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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

where are you?¿
Europe, Europe... where are you?¿ From the green lands to the sun light time near your beatiful beaches... [Dots] How much i love you? what is the way to understand you? allways inside your self... so singular, too anxious to be free of being what you want to be.. ["e" inside the box] but... allways your shine cleans our hearts [star].
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Ranilo Cabo, Philippines
the new circle wave lines added in the flag, represents the people in the country from different race, binding together to protect the union.
Katrina Robinson, United States
I wanted this design to strike viewers as bright and fun to reflect how far Europe has come as different people make the population more interesting.
Dragan TRAJKOVSKI, Serbia
Twelve yellow stars are positioned in the half of the infinity spiral while in the mirroring part are eleven white stars which represent diversity having different color and direction course. The suggestiveness of the moving course of yellow and white stars through this infinite spiral symbolize integration - for yellow stars by accepting diversity, enriching themselves, and for white stars by keeping own authenticity.
Country Cloud
Sven Jaeger & Frederic Lahme, Germany
On the flag there are the 27 names of the European members, which fit into each other like gear wheels. This represents the cooperation between the 27 members of the European Union. The nearness of the country names depict the unity of the EU.
bandiera europea
Luisi Claudio, Italy
The Flag in the european union represent the lettere “E” of Europe and the colors used around it symbolize all those people of differents cultures and identities that have found their way trying to integrate at their best.
Matt Roberts, United Kingdom
Europe cannot now be depicted by individual stars, country or otherwise, but as one. Some core elements will inevitably remain in its representation, yellow and blue, but what will evolve is it's unity and promise. High and proud.
Anita Jovanovic, Serbia
Birds as a symbol of freedom, independence... The interweaving of the three birds that were painted by three primary colors represent unity in diversity of communities of different people...
Growing up 2
We wanted our design to portray an inclusive and expanding European Union. New colours were handpicked from different flags in the EU to resemble happiness and diversity. People from all walks of life are part of the union, and the circle symbolizes equality. The varying star sizes and new circular shapes were introduced to create a sense of movement and growth.
Ankit Mittal, India
This design shows the Castles,Coal, rich Corn Fields, Cows,Symbol, Sign of Europe.
Europe United
Charlie Jabout, USA
I believe it is best to represent all 50 European Countries not just the members of the Union which is the reason I created a flag which includes the original colors with 50 stars with the Euro in the center tying all of the countries together. This would prevent you from having to create a new flag each time a new country is added to the European union.
Primary Colors Flag
Jakob Schlötter, Netherlands
The Flag consists of 4 colors. Red, Blue, Yellow and White. The primary colors represent the versatility of Europe. White is their unity. Besides the main European Flag, every country has its own European flag with their national colors. This is to strengthen their identification with Europe.
wing and leaf
Imly Links, Netherlands
I choose the colour blue for the two strips, which is already recognizable for the E.U The white stripe stands for thrust and honesty. The golden circle in the middle stands for being one. The symbol in the circle is a wing and leaf. The wing stands for freedom. The leaf stands for prosperity, healthiness and grow.
Lukas Ruškys, Lithuania
Europe became one organism. DNA is basic code of that organism. Each vertical stripe is one EU country.
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
Bird, a symbol of peace, prosperity and happiness. With her head up soaring to the future, creating a star, a symbol of perfection which expresses the unity of many diverse parts.
Time on Europe
Jonathan Kischkel, Germany
The unification of at least 27 strong and independent partners gives Europe its uniqueness. The flag keeps the symbol of unity by creating a circle from at least 27 but possibly an infinite number of points. They appear to accelerate, referring to Europe's progressiveness and not least to a clock with its twelve hours – the twelve stars, where this motive was developed from.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe proposition
Tinne, Belgium
In my logo the E of "EU" is placed normal and the U is turned so that the E becomes one with the U. This symbolises the unity of all countries in the EU.The main color is blue.
Rossana Figueirêdo, Brazil
The semicircle = "U" of UNION + big star + vertical direction = “E” de EUROPEAN; The biggest star represents currently members of the EU. The three smaller stars suggests that the EU is dynamic and open to new members. Variations can use the color white and partition the semicircle in 24 parts with different shapes and colors symbolize the diversity of culture, language, tradition etc.
The circle represents unity and oneness. 6 stars around the circle symbolize different cultures drawn by common values and interests of the EU. They also symbolize the dinamizm and the diversification of the union. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice. The yellow color represents justice, wealth and the sun. Sun represents the light, enlightment and the truth. Number 6 represents harmony and balance.
Darja Charapov, Netherlands
This flag is based on the equivalence ideal of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend. The two blue stripes refer to the different countries in the EU, they have their own culture and identity, that’s why there is a white stripe that separates them. The white square and the gray- blue circle binds them together to make wise and important decisions based on equivalence
EU star
Andrzej Lubniewski, Poland
One golden (yellow) star seems to be the universal, simple continuation of the current european symbol. Any changes (e.g. number of members of the EU) would not change its expression and meaning.
In move
The square represents the creation, it represents the perfection. The figure four represents 4 cardinal points, 4 seasons. Square is tilted by 45 degrees angle, it gives the shape rhombus. The rhombus symbolizes the life. The life in movement. It gives an impression of movement from east to west, from west to east, from north to south and from south to north. Think about the magic square.
Expanding Europe
Ryan Van Kesteren, United Kingdom
There are ever more people migrating to Europe, bringing new cultures and ways of life. There has also been an increase in people migrating within Europe to work and study. This is blurring the boundaries between each country, making Europe feel like a much smaller place. My flag represents this by enlarging the stars of the original European flag so that they overlap.
bandiera europea
Langone Fabio, Italy
This picture represents the union of capital city on Bruxelles and the colors of 5 continents of the world.
United equality in diversity. The symbol of yellow equals sign represents equality, freedom, prosperity, and partnership between the peoples of Europe.
Road to improvement
Pauline E. Kuiken, The Netherlands
The letter "U" surrounds the letter "E" indicating that only together goals can be reached. Stripes: road to improvement. Colors: Green is a link to environmental issues; White stands for peace; The use of 1 color refers cost reduction.
James & Alex, UK
Connect looks towards a brighter future for the EU, expressing the diverse nations coming together while still being individuals. Utilising the existing colours of the EU flag and the unifying nature of the number 12, the offset curves represent the expansion of the EU and integration of different cultures.
Histogram Flag
Fabrizio Furiassi, Italy
The histogram is a graphical representation of a number of elements having a common character, in this flag the EU countries are the elements and the common character is the membership in the European Union, of course, flexible to entry of new members.
european orbit
Marta Viscido, Italy, Naples
A flag symbol of a system of worlds that orbit all around the same center generating a flower that is an intertwining of worlds, cultures, different traditions, but all belonging to a single universe.
The EU Blossom
Alice Arbola, Valeria Racemoli, Alessandro Gotte, Giorgia Tolfo, Italy
A virtual voyage through the EU. A growing plant, with its roots in the mediterranean sea, expands its branches while the blossoms bloom. Symbol of a sustainable and respectful progress, its branches link different towns, nations, and cultures. Cultures get carried away by the wave course, and a new unique identity blooms as in a never-ending spring.
E for Europe
Petro Papucis, United Kingdom
E is for: Europe, energy, equality, emancipation, expansion, evolution, empowrment, eclectism, ecology, education, economy, Euro. Green is for life. White is for light.
The triangles of different colours represent the coming together of the diverse variety of culture in the EU. The triangles slot together and each triangle is leaning on and supporting another. The star that is formed by the coming together and stability of these triangles represents the EU.
europese vlag
harrie visser, holland
Main color blue, the coolness and tranquility of Europe again. The + sign symbolize the countries of Europe and any countries that are still to come, and, and so on. Lettering Type arial is chosen, is tight and gives clarity of Europe again. The horizontal lines indicate the horizontal space weather.
Universal value
Almir Mazalović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
openness, diversity, stability, peace, technology, transformation, flexybility, spiral shape as a smybol of universal evolution and prgression
12 stars
Syed Umayr Ali Hashmi, Pakistan
my design concept is a combination on 12 stars by using negative and positive space i have made 1 big star that shows unity and perception of the word united.
Blue 'n' Gold E
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
Mihaela Mitrovic, Serbia
Europe is a patchwork of nations and cultures since its beginning as the cradle of the modern world's culture to this day. It is evolving, growing and changing every single moment, never to be a perfect and complete form, just like the outlined star on its flag. Europe needs something more in order to be whole and fulfilled- it needs you. The empty center of the EuroStar symbolizes an open invitation to new ideas, new cultures and new people. Europe needs you.
Europa myth
Almir Mazalović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Europa, dougther of Agenor and Telephassa, in Greek mythology, as a goddess represented the lunar cow, at least on some symbolic level. Metaphorically, her name could be construed as the intelligent or open-minded
Iva Georgieva Nalbantova, Bulgaria
Maze I was inspired from “Europe has become a very fine maze of identities. “ I agree with that and wanted to do a simple sign representing structure like a maze which goes from one direction to another, change angles but still stay together in one shape.
Infinite stars
While keeping the colours and star element of the original, this flag becomes an imagined "snapshot" of any group within Europe - people, countries, regions, thoughts etc - from which any connections continue beyond the imagined boundaries. It's a design around the concept "together, further". The bright design will stand out alongside other country flags (and a final effect is the pattern becomes almost abstract).
Blue azure and gilt stay the colors of European reference. The symbolism of stars - representing countries - tightens(stretches out) towards the evolutionary and not the quantitative. E for EUROPE. The stars hidden brings no defined quantity, offering to the union, the possibility of evolving numérairement. The star in the foreground, indicates, a participative demand in the resolution of the big meetings(appointments) of tomorrow. 7 stars: multicultural, multiethnic, Europe is thus representative seven continents.
Zvonimir Mintas, Croatia
Smile holds the true value. By paraphrasing the Euro symbol, the design represents a smiling face, connecting two figures that can be seen as people. When observed from another point of view, it becomes clear that the main common interest countries of Europe share is prosperity and social development for their people. Satisfied citizens strengthen every community, and their involvement transforms it making it more humane.
Dynamic Europe
Marjo Potma, The Netherlands
In a sky-blue background all yellow stars have grown till a comprehensive and dynamic circle due to their increasing amount and cooperation. Europe’s connections with the world are symbolic illustrated by a stream of lines in all kind of movements, in all colors of the rainbow, which are flowing into the circle of Europe in the direction of the wind.
Flag of Flags
Leanne Cass, UK
This is my submission for the new European Flag. Each of the circular symbols represent the flags of the countries currently in the EU. The order in which they are in is a time line of when each country joined the EU, for example, the first column is representative of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxumbourg. Enough space has been left for future members to be added.
The European Kingdom™
Roberto Voorbij, The Netherlands
The European Kingdom™ is a combination of the EU flag with the silhouette of Mickey Mouse. The original meaning of solidarity (circle) and wholeness (12) is being trade in for that of commerciality (Disney) and hastiness (24 hour economy). The title of the work followed the same procedure; a uniting of 'European Union' with 'Magic Kingdom', whereby the association of 'Fort Europe' comes to mind as well.
A symbol that visualizes a new perception for Europe. So simple but so much to see in. 9 (a magic number!) circles with different colour each - showing the diversity and live next to other as a union
European Beauty
Agata Bereza, Polska
Beauty-multiplicity of meaning concept is used to describe Europe as a woman, also virtue, aesthetics, quality. The bracelet is a treasure which is admired, a clasp is a symbol of integrity and synergy, unites all the values and top priorities Europe stands for: love, friendship, peace, ecology, life style, science, modern technology, ICT, equality of the sexes with respect to different cultural backgrounds.
Rising Euro
Biljana Spirkoska, Serbia
If we look the bird Fenix, we will see that it contains of 6 circles. If we count feathers in every circle, going from the middle we will have the next: that the God (1) through the perfect number (4) create the perfect world (6) (for 6 days), where from chaos (11) through innovations (22) make unique, exceptional world (33). If we multiply sides of pyramid (number of triangles) we will have the next: 4x4x6=96, 96 symbolized Magic of Music - The God that is singing, So we have theory of string in physics. Also this is a harmony of energy. Gives a good economy and harmony life for all people that are living in European Union. So at the end we have bird Fenix in Euro, what is the symbolized the rising Euro.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 yellow European dots are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
pie chart
Ralph Burkhardt, Deutschland
The yellow pie represents the stars and the blue one the rest of the flag. It combines old in a new manner. We liked the fact that without a key legend, it could be readable for any kind of aspect, depending on the context.
Eun kwang Seo, Netherlands
The twelve stars face each other and look at the same direction regardless of their background, race, culture. It represents the perfect harmony between various peoples of Europe. Be of one mind produces same vision and make synergy effect for building a better Europe tomorrow.
PAN (gr.: the "all")
stelios germalidis, germany
i try to keep it really short. in every european culture, either if it is christian, jewish or muslim, the ring stands for eternity, unity, for belonging together etc. for what the european union stands for. Liberté, égalité, fraternité the european union represents a spirit, which not depends on nationality, religion or color. the design is kept simple, close to the old one, but it is also timeless and unmistakable.
Fried Hoven, Germany
The current european flag visualizes an antiquated view of the european member states. The improvement of this historically based symbol is meant to communicate europe’s new self-image of a multicultural but strong unity. In the redesign the twelve identical yellow stars are arranged to one powerful multi-star image. Looking like a dandelion the new symbol is able to present an emotionally flair.
one aim for 27 reasons
Joanna Murat, Poland
Yellow as color of happiness and hope. Nucleus inside is the same size and colour as electrons (EU members), they're equal but separated.Every one of them has own orbit but they rotate around one aim.
Claudia Kipp, Germany
My Idea is a typografic and graphic solution. It symbolize the E for europe. In the two colours who are already published and has the recognition value.
The Europa Horizon
Paul Vickers, France
The inspiration for the design is the etymology of the name Europe. Europa comes from Greek, meaning "broad" (eur-) and "eye" (op-), hence "wide gazing" or "broad of aspect". The design reflects the unlimited scope of European peoples and countries, extending across the visible curve of the horizon.
equal strips
Imly Links, Netherlands
This flag contains 6 different colours. They stand for all the countries in the world. There is not 1 flag who hasn’t got at least 1 of these 6 colours. The white circle stands for: oneness, equality, honesty and freedom.
New harmonized Europe
Nayoung Kim, South Korea
I'd like to illustrate New harmonized Europe. Blue background means ocean and Yellow ring means Europe. I'd like to illustrate new identities with White and Black halfed ring such as Middle Eastern, African and Asian origins. It arounded with Yellow ring and harmoized well.
The comet
Shakeeb Ahmad Zahir, The Netherlands
''A nation that moves forward like a comet...'' The countries have been arranged according to the year in which they have become member of the European union. Each new country is seen as a source of new ideas, strength and inspiration. That metaphorically can be seen as new fuel for the progress of the comet. The background of the flag remains the same only the stars will be arranged otherwise.
The tighten alignment
Renee Neoh, Paris
The ribbon symbolize the tying of countries in the europe union, we are all in one circle. The ribbon tilted up tells how we as human and the whole community progress throughout the years. The only star represents unity. The colour of the flag signify earth, yellow as the colour of land, white as sky and blue indicate sea.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 white European dots/stars are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
dancing star
Priska Wollein, Germany
»One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star« (Nietzsche). Like a star is born out of chaos (the agglomeration of dust), the plurality of the European member states itensifies into one entity of new quality, the European Union. Grafically, the so far isolated stars, standing for the autonomous states, are merged into one big, dancing star.
Let's take our flight
let's take our flight (i don't know if you received my first submission.. so I send again)
In my flag various colorful hands unite to produce a unique star. Likewise ehen people from different languages, traditions and believes come together, a new culture is created that gives identity to its' members and can be symbolized by this special star.
Europe for people
People of Europe is fantastic enthusiastic synthesis of multiracial culture. One person is one story and represents one star in a cultural, personal, and individual story. We don't' forget the Nature that is represented by a (uman) fish and a (uman) bird.
Rita Hart, João Guimarães, Portugal
The concept of Flower is the junction of petals united by a single foot. In this case the petals represent the union of the countries which follow the same structure.
Flag one
Raj, India
in this design I had used three colors, Blue, White and Orange. Blue is the color of Divinity. Orange is Dynamic energy (Creative Energy).White is the symbol for Peace. 50 stars represents 50 countries in EU.Dove is the symbol for Peace
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
Another version of the spectrum of different colors, now with a filled circle in the middle, like a sun, uniting all the colors, and making them stretching out like sunbeams.
thomas Serriere, france
Eurobase. made for everybody, everywhere, on everything, anyhow. made to be used in any color sheme, drawn/written/copied/ and created/implemented in all digital fonts and charsets.
New EU simbol
Nenad Novakov, Serbia
Europe is GENIUS LOCI which is open for all people and ideas. Name "EUROPE" is best sign for subject Europe.Circule is visal sign sea GENIUS LOCI."E" is visual sign for name of Europe. Four basic colours - red, yellow, blue and black on white background are all flags Europe and world.
The circle represents unity and oneness. 5 stars around one big star symbolize different cultures drawn by common values and interests of the EU. The star at the boundry shows that the union is open to enlargement with new comers. The blue color represents prosperity, freedom and justice. The white color represents peace and purity. The number 6 represents the harmony, balance and sincerity.
chain of stars
Stars linked as nations working together. Creating a circle as a symbol of strength and unity. outer star spikes create a sun, and the inner space creates a wheel that grasps forward towards the future The colors refer to those of the existing european symbol for their recognizability, and the white is added to accentuate the diversity.
European Flag
Charlotte Catherall, United Kingdom
This flag shows the currency in Europe. The European Union's currency is represented in the 'E' shape for Euro, which is currently used in sixteen of the twenty-seven Member States. The extended line linked to the symbol represents the eleven countries that are not using the Euro currency. The range of colours represents the colours of the flags of those countries not using the currency.
European interconnectivity 3
Tim Holmes, England
Equal footing and cooperation of european members.
Waleed A.kawi Saleh, Yemen
Combined of water waves indicating the sea that surrounds Europe from most sides .. And which is considered as a big blessing from God. Also a four hands shape holds each other as a meaning of community/group power. Colors are chosen to be related and unique.
Europe as a part of Earth
Toshifumi Kawaguchi, Japan
A curved line describes Europe as a part of earth. It means that the Europe has a strong responsibility for sustaining earth.
Two Quarters
Erik-Anton van Dun, The Netherlands
Europe is not simply the sum of its contents. Europe remains a term that is open for supplements and changes. Europe also exists of people who are on one hand European and on the other hand still have their own nationality. This has been reflected as two quarters (together a semicircle), which can be considered, in an abstract way, as the letters e and u, internationally to be recognized as the European Union.
The twelve stars of the flag were replaced by twelve pentagonal faces. These were positioned as in a regular dodecahedron, referring to Plato. On the suggested flag the solid represents Europe’s foundation of philosophy, science and culture and simultaneously the complex unity of the different states. The solid’s edges were transformed into infinite lines, emphasizing the relations and influences towards other states and cultures.
stick together
Europe = Euro Many Square = people in Europe circle = stick together Colors = natural organic Light on the outside = positive future
EU_New Symbol_c 002
Clearly unity at one name; EU.
Ankit Mittal, India
Hi, I am ankit from India, I ahve made a design for EU Flag, enclosed.
Growing up 1
We wanted our design to portray an inclusive and expanding European Union. New colours were handpicked from different flags in the EU to resemble happiness and diversity. People from all walks of life are part of the union, and the circle symbolizes equality. The varying star sizes and new circular shapes were introduced to create a sense of movement and growth.
Unity, Harmony, Growth, Energy & Life.
Sandeep M Salunkhe, india
For representing 27 member countries 27 pointers forming circular shape and having one center point which shows the unity & harmony. They are placed in such a way that it creates optical motion which gives a sense of liveliness. 5 different colors for pointers for 5 elements air, fire, earth, water, sky. The design is nothing but an collective growth, energy & life.
Matrix Flag
Melisa Özkan, Turkey
When I came up with this design for the new EU flag I was inspired by the new generation bar codes. The three large squares represent the three priorities of the EU: peace, prosperity and freedom. The small grid in the middle is supposed to be a representation of the map of europe.
The EUnion
K.V.Varun, India
The idea behind this design is that the contours of the countries of the European Union be designed in a retro-effect. Once superimposed, this design matches that of the Union. The superimposed picture is put up on my blog (address above).
Europe: Raise!
David Chaboissier, Berlin, Germany
The Symbol raises over the border. It is still entity which extends and grows above the line, the edge - the frontier. It goes to new, other, unknown peripheries.
Color blind
Slaven Božić, Croatia
The idea is to represent Europe as it is, place where all have same chances regardless of their skin color and everybody is considered a citizen.
Liquid Flag
Inspired by fluidity and freedom, the idea of a flag for the European Union is that it should be something representative of so many diferent cultures that co-exist in this territory and share laws and currency. Blue is for the sky, the sea, water element and brown represents the earth.
Harriet Skillen, England
I have kept the original idea of twelve in the design, the legs are interlinked to form a maze, to symbolize unity and equality throughout Europe. The shades of gold represent the wealth and treasure which each country brings into Europe. The blue represents the sea with it's depth, richness and strength. Overall this design represents balance and equality throughout Europe.
New Stars Emerge
The European Union empowers it's youth, so that they can make full use of Europe's many opportunities. For the organization to thrive in the future, it also has to appeal to the coming generations. Our proposal experiments with the stars and colors in playful patterns that updates the European symbol with a modern and young appeal.
Every human being is unique on a genetic level — DNA. In structure it's almost the same in every person but it differs in the way its connected. The project "EU DNA FLAG" has an underlying graphic symbol of a DNA symbolizing the similarity between 499 723 520 people in the European Union, regardless if they were born in Europe (shown in yellow) or have migrated from Asia, Africa, or the Near East (shown in other colors).
karthikeyan, india
Individuals make a community, community-Village... Nations-EU-Rope. EU-rope represents today nearly 1/3-1/4 of the land mass and soon this will give leadership for One world and One Globe of Divergent individuals and Community to explore the mysterious Universe.
The symbol, inspired by the natural phenomenon »Phyllotaxis« (arrangement of the leaves of a plant) corresponds to the Fibonacci numbers and symbolises the beauty and perfection of many individual parts becoming one unit. Moreover, alluding to the shape of a flower, the symbol stands for hope and natural development of life. The color scheme visualises the night sky – the Occident.
Syfon Studio, Poland
The star as a symbol of all countries gathered under European Union Flag. Simple to conect with the previous design. Cancels the problem of the number of stars depending on the number of countries in EU.
European Unity
Hayley Moore, United Kingdom
The interlocking circle signify how the counties are coming together and joining to become a unified whole. There are six interlocking circles as six represents creation as it took six days to create the earth and conveys a sense of perfection and balance. The lone yellow star symbolizes humanity and the blue and yellow are representative of the former EU flag.
Colourful Outline Of A Star
Heike Siegel, Germany
Colourful Outline Of A Star A typographic star with a colourful outline serves as a friendly appearance for europe. These colours are partially taken from the european flags and they symbolise europe’s versatility like the mixture of cultures as well as it can be connected with friendliness. The blue field in the background remains as an identifying feature of the original european flag.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe