) and positioned with slightly different angle but all pointed toward the same direction to form a continuous loop. This is to reflect the divergent and unequal state members, each carrying its own differences, are working together to foster a better European Union.
Intertwining Ring Gold and Blue
Jennifer Cogan, Italy
Strength. History. Heritage. Honor. Tradition. This design encompasses these essential attributes of the European Union. The continuous, universal ring, intertwining infinitely in 3-dimensions, represents the connection between the past and future, the history that connects the European nations to one another, the heritage of the original member nations, and the inclusion of new nations in the future, while honoring the legacy of the original design.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY AND STRONGNESS are the main messages of this flag. The small blue stars inside the diamond (the hardest gemstone and the most valued one) represent the power of the 27 European countries in the international community. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
EU Flag 4
Blue Evans, France
Blue background paying homage to current flag. The yellow representing happiness and prosperity and white representing harmony. 27 joint circles representing the 27 EU countries with the central star representing unity.
Simple Europe v2
The sign on the flag is a star which exists as a symbol in the current flag and which is a symbol of faith. Colors remain unchanged, mutually complementary.
three rings of europe
Jens Menke, Germany
this shows a symbol for the three important characteristics of a union of nations. Culture, religion and politics. Hand in Hand it is a floating with one another. No edges, nobody breaks out and disturbs. simply only harmony.
"Tell it like it is"
Peter van Deursen, Netherlands
This design actually shows the names of all European countries at this very moment; members of the EU in yellow; non members in black; candidate members in white. Tell it like it is. This design has to be updated (download from the EU website) whenever a change occurs.
Smile E
Toshifumi Kawaguchi, Japan
The "e" of Europe is designed as if it smiles.
ode to joy
The 27 circles constitute the different membership countries of the EU. The circle ist the symbol fort the entity. With his endless line he symbolises endlessness as well as finiteless. The circles itself are designed out of the ode of joy. The staves and the sheet music were abstracted into circles and arranged in a harmonic, supporting entity.
United Europe
Adil el Mallali, Nederland
United Europe (UE)left in logo Princess on a bull with wings (mythe) right in logo Color blue of water around Europe Color white stands for peace
Together in Unity
Nelson Pinontoan, Singapore
4 Stars represents Sovereign States, Nonsovereign territories & regions, Partially recognised republics, territories & regions, Unrecognised republics. territories & regions. They are hand in hand under solid circle (represent round Euro), unity of the different cultures, languages & history.
EU New Symbol_e 001
We all together making the better world, though we are different. (with colors of EU)
representing 30 members grouped 5 by 6
Marcus Rolloos, Netherlands
This flag represents 30 member states: 27 current members and 3 candidates, grouped in 5 groups of 6 stars. The colors are the current blue and white and the stars are the well known 5-pointed stars of the existing flag
Wings of Europe
The circles represent the unity of Europe and the wings symbolize protection and moving into the future.
Towards the future
Olivier Lahay, France
Diversity in a united alliance, together towards the future of European people.
Mrinal Sharma, India
It is the member countries which together forms the EU. Each of its member countries has its own combination of colors in thier flag which represent their identity. Altogether there are different variation in terms of color. Here the ideas comes from. Primary colors are the basic color that can form any other color.So if we represent these three colors, it can be a complete representation of its member countries in just three colors in a single flag. EU has 6 members in its initial stage & today it has 27, So a growth is seen which is what is represented by the moving cicles. . Circle is used as it represents the symbol of unity & completeness. The base color of flag is white as it defines purity. Also blue represents - Virging Mary, spirituality
occhio alato - flag eye
Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi, Italy
The flag eye is a symbol used by Leon battista Alberti in order to be open mind to the world and curious to the future. a sort of big european eye open to new culture towards an important future seen from an hight point of view.
The seconde house
The “e” is a house. It shelters and protects the Member States, but the gate remains open on the world. In this design, the mention of the number of the States is of course optional.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 white European dots/stars are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
European Symbol
Eva Reusch, Kanada/Germany
Keep the original idea for recognition. Colors are more powerful, original 12 stars are now circles also representing completeness. 4 bodies melt together to a cross showing north, east, south and west. The circles are now heads. The feeling of togetherness and success.
Truth, Peace and Union
The idea is really simple. I would like to show new values through colors and single shapes. The main star, yellow, represents the Europe and the stars in light blue is representing the people united. The colors' symbol have an important meaning. Yellow simbolizes optimism and happiness of the union, light blue means peace and trustworthy and the background in dark blue simbolizes moderation and truth.
The rebirth of star
Paweł Ostrowski, Poland
The rebirth of star.
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
The name of Europa is of uncertain etymology, one of thees is "wide-gazing, broad of aspect". So I used an "e" with two eyes because it seems a smiley face. I Think that when you meet someone, the best thing to do first is a smile, a friendly way to start a coopartion/relation. This is how a new mix of culture can start!
Creative Embracing Outreaching V1
Joseph Micallef, Malta
Same colours suggest stability - different dynamic graphics development and future objectives. Elements move towards elusive perfection symbolised by circle. Each concentric circle represents a country which retains its culture although in union with others. Graphic transcending rectangle symbolises a union which embraces cultures beyond geographical area and a union creatively thinking outside the box and outreaching to the world for the benefit of human nature.
Beata Kaczmarek, Poland
Diamond symbolizes power and hardness and at the same time refinement and beauty. 4 colours combine with themselves and create new value. White colour symbolize unity.This version is in pdf.