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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

European Facets
Tim Holmes, England
This design shows the many facets of the european union and their working together.
united difference
Toni Žufić, Croatia
if europe is not united then we have no continent, we are lost, only united we are complete
Keep in mind the fact that old colours and stars equal tradition and find the importance of keeping them but trough a new concept. This proposal wants explain the European union like a filling texture where people, cultures, ideas come together.
The Euro
K.V.Varun, India
The Euro, as a currency,has truly standardised the continent of Europe. This design has been made, keeping in mind the original emblem, as well as the new standard Euro, so that it depicts the Union taking off towards a brighter future, yet mindful of it's original values and ideals.
We are Europe!
Simon Gerssen, Netherlands
Embrace and support Europe; we are Europe! The orange arms embrace and support Europe, the blue background stands for loyalty. Moral: All Europeans should be more unite, no obstructing borders. Different and free but one
European Community
Henk Doorten, Netherlands
The E and C are combined into one symbol. A European Community with an open and flexible society.
Laurel Leaves
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"LAUREL LEAVES" The laurel leaves/wreath illustrates respect for heritage. It honors the past but has a strong respect for the future. The color palette consisting of blue and yellow gold was chosen to communicate a sophisticatd and elegant image. It symbolizes the immense wealth of European culture.
blue accord
Olivér Lehel Csepella, Hungary
The blue arrows symbolize the countries of the EU. They trace out a star with many points. I have kept the colours and the star shape from the current flag.
12 star of europe representing modern europe with modern star design
union hope
Oliver S. Schlachter, France
the multiple symbolicism of the original flag is already simple yet completely meaningful. the present design tries to leverage the growing european feeling of hope and trust for the generations to come.
Regional Calm
Alain Delluc, Karen van de Kraats, Adriaan Mellegers, France, The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Europe as a health state where bio/gen-technologies pay a key role.
amandine andrea, reunion island (FRANCE)
i choose de colour white for the background because it means transparency, the blue e it's europe, all the others colours are representating the flags of each nation.
The one
Dong ho lee, Republic of Korea (south korea)
Now all the stars that are different dynamic world, ideology and history etc have been scattered is becoming one star. and It is one authority. It is the work that we will enjoy erotic and humor through the hidden meaning of that. This is my design.
Nodes of Diversity
The symbol illustrates Europe as a node of diverse cultural crossings. While in-keeping with traditional imagery, the logo also accentuates Europe’s rich identity. The design’s structure lays open, suggesting Europe’s multifarious identity. Together, each country’s flag generates a comprehensive texture that highlights intersection. The symbol reveals the European vision of a new unity, which includes the values of tradition, but also the vision of the future.
The heart of Europe
Vicky Verheijen, Belgium
My design consists of the letters E and U. Together they form a heart, which stands for life and love. I used the original colors yellow and blue and white in the background. Yellow stands for wisdom, happiness and intellectual energy. Blue stands for truth and peace. I think the colors are the most appropriate for the European Union.
Fibonacci spiral
Jovica Momić, Croatia
A five pointed star is Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. A Fibonacci spiral created by drawing arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling; this one uses squares of sizes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc. EU should grow and develop in like this perfect sequence of numbers where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers.
Equal Europe
Xenia Scott-Smith, England
I have used colours from every flag in the world, on a neutral background, in order to represent the wide diversity of nationalities coming from all countries to Europe today. The flag is designed so that these colours come together from all directions and meet in a central, equal point, representing Europe.
Like a toothed wheel.
Seon Gayoung, Republic of Korea
There is no meaning in one toothed- wheel. Toothed wheel can mesh smoothly among two or three and more. I think that EU and 27 member states work perfectly together like toothed- wheel. That's why I suggest toothed wheel as a EU's new symbol. The blue color is based on EU's old one's. I choose saw tooth's color from many flags of 27 member states.
Judit Klapka, /
My flag contains all the EU countries in 2010. The first countries (Belgium, France, Hollands, Luxemburg, Germany and Italy) who founded the EU and then the others in the order of the date when they were voted to be the part of the EU. In alphabetical order.
Kayla Hijkoop, Nederland
The two half cirkels symbolisch the difference of the country's but because of the cirkel they are one. The colours stay the same blue and yellow.
Euro Star
Geraldy Josua Lengkong, Netherlands
Yellow circle represent the unity of all European country. The star is symbol of brightness of the future and the white line is a stabilization for all country in EU.
Arthur Scheijde, Netherlands
These fountain-pens-of-the-round-table symbolise equality, communication and accord. With pens many opinions can be expressed in many languages. It is for people who want to achieve something together, but also a modern non-violent sword. With eyes slightly blurred a sun can be seen radiating energy. 50 Any faith is interpreted as "seeing the light". The undividable prime number eleven enhances unity.
United Twenty-Five Stars with Band
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
Here the current flag's colours are used, plus white, for peace. Each star, including that in the center, represents a member in the UN. The outside white circle stands for unity abroad, while the inner golden one is for unity within. The "E", of course, stands for Europe. The white band represents peace throughout every end of the continent.
Cassandra Monti, Italy
The stars in my design are a link with the historical flag of Europe, and symbolize the all countries that are in Europe Union. The number of the stars have only a symbolic value, because the number of the EU countries are in evolution. I chosen blue and yellow color because from ever they individualize the EU in the World. And so, I have reinterpreted a classical symbol in new, young and fresh way: for the future EU that not forget it's story.
Vasilis Gravaritis, Greece
"Line is a moving point, which a force has been applied in a given direction." "Point - Line - Basic Plane" W. Kandinsky The idea of "UROPE" symbol is based on W.Kandisky's theory. Europe is a mix of people with a range of diverse characteristics (cultures, language, religions, traditions). Despite this diversity, citizens and immigrants of Europe aim to live together under the basic principle of life, humanism. By W. Kandisky's theory, points are the maze of people. Force is the humanism which guides them to create their lines and the basic plane, area, which is determined from these lines is the place where they live together, Europe Union. In a second level of reading, the logo "UROPE" is inspired from Urbanism, and especially from Urban Architecture. The symbol "UROPE", which the starting letter is "U" from the word Urban, it describes each country as a block of flats where people share their daily lives.
Bound And Stronger
Diana Lilova Kuncheva, Bulgaria
Three rays with different thickness and trajectory meet in the centre of a sphere to become more powerful and to unify their directions, forming a sheaf. = "Together we are stronger!" Three means stability in space. Three are the most important values: Knowledge,Live, Freedom. The Sphere is a symbol of community and completeness. Blue=air, spirituality, authority Gold(yellow)=wisdom, intelligence, sun White=spirit, light
architectonic beauty of europe
Park Ji- youn, Korea
this flag is designed simply. I want to express europe's vitality and harmony. so I used 4colors on it. bule means peace that symbolize europe community and green means global leader. and then red, dark blue, yellow are show each passion,sense of responsibility,courage. The square shape is harmonious people. Last, architectonic beauty is appeared the europe of progressive spirit. thank you.
Golden Mean 27
Taylor Holland, United States
This design employs 27 colored stripes, representative of the 27 EU nations, while still leaving space for more. It also displays the Golden Mean through use of gradient.
Scott Oxley, United Kingdom
'the EU is not perfect - it's an evolving project & constantly has to be improved.' This quote became the inspiration for the design. The Union recognises it has work to do and as a result continually strives to improve, therefore I felt the flag should reflect this. The colours remain the same to ensure familiarity with the already established EU visual language.
Cultural diversity of European's unity
Ka Yin Karen Lam, Australia
This design symbolizes EU and the cultural diversity of European's unity. The 12 stars represent solidarity and peace. The overlapping blue shapes inside the ring imply a great diversity of culture. Each point depicts unity, peace, justice and freedom. The black colour refers to people in Europe and the blue colour stand for the sky. The white lines signify union of the people.
One of the strongest thing it is visual memory that make us immediately identify colors, shapes and textures. So, to maintain a relationship between the new visual symbol and the memory already consolidated flag created in 1955, I put another 2nd ring with the 15 countries coming to the EU. With this 2nd rim I wanted to give the image of a ring too.
roberto enrique salazar palacios, mexico
respecting the original colors woven forms represent the union and strength in an expression more visually attractive
EU_New Symbol_c 001
Clearly unity at one name; EU.
Alfred Bijsterbosch, Netherlands
In the spectrum all colors in between red (passion)and blue (authority), all these colors (multicultural)together make white light (purity). 1 white star = 1 Europe with clear leadership. Star is off center and not upright = not perfect just human
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"EUROLINK" The concept of unity is the inspiration for the symbol. It features a circular repetition of the word "EUROPE" on blue background. It embodies the interaction and harmony among european nations. Viewed in totality, the symbol depicts enthusiasm and unity in purpose reflecting its global concern,
Alejandra Idiarte, chile
The letter e, is an open circle. The big star is the union of all stars. The star contains all peoples who belong to the European Union.
Tree of Europe-02
Katarina Laus, Croatia
27 eyes in a shape of the tree top representing EU countries. They are in 4 different colours and shapes for diversity. One example is on white and the other on blue background. Tree is EU and its constant growth and development.
Sara Gironi Carnevale, Italy
Made with the purpose to synthesize in one sign the concept of the Europe’s multi-ethnic reality, "Reunion" represents the way how the confluence of different elements may generate an unique shape. That’s how swallows, famous to be migratory birds symbolizing, what’s more, freedom, give shape to an hybrid between a star, that’s actually a symbol for the EU member states, and a flower.
"We are open for you" Nenuphar motive made out of arrows; in and out.
Flag in flag in flag-03
Katarina Laus, Croatia
Here are some variations of 3 different flags in blue,yellow,red & white,growing one from another and representing Europe as a union made from many countries.
the goal
Marnix de Vries, The Netherlands
Europe holds a enormous diversity of identities. Therefore a symbol-concept based on Europe as it is today (current number of countries, flags, etc) is useless. Europe's dynamics will outdate the symbol too soon. Eurownway is inspired bij subway network maps. Europe can be seen as a large, fast growing network. A solid system where democracy, freedom of speech and cohesion are keywords. A framework with restrictions but no boundaries. The symbol is based on a typographic EU 'buildingblock'. The base for a modulair system. The actual symbol is composed by three buildingblocks each time in a different composition. The background symbol uses the same design priciple but this time seven buildingblocks are used. The symbol reflects the diversity and liberty of Europe. The numbers 3 and 7 are symbolic for impeccable, alliance and interconnection. The colors are recognizable for the public as it is the same combination as the current Europe symbol.
Flag four
Raj, India
In this flag I had used 8 colors. Blue is the color of Divinity. It brings:Peace and understanding, Enhances the easy flow of communication with yourself or others,Calms and relaxes. red ray furnishes sustenance for the physical body. It brings about: energy,enthusiasm, interest and passion, security The human eye is able to recognize more variation in the color green than in any other color. The indigo ray symbolizes the bridge between the finite and the infinite and opens the door to the mystical borderland. Yellow enriches, lightens and activates many of the systems of the body. Gold symbolizes: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness Orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance
wim van marle, the netherlands
the structure of a bee's nest symbolises a ferm union of states with the possibility to expand
EU Flag I
Selcuk Askin, Turkey/Australia
Pale blue is to represent Europe as continent and multi spiked star is likely members of the Union.
white ring and white stars in a blue flag
ABGUILLERM Philippe, France
The white ring and yellows stars symbolize dynamism of European countries. Others color curves are references of the four other continents. The flag symbolize the synergy of Europe with his neighbours ...
Alex Pertsinidis, Greece
The twelve stars are in a circular order that interprets the unity and continuity in time. The number 12 is a symbol of perfection and unity. The identical size of the stars and uniform spatial order interprets the equality. The sequence of the colors in the stars is achieved according to the color spectrum of light which is finally integrated into a circle. The color spectrum symbolize the diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes and the continuity and integration into a circle, the interaction, solidarity and the union of Europe. The intense and bright colors interprets health and liveness. The letters EU show the identity and history of Europe where culture and writing is born and still exists in history. The white symbolizes harmony, perfection, truth, spirituality, unity and the fusion of colors to a creation of united European Identity.
E as Europe
A future-orientated European flag should represent history, presence and future of Europe. Our design reflects the history in form of 6 stars standing for the 6 founding members, shaping an "E", surrounded by more stars; in total 27 stars, the current members, are highlighted. In future the flag can adapt to the growth of the European Union by highlighting additional stars.
cultural exchange
Andreas Trenker, Italy
my flag shows 6 circles which stand for different cultures in the European Union. The circles overlap each other, this represents that the different cultures are in contact with each other and the stage for this cultural exchange is the European Union, the centre of the flag. We take advantage of this "cultural meeting" and this should be represented in the flag.
elena buftea, romania
on a blue fundalit is a yellow circle solar symbole and in it a triangle symbole of divine harmony with three little circles white ,yellow andblack,symbole of human races living in peace in europe
Together version 2
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
The circle and the stylized infinity/eternity sign present continuity;Europe is an ongoing project and a prosess, Europe is an idea Colours White: the colours of prism together create it; we are europe.
The cosmos of identities
Christian Degen, Netherlands
The outlines of the European countries, are used in anabstract composition. The composition refers to a map of interactions, movements, connections, communication and also refers to a galaxy of lights or busy urban spaces by night. The image is impulsive, dynamic and feels like in progress. The borders of Europe as a geographical space disappear, but the existing outlines are still representing the individual cultural identity of the members. A new unity is created by the sum of its old identities.
Ismaël Querbes, France
This flag represents the unity, reliability and strength of the Old Continent: a big gold monolith travelling down the ages.
Diagonal Tricolour with Eight Point Star
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
The blue stands for the sea and sky, the white stripe expresses hope for peace from "corner to corner" of Europe and the yellow star represents unity and livelihood. The octagram's points stand for the compass directions, reflecting the motto "Unity in Diversity", as its inhabitants come from every direction.
The diamond, a symbol of light and spark, hard to destroy, it immortalizes constructive processes. A center, from which light emits.
Culture Meld 2
Cath Ertler, Australia
Current individual European flags are comprised of a group of 7 colours which when overlayed, yield a variety of further shades, representative of the rich multiculturalism from within and beyond Europe’s borders - the old and the new. Background stripes represent Europes’ progression from a rich past, to a positive future, with the hint of an ‘E’ at the right.
The brightest star on heaven is Sirius. One star instead of twelve. The four arms suggests a progress towards all directions of earth, simultaneously openness. The form of the star has a dynamic character, it suggests a glow of the idea of unison. A symbol easy to remember. The colours which remains the same are already well known in the world.
Concept Infinity
Blanka Šestan, Croatia
Idea of this concept is an infinity sign made of stars. The old circle of stars become an infinity euoropean sign which means new solutions, concepts, ideas and countries in Euoropean community.
We Are One - Together
Thom Cicchelli, USA
European tri-coloured flags, be they horizontal bars, vertical bars or a cross configured in design, have been blended into a unique symbol for the EU. Some my see a portion of the letters "e" and "u" bonding or fusing together. The star positioned in the center represents a united union, the determination and willfulness of its people. Colours RED/blood of our generations, BLUE/honor and allegiance to the Union, GOLD/indivisibility an WHITE/purity & truth.
Europe - united in diversity
Embracing unity in diversity, the design invites views and revisioning, instead of offering a fixed model. The set of stars on a blue surface becomes a playground to redesign our visions for Europe. Compiled into one big flag are now those from Sibiu, ECC2007. The doormat symbolises a welcoming Europe; the stars depict hope in a common future. However assembled, together they form our Europe.
Rimantas Špokas, Lithuania
This symbol means human being as most important element in the world. We can see a man or a woman with raised hands, circle and flower blossom as symbol of peace and good. White colour means light and life, cleanness and joy. Blue colour means sky space, water and fellowship.
Emre Hakgüder, Turkey
My design represents the growing and rising power of the EU. The bottom represents countries with different backgrounds and whilst they go up and unite with a curve, the union which these individual countries form is shown. I used the star as a symbol of prosperity and the ultimate point nations can reach.
Circles of Colors
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
A development of my "Circle of Colors" proposal; I wanted to make an artistic and maybe a bit spacey and colorful flag, aiming for a modern and up-to-date feeling of the 21st century.
Road to improvement 2
Pauline E. Kuiken, The Netherlands
The letter "U" surrounds the letter “E” indicating that only together goals can be reached. Stripes: road to improvement. Colors: blue is the association with the present design/flag; white stands for peace; the use of 1 color refers cost reduction.
Jacky Querbes, France
White means history is to be written, like a white page. First letter has been drawn, others will follow. This blue line is also representing the world, as to indicate where Europe lays. Open line permits exchanges between north and south. Blue recalls the sea, rather an invitation to meeting than a frontier.
Towards a political Europe: Blue Banana
Lukas Pauer, Austria
Interrailing, easyjetting and couchsurfing our continent like a vast territorialized polis, we aren’t members of nation states, rather we are privileged post-Erasmus citizens of a European state of mind. Perpetuating Oswald Spengler's approach that a civilization's coherence is based around a single primary cultural symbol, this flag draws from RECLUS's concept of the Blue Banana - Europe's backbone, a discontinuous continental corridor of densified urbanization.
12 stars circle
Syed Umayr Ali Hashmi, Pakistan
this is my second approach to the European existing design and visual elements the circle shows connection and strength between each star which represents unity between them
Big Star
The design maintains the actual colors, but the twelve stars are replaced by a single 12 point star with a hollow center, representing, a stronger understanding between people, countries and ideologies within a common geographical territory (the hollow center). The number 12 continues to symbolize the perfection and completeness, as a no political number.
Looking Forward
My design focuses on two elements. The star representing strength, life, renewal and a guiding light for a better tomorrow, and an arrow directing us toward a better future, toward growth and a stronger unified Europe.
europe ascendant Ver 1
The idea of the 27 member states depicted by individual stars flowing into a larger ascendant star, distinct and yet part of a larger gestalt. The design is open ended, inviting and open to the possibilities of future alliances and a day when we will extend the idea of an united Europe to that of an united world as we search for our destiny amongst the stars . Three versions of the design have been evolved .
Nicole Henson, England
The design of this flag expresses unity of the countries in the European Union. The compass star, in the middle of the design unites the countries from North, South, East and West. The green is used to symbolise earth and blue to symbolise water. The green circle symbolises unity, and the joining of the countries within the European Union.
Shining Rays, Shield in Star with Golden Band
Matthew L. Morgan, USA
Loyalty and peace, in equal parts, is represented by the dark blue and white background. One golden center star is the symbol of the nations being united. The shield represents the nobility of the European peoples. The twelve golden and bright white sun rays represent the fountain of life and the persistence for peace and is a symbol of completeness. The golden band represents honor.
Sander van Geest, Nederland
Owl stands for wisdom. In Mythology the symbol for Pallas Athena, who was goddes of wisdom and art of war (when everything else fails, you have to resolve to violence for benefit of the cause). Furthermore the owl is represented like a classic peacedove, thus symbolising all of the EU's trademarks: Peace-Tradition-Wisdom-Intervening Force. For recognition by the public the blue/yellow colourscheme is kept.
New Flag 2
The uniquely shaped letter „E“ is one solution for European flag. The letter „E“ is not a closed form, it is shaped as a discontinuous line or as open space, passable for everyone in it. The modernism of the European abstract artists and constructivists from the early 20th century is used as a graphic motive. Piet Mondrian is the very best example of that graphism.
All People
Eva van Alphen-Jansen, The Netherlands
The circle with the three colours symbolises the basis of the European Union: the Council, Parliament and Commission. Out of the RGB colours can evolve thousands of colours with symbolises the diversity of people. The computer colours are modern and reflect the way of communication. The small triangle shows the free movement of people within the EU. The larger triangle shows the cooperation beyond the borders of the EU. The white arrows intensify this. The isosceles triangle stands for life, prosperity and harmony. The white backround stands for perfection and purity.
Diversity Tree of Europe
waves : idem first submission. The tree with multiple fruits, symbol of diversity.
Europe and You
Bert Meijer, The Netherlands
You are european! You are united! You are europe! Europe and you are Europe!
unity in variety
Karin van Duijnhoven, The Netherlands
Europa is dynamic and in change and will always remain in development. Countries, cultures and traditions melt together and borders blur. Not closed and fixedly. But open, harmonious, equivalent and in movement. Solidarity and unity in variety.
Christian Otto, Deutschland
A world open circle shows the »E-Letter« for Europe!
bandiera europea
Giovini Sara e Uguzzoni Sara, Italy
The flag represents Europe with alls its states. The states in light blue represent the European union.
Branchy star-3
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
European Union grows from the unity of diverse parts and different colors, it branches and continues to rise in communion with each new member. White background as a symbol of successful beginning, faith, purity and safety.
bandiera europea
Autuori Mirko e Berni Francesca, Italy
The raindrops rapresent the different ethnic group that enter in Europe like the raindrops that fall alla on the europe.
stars of europe
hoi-yin ip, nl
each country has their own colour and star according to their extension.
Europe symbol + four sides of the world (My idea 100.5)
The original design stylization symbol is the origin of the name Europe. Europe's star, set the symbol of the bull, as in the legends, facing the four sides of the world.
Melanie Mitchell, United Kingdom
This modern, positive and dynamic symbol shows capital cities of the 27 European Union countries being connected, with Brussels in the centre. The colourful design represents the diversity of different economies and cultures of the European Union.
Competitive Europe
Alain Delluc, Karen van de Kraats, Adriaan Mellegers, France, The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Represents the “official future” as expressed at the Lisbon summit.
A new symbol for Europe1
Darek Witczak, Poland
Idea: - current 12 stars a symbol of perfecton - glob a symbol of diversity in cultures, languages, traditions, colours and believes - the circle is the symbol of unity equality Efekt: stars+glob+circle give us unity of the world (mix of cultures, languages and traditions)
Katrina Robinson, United States
This spiral design is the center of a flower. Again, there are various skin colors incorporated into the design. Each petal has a color on it as well.
One big Star
Hasan Deniz, Netherlands
One big star. small stars united with the big stars. Small stars are countries that is united with european unie.
One, cohesive Europe
The single original gold star is derived from one of the 12 stars from the existing European flag. The left side of this star illustrates the dynamic character of all member states. The blue background reflects the Union's color blue. Together these components form one, strong and cohesive Europe.
Tripwire Flag
Jakob Schlötter, Netherlands
The 12 stars are arranged clockwise and point to the center of the flag. A black circle connects them what gives them the appearance of a tripwire. This should show Europes isolation from immigrants. The colours yellow and black represent fear.
Green way to Europe
Annamaria Varga, Hungary
green equal free, dove equal freedom
Annemarie van Aken, Nederland
The characteristic of Europe I used for this design is that it takes various characteristics and manifestations of other cultures easily and mixes it up to something new. The circles stand for the differences, where they meet they form new shapes, a mix instead of a clash. The colours I used stand for peace and unity.
Europtimism (ver.6)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
European Mosaic Flag 2010
Nadeschda Broere, The Netherlands
In this design the twelve pointed star consists a mosaic pattern. The star refers to the twelve stars in the current European Union flag. The colours of the mosaic pattern corresponds with the colours of the flags of all the European Union member states. The choice for the mosiac pattern refers to the diversity of all the member states.
A modern symbol for the EU
Justin Lamb, United Kingdom
A circle, a symbol of unity, divided up into four sections to represent the individual countries within the EU, rotated round to create a square. This is then turned on its point to reference a compass, the geography of Europe. The central white cross represents placing your vote in the box for democracy.
Bertrand Janssen, Germany
ROGGBIV stands for the colors of the rainbow. The Rainbow colors defines the different cultures from different countries but at the same time they belong to each other like ''One Europe''. The Rainbow defines the arch of the earth in combination with the blue background color what stands for water which surrounds Europe.
Different Yet Equal
The meaning behind the symbol on the flag is that we all come from different circles, but belong to the same centre. Even though we are from different countries we are united in European Union, which is our light and hope. The circles we come from are blue, which represents importance, confidence and power, while the center is yellow and conveys knowledge, hope and support.
A proposal for a new European Union.
Yeria Thambos, Indonesia
This proposal for a new European Union flag is similar to the current flag. The white background illustrates all the diversity in EU blends into one color (white), like the light spectrum, which color is white, but actually consists of various kinds of colors.
Spreading the Union
Alice Arbola, Valeria Racemoli, Giorgia Tolfo, Alessandro Gotte, Italy
A European Union that expresses itself in a splash of colour and dissolves the borders. It is an entity that is strengthened by its fluidity, while expanding its horizons.