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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

The Flight
Emilia Vankova, Bulgaria
The flying dove - a symbol of Peace, Hope and Freedom
one thing in common
The letter E is common in all European languages. It is a symbol of stability, equality & continuity (open to the right). The colors on the left the plurality of cultures. The golden/blue colors & the circle is the connection with the past. The off-centered design position is the expectation for the future to come.
bandiera europea
Galli e Leonardi, Italy
This flag represents a single point alla the worldwide etnic group are in Eupope Gatered.
One Big Star
mete özkar, turkey
a one and only star formed by many nationalities, cultures and ethnicities from its own texture. Becoming aware of the power of the texture carrying many different colors and millions of shades in its core. European Union is no longer represented only by geographical boundaries, it is an attitude toward the rest of the world.
sven brands, germany
The etymology of Europa's greek name: ευρυ- "wide" or "broad" + οπ– "eye(s)" or "face"
hex-EU-gon flag (white)
The hexagon symbolizes the 6 original countries that formed the EU. The shape also represents balance, unity and equality. The shape is formed by 6 interconnected, colored trapezoids. The different colors represent diversity and uniqueness. The trapezoids are further divided into 27 smaller trapezoids (number of EU countries). The hexagon is also used to form a football (soccer) ball - a sport that is epitomized by the EU and founded by an EU country.
Europe: The great three-dimensional star - union of many stars.
James & Alex, UK
This concept looks toward the future of the digital age with the EU symbol embracing binary. Utilising the existing colours of the EU flag, Binary builds upon the inherit unifying nature of binary and the number 12. Expressing the number of member state (27) in a 12 digit binary - 000000011011 - this can be expanded upon to represent up to 4,095!
the EU new flag
sayana Gonzalez, argentina
The abstract symbol of the flag represents a triangles of three hands coming together it is a symbol of unity and contribution. the colors are white representing harmony and bleu representing calm and peace
EU Koru
Frances Mawson, United Kindom
The koru is a symbol of new life, progression, strength, harmony and freedom. It represents hope for the future and is circular, symbolising unity. Orange is used to symbolise energy, enthusiasm and communication. It is a flavorful colour, which reflects the new mix of cultures that are part of the ever-changing EU. White is used to represent life, purity and peace.
Julie Pliszczak, France
The lines show the dynamism present in the European Union. Intersection, union, unity, agreement, await you. Continuity is the approach of the European Union. All states together and only together make them a single unified group finding its place in the world. The dynamism of these states is the strong point of these statements.
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
Arches form an open star; a symbol of global awareness.
bandiera europea
Simonini Gloria, Italy
This flag mens the stars or Europe and its colors.
thomas Serriere, france
eurobase. aims to be used on the same universal level that the monetary euro sign. thus eurobase make a stands for a human, and political vision.
Ankit Mittal, India
This design shows the Castles,Coal, rich Corn Fields, Cows,Symbol, Sign of Europe.
New European Union Era
Ka Yin Karen Lam, Australia
This EU flag represents the European Union. The shapes form the letter of "EU". The twelve pointed star symbolizes union of people from different origins and also refers to deep cultural diversity in Europe. The twelve means perfection, unity and wholeness. The blue background stand for the sky and the sea. It depicts peace and unity.
Euro DNA (b)
steve hunt, United Kingdom
This design uses an abstraction of a DNA sample to reflect a fundamental that binds every single individual and community within Europe. The entity that is Europe is a mixture of diversity and culture that is connected inextricably by their genetic code.
Claudia Kipp, Germany
My Idea is a typografic solution. In the two colours who are already published and has the recognition value.
Mirjam Herrebrugh, The Netherlands
Honeycomb, hexagon. 6 Is the symbol of harmony and love. In Christianity a ‘perfect number’ chozen by god. In this design in the centre a white hexagon. White being the color of purity, cleanness and surrender. The two bigger yellow hexagons around the white one, symbolising growth, protection and stablity. This flag has a strong and ferm look giving a feeling of certainty.
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
This is just a simple visualization of all the different colors from the European flags. I wanted to make a fun and colorful spectrum, symbolizing the spectrum of countries and colors.
Rossana Figueirêdo, Brazil
The semicircle = "U" of UNION + big star + vertical direction = “E” de EUROPEAN; The biggest star represents currently members of the EU. The three smaller stars suggests that the EU is dynamic and open to new members. Variations can use the color white and partition the semicircle in 24 parts with different shapes and colors symbolize the diversity of culture, language, tradition etc.
Philipp Ruch, Germany
What we, the EUROPEAN UNION, did and what our politicians failed to do is best represented by the deportation of the women, children and old men in SREBRENICA on July, 12th in Potocari, Bosnia-Herzegowina. We should meet our GUILT in our symbols of PRIDE. Imprint the moments of shame in symbols of glory.
Romana Negovetic, Croatia
The power of the 27
Asma Al Kuwari, Qatar
A dictionary definition for a flag is: "a piece of cloth, usually rectangular, of distinctive color and design, used as a symbol, standard, signal or emblem." For my design, I have chosen colors similar to the colors of the current flag. I decided to make the background darker and the yellow brighter. This is because I looked at the meaning of colors and found out that: 1- Yellow is associated with happiness, intellect and energy and is also an attention getter. 2- Dark blue symbolizes intelligence, confidence and truth and also represents knowledge, power and seriousness. The emblem is placed on the right according to the golden mean. I was inspired by the design on the one euro coin. There are nine lines going through europe and each line carries 3 stars. There are 27 starts in total and they represent the 27 countries.
The Sun
Annette Agathine, Seychelles
Represents glory, splendour and fountain of life. The colour red represents action, radiance and love. I also believe that the sun gives energy and protection because nothing can ever survive without the sun.
the european dynamics
The European Dynamics The design is an evolution from the old flag incorporating the development of Europe in the past years. The blue represents the sky which is the limit of the continent. The different rectangles of golden proportions represent the diversity of Europe. The composition brings out the symbol representing European Union (EU). Represented in white shows the peace in which Europe exist and the composition brings out the fact that Europe's identity is its cross culture which brings out its true essence. The two dots depict the ever evolving and expanding nature of the continent…
The European Dyvexion Flag
The European Dyvexion Flag is a dynamic, vexillological combi-transformer flag. It takes into account the energetic processes of European policies, manifested in treaties and agreements. Open to future changes, it variably combines one element from coeval EU treaties’ and agreements’ cities’ flags each, adapted to the colour design of the current European flag. Star: Maastricht Crosses: Amsterdam Branches: Nice Boat with birds: Lisbon Grape: Schengen
The Media Eye
Vera Foppele, The Netherlands
Our views are created by what we see of Europe in the news, but every European country has their own media that show a different view. This recently became clear with the different views on how serious the swine flu was. I represent this with the logo’s of the national TV-stations, that together form an eye through which you can see the real Europe.
This design shows 6 stars of the original flag (indicating the 6 founding countries), "opened" by a double yellow line in the shape of a wave. The wave breaks apart the blue and lets the white underneath shine through, symbolizing that the EU's future is a "blank page" on which the current 27 member countries should write a history that's worthy of the ideals on which the EU was founded more than half a century ago. The use of blue and yellow is a reference to the previous flag and shows that you cannot build a future without acknoledging your past. The double yellow lines are a hidden reference to the Euro-symbol.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY is the main message of this flag. The small blue dots create a pattern that represents the diversity and the international community where the 27 white European dots are inserted. At the same time, it shows the immigrant importance in the Continent. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
EU 4 version 2
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
The four circles symbolize social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of eu. In the middle of them is a star like in a compass; wise decisions lead us to a better future.
Infinite diversity leads to togetherness
Chantal Nieuwlaat, the Netherlands
Infinite diversity makes Europe attractive > to be proud of > proud people feel connected > preserve and emphasize diversity Lemniscate: Loops: opposites that come together in the centre; opposites define the shape of the ‘whole’ Centre: togetherness and harmony; provides balance and neutralizes discrepancies, while preserving the unique characteristics of opposites Inner (white) and outer (yellow): intensifies the existence of opposites Colours: preserve recognisability
Erik Adigard, United States
Five pathways are converging. They are made of dots that are intended to symbolize the multiplicity of nations, cultures and people. The star is intended to appear anthropomorphic as well as convey unity. Together, these 11 dots define two concentric circles with a red dot at the center that symbolizes humanity. The blue ring symbolizes technology/economy, and the green circle symbolizes environment. As such this symbol is at once lines, rings and star.
Circle around the star (My idea 100.8)
All stars of the European flag - stylized in a big star who is famous for the large ЕУ-family. Circle around the star is a symbol of perfection and harmonious relations in the EU.
To change without forget the roots, because these represent the memory of people. We are looking for the essence in the unity of symbolic objects and in their reactions we implement to meaning. The different elements, in a circular motion, create an iconic image.
Monica Monzon, United States of America
this design is representing the diversity that europe has but also the unity different people creating a whole
europe ascendant ver 3
The idea of the 27 member states depicted by individual stars flowing into a larger ascendant star, distinct and yet part of a larger gestalt. The design is open ended, inviting and open to the possibilities of future alliances and a day when we will extend the idea of an united Europe to that of an united world as we search for our destiny amongst the stars . Three versions of the design have been evolved . this is version 3
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
The European Ring
The European Ring symbolizes a consequent continuation of the European ideas and symbols, An overall circular shape is the symbol for the ideal of completeness. Its golden band against the blue sky, stands for the European people. Two voids reflect openness, but also the process of forming and living the union. Through this, the ring includes crescending individuality and peaceful unity.
Sum of its Parts - Two
"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Dynamic, coordinated lines lead into a uniform whole, representing the peoples of Europe coming together to create one strong entity.
Trond Klevgaard, United Kingdom
The smile and the human face are timeless and international symbols. I hope that by adopting this rather naïve and wonderful imagery the European Union would be committing itself to always acting in a way that would uphold such a peaceful and positive image - both amongst its own citizens and abroad. If it failed to do so, the symbol would appear very hollow indeed.
Nex shape
Duprey, France
People,with same goals, are represented by mixed squares to form a new shape. "Equality" conveyed by the regular shape of the square combined with another similar figure. This new association creates a green square symbolising revival. A green center like an union of 2 colours: - the "blue" to symbolize the sky and occidental countries -the "yellow" to express light and life. There are the purpose of various people, federated in a common objective.
Various ways, one goal
Paulina Marjan, Poland
Configuration of fragments of circles symbolizes different ways to the common goal which we are trying to achieve. Their intersection represents permeation of cultural influences. The amount of stars is six as for from the mathematical point of view this is the first ‘perfect number’. The composition stands for the openness and the opportunity for different cultures, languages, traditions and believes to mix.
The shown design symbolizes citizens of the UE from different regions, holding hands(cardinal points directions) in order to group together into a symbolic circle representing unity. One star as the common symbol for each country representing the new European Star, born as a result of the peoples' wish to create a single community.  Flag colors – Blue (understanding, liberty), Yellow (youth, trust), White – (purity, peace).
Vision 2010MU 2
Matjaz Ucakar, Slovenia
Vision of new Europe flag design is bond between the nations, strenght through connection, circulation of ideas, diversity of everything (different colours of rings), interplay and commitment to European Union. Plain design gets out from the blue surface, it has a great visibillity and it's easy to remember. Version with separeted contours.
Jasper van den Boogaard, The Netherlands
The flag shows an abstract map with connections between the countries of the European Union. All members of the EU are somehow related to each other. The metaphore of a wheel mechanism is the most important point in the visualization. This represents the network of expertise with the individual influence of each country.
No votes
Though the european union is a fact, her inhabitants have a strong tendency to vote against further development of the Union. In fact, there is a strong tendency towards nationalism. Hence, there is a strong no-vote towards the union. The stars are low-rated empty.
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"CONTINENT" The image of the European map was inspired from the idea of europe's goal towards integration and one European community. The blue background implies the stability and solidity of Europe.The color of blue and yellow was used as it is identified with Europe for decades.
Rimantas Špokas, Lithuania
This symbol means human being as most important element in the world. We can see a man or a woman with raised hands, circle and flower blossom as symbol of peace and good. White colour means light and life, cleanness and joy. Blue colour means sky space, water and fellowship.
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"EUROSTARS" The idea of integration and one European community is the inspiration for the five interlinked stars. The stars represents stability, unity, cooperation, peace, and prosperity. The positioning of the stars may also be viewed as a letter "E", for Europe. The image of stars and the colors blue and yellow were not totally abandoned to establish a continuation to the current symbol.
The sun, the moon and an open community
Jens Menke, Germany
This flag representates the occident and the orient and an open community where everybody can live an is an open mind and heard. The europeans are not locked.
Looking Through The Hole
Erik-Anton van Dun, The Netherlands
Europe is not a fixed term, it is the combination of the actual countries and their inhabitants and the unity these countries form with each other. This unity is a steady factor within Europe, but the countries and inhabitants are very divers. Therefore the symbol must be able to change according to the surroundings in which it is used. By literally cutting a hole in the symbol the combination of the steady factor and the variable surroundings becomes visible, making the true final symbol.
star mix
The idea of this symbol is to give the existing European flag elements-stars and circle, a new shape, new dimension adjusted to the present, past and future of the European Union. Stars representing the EU members join the circle, union, forming the letter E-for Europe.
27 Stars (white)
The 27 stars of varying shades ranging between blue green and orange portray the diversity in culture between the 27 countries in the EU. The centre focal circle represents Europe and utilises the same shades of blue green and orange as the stars to depict the flavour and culture that the countries bring to the EU.
Best Flag
Mateusz Skrzyniecki, USA
The 12 pointed star represents a new version of the 12 stars on the old flag. Stripes add movement to the flag. Colors remain the same, and white is added in order to make the flag more interesting.
Europtimism (ver.3)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
trough time
elena bufea, romania
on the blue fundal it is three yellow circles with three hands[white, black and yelow]patterns of existence trough time of the human races on our continent
europe in motion
ton davits, the Netherlands
One star represents all members, and future members of the European union. One star in motion symbolises Europe in motion. This star is located behind the slash because the ultimate information you are looking for is always located behind the last slash. The star as well as the slash are world wide well known symbols so easy to recognize,to understand and to remember in each culture all over the world. Kind regards, Ton Davits
bandiera europea
Lanozzi Francesco e Vecchi Alessandro, Italy
The flag represents Europe futur
Broken star
The European Union today is the Exstar both physically and politically divided, on its west and east, south and north, past and future, bureaucracy and the people who represent.
Iva Risek, Croatia
Blue, yellow and white colors are integrated in the new design for purpose of combining old and new concept. Combination of strings all connected to a strong and unbreakable bond that represents what the EU really is - a unity of separate entities that are intertwined. All unique, all irreplaceable.
respect on different lines
Sarah De Houwer, Belgium
Dear, I have designed my flag in the function of "the growth of Europe. The round in the middle of the coin and also the connection between all the countries now belonging to the EU. The lines represent the rapid growth also means the differences of people who are connected with each other, they also face the word respect and freedom. The colors I chose for my feelings, which I think is THE color for the EU,This was a introduction for my work.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
One Team
Paulina Kosma, Poland
A lot of different but similar elements, a lot of different but similar people. All we create One Team - Europe.
European solidarity.
t, England
This design highlights the solidarity and togetherness of the europe.
European Flag 2010
Nadeschda Broere, The Netherlands
The choice of a twelve pointed star reflects the original European Union flag design with the twelve stars. The use of the colours blue and yellow also refers to the original design of the flag. The circle in the middle of the star symbolizes openness and unity. The horizontal yellow line represents the horizon from which the twelve pointed star rises.
Alternative lifestyles
Alain Delluc, Karen van de Kraats, Adriaan Mellegers, France, The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Europe as a leader in environmental engineering where artificial intelligence is used in support of education & the creation of know-how.
Circle of diversity
Katarina Laus, Croatia
Silhouettes of people,representing europeans of all nationalities,rases and religions in 5 colours. Differences that connect people,not separate them. All on familiar blue european background.
tony, cro
28 members-28 stars proportion of golden ratio 1,618x1m
The central symbol represents the original circular design, faded out to show that this is an icon that is transitioning. The addition of two new star circles depict an emergance of new europe. These circles show a new unified europe and the addition of new cultures and countries. The intersection of these circles depicts an ancient symbol for diversity. Both of these values reflect a new europe: neurope.
The Star of Unity
This proposition is composed of blue background, which symbolises power, confidence and integrity, and a star, known as Star of the Muses, which is an ultimate symbol of unity. The colour of the star is yellow and this conveys a further meaning, namely knowledge, hope and support. All of these meanings are a summary of the virtues and beliefs of the European Union.
Unbroken chain
Katherine Taylor, United Kingdom
The flag represents a chain with no weak links, that only functions if all links remain strong. They are arranged in a circle to give the message that all are equal and are just as vital to keeping the chain together. The blue represents the peace, honesty and trust that people have worldwide in the European Union, but shows the variety in different people with different shades.
Satto, France
The heterogeneous circle is becoming a 12 branches flower/sun with a unifying star in the heart of it. The 12 branches which symbolises the differences (countries, cultures...) are now designing a single shape to reinforce the union spirit. The colors remains but the yellow become warmer and the blue deeper... "Europe is all, Europe is one".
amandine andrea, reunion island - france
the blue simbolize the europe, the yellow star the countries.There is movement zen.
modern stars
Paulina Kosma, Poland
Modern Europe and modern stars in the sky. Stars like city lights of european great cities.
I see changes in Europe as a water in nature experiences interflow. Different nations, different cultures, all under one roof, are making Europian nation
Pawel Miszewski, Poland
Form of infinity united by pure ideas and life-giving sun. The horizon always changes within one movement. Sign combines both E letter and U with a perfect twist.
Encompassing Diversity
Les Powell, UK
I believe the new design should retain some of the current flag features in order to take advantage of the 'brand recognition' which has accumulated over the 24 years of use. The primary and secondary colours represent the cultural diversity and mixing of the European people with the circles being retained as symbols of unity and equality.
To bee one of the hive'
Remy Rond, Nederland
Honeycomb (infinitely) expandable strong construction optimal mathematical use of space: ( Reference to bees working together for the common purpose Round solid shape protection, cohesion 7 elements reference to Europe as one of seven continents Colors Dark blue strength, integrity, stability Green growth, harmony, fertility Yellow prosperity, intellect, energy Aqua protection, safety Cyan health, consciousness Magenta tolerance, respect, diversity Purple power, wisdom, dignity, ambition White benevolence, perfection
New European Flower
Each petal of this flower symbolizes a place on the map for every country member: their right to be, coexist and integrate. The union of each petal resembles the joint act of cooperation between each one of them, hence creating a bond with fellow European citizens. Colors to represent each nationality, paired up directly with their complementary. A flower to symbolize life and constant evolution.
Our hope
A polysemous symbol: the word “Europe” (institutional register) is related to the word “hope” (emotional register). The alliance of both is inevitably solar.
European Directions
Ben Kuplien, Germany
The design symbolizes the directions of a compass, showing that Europe is open in every direction and expands according to the directions of the arrows. 12 arrows, since the occident uses 12 for the calendar, the clock, in mythology, geography. I retained the color coding, because it is well known in the world and also used a certain resemblance to keep the design recognizable, like one would do with a good logo redesign.
Samantha Hagymassy, Netherlands
I have chosen to design a logo for Europa that is simple and recognizable. The cube in the middle of the circle represents the diversity, versatility and the multicultural society of Europa. The circle around the cube represents the countries of Europa as one. The colour green stands for everything Europa should stand for that is hope,piece and stability but also progress.
Vision 2010MU
Matjaz Ucakar, Slovenia
Vision of new Europe flag design is bond between the nations, strenght through connection, circulation of ideas, diversity of everything (different colours of rings), interplay and commitment to European Union. Plain design gets out from the blue surface, it has a great visibillity and it's easy to remember.
Sun for Europe
The creation myth of beautiful Europa. Zeus metamorphosed as a white bull get the confidence of the princess. When she sits on his back, he kidnapped her across the sea. This reference symbolises the commitment to common roots (Greek culture as cradle of democracy) and values like human rights and democracy. The bull symbolises also Power and Stability, the Sun (=Europa) the light of human mind.
Stars of continents
Piotr Kosmaty, Poland
Stars still on a blue field. Star in the middle represents Europe. Smaller stars represent people from other continents who are now living in Europe.
EU New Symbol_g 001
The Alliance
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
Two yellow horizontal bars (related to the ones of the Eurosymbol) meeting each other on a blue background - with a wink to the creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Yellow:C 2; M 11; Y 88; K 0. Blue: C 99; M 78; Y 0; K 0.
Europtimism (ver.4)
Youngha Park, South Korea
It is a reinterpretation of the existing flag. I duplicated the twelve stars by rotation and applied the twelve major colors from european countries' flags. The number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity. I look forward to the future of Europe with optimism.
Guilad Kahn, France
A simple design, easy to replicate, easy for anyone to draw. Clearly derived from the original design, and easily recognizable as such. 1 star represent 1 continent, reaching out to 5 continents with its 5 points, it represents unity.
Unity Diversity Tolerance
Steve Hunt, United Kingdom
Unity,Diversity and Tolerance are the three principles on which the European Community are based. The design utilises these fundamentals as a conversation piece.
Kurt Niedermeier, USA
New Europe Logo...
Taylor Holland, United States
This flag takes a circle and positions it according to the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. The design is symbolic of the rising sun of a new day and suggests both the idea of rebirth and inclusion (inside the circle). Magenta has been removed from the blue color field to lighten the mood of the flag.
"Indicator 01"
Johan D. Bosman, The Netherlands
One strong star of Europe. It's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality! Colours: Blue: C 83; M 34; Y 3; K 0. Yellow: C 1; M 24; Y 96; K 0.
The Influence of a Yellow Star of a Blue Flag
Joris van Meegen, The Netherlands
I kept one of the stars that are on the current flag and 'broke' it into 4 pieces. The big piece represents the first 6 countries that started the whole EU process. The 3 other parts, featuring smaller pieces, represents all other countries that currently are, or want to become part of the EU. The circle around the star symbolizes a united community, something the EU wants to radiate.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY AND STRONGNESS are the main messages of this flag. The small white dots inside the diamond (the hardest gemstone and the most valued one) represent the power of the 27 European countries in the international community. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
EU Flag 2
Blue Evans, France§
Blue background paying homage to current flag. The yellow representing happiness and prosperity. 27 joint circles representing the 27 EU countries with the central star representing unity.
European coexistence
Zvonimir Cacic, Croatia
The new symbol of Europe represents the european effort to achieve a perfect coexistence between many people, cultures, traditions and believes in Europe. This is ever changing and never ending process. New symbol retains characteristics from old one (yellow star and blue background) but in a new way. The process is represented through star which is not fully shaped.
Zeki Metin COKTAN, Turkey
The original 12 founders (outer circle of 12 stars), still preserving their independence (still separate stars), are getting more and more flexible (stretching stars to hold each other's hand) by welcoming new members acting the same way (inner circle of 12 stars) in order to constitute unity (center circle) through the participation of all members.