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A new symbol for Europe

These are the 1400+ proposals we received for ‘A new symbol for Europe’.
An international jury selected twelve symbols, which were printed on flags and exhibited on various locations.

Looking Forward
Ellie Carter, England
The flag design represents the unity of the EU coming to together and moving forward to a brighter and successful future as a whole. The colours strips are to represent the percentage of all the colours featured within the EU countries, with the colours merging into an arrow that is moving forward into the white background that represents clarity.
A new vision
My design express an universal way of communication. I decided to write the word Europe in the universal Braille language by using the yellow stars from the current flag and its blue background one communication and symbol which concerne everyone.
The british film maker and artist once said: "The blue sky is an illusion, behind lies infinite black". Behind Europe's blue flag lies no infinite black, but a complex world of relating situations. Until today the europe was a "connection of places", from today europe is a "place of connections". One star symbolizes that. Same but different. Stupid but smart. That is, why there is no need to design a new flag, but instead to change the existing. Certainly this "strategic" idea will get proposed by other designers in similar ways: and that is good.
An human being upright
The circular form of the current symbol is preserved but simplified. Combined with the “E” of Europe, it evokes a man who advances towards the future.
Europe is like a warm blanket. i dont lose my individuality.
E stands for Europe
César Puertas, Colombia
Many languages are spoken in Europe but only 3 main alphabets are used: latin, greek and cyrillic. The three of them have the letter E in common as the initial of the name of the region (Europe, Ευρώπη, Европа). This proposal is based on this fact (that will hardly change) and represents the continuity and viability of the European project by means of 3 golden, horizontal, continuous stripes that wave just as the flag istelf would.
The infinite field of unknown possibilities
Janneke van Kester, The Netherlands
The symbol is based on the unique decision triangle of the EU and molecules. Because the space between molecules contains an intelligence which stipulates the look of something. It is the infinite field of unknown possibilities. The 3 contours stand for the 3 components of the decision triangle. There are no borders in the symbol. That shows that the EU is open for all kinds of different cultures.
Steve Hunt, United Kingdom
The 3 elliptical shapes form firstly the horizontal cross bars of the typographical letter 'E' in forward moving formation. This formation depicts the forward thinking movement into the future. The three elements are also deigned to visually represent 3 fundamental aspirations of the region that are; Unity, Diversity and Tolerance.
Natural Europe
Sergio Mingo Ruiz, Spain
Design remember the standart since first star, although it starts to change. Acid yellow / Light blue gradient contributes it, offering a new cool natural european concept with graphic rythm. New logo developes two concept; Integration ( multicultural society ) and Environment Respect . First / Gradient grow in twelve steps, since tradition ( yellow ) until integration ( blue ) , last step is the conexion with the original background blue, this is the color integration. Second / Right half stars circle ( green ) alludes enviroment respect and get up natural values.
Robijn flag
Martijn and Robert, The Netherlands
All the countries are different but they work all together and in our flag they are all together as one country as well in the middle.
Kalina Ntampiza, Greece
All different cultures in Europe interlink and create a loom, to form the star of Europe that connects us all.
Star of united Europe
Jessica Dresselaerts, Belgium
My design consists out of a transformed star which stands for a united Europe. I have chosen for the traditional colours of Europe, to keep the recognizability.
Times they are a-changin'
Victor S., Italy
The twelve stars change their positions from the original clock circle into a logaritmic spiral. This kind of geometry come from the anciet knowledge of golden ratio wich has all along fascinated man for its infinite and intrinsic meanings. Further than wisdom, the spiral reprensent the movement, the evolution, the idea of “a-changin” time and give a more enthusiastic interpretation of a strong impulse for the new millenium.
The EU new flag
Sayana Gonzalez, Argentina
The abstract symbol of the flag represents a triangles of three hands coming together it is a symbol of unity and contribution. the colors are white representing harmony and bleu representing calm and peace
Life tree
david areshidze, georgia
In this symbol composed tree (as life symbol), sun with seven point (as power and new beginning symbol) and circle (as union symbol)
Diosdado Buncab, Philippines
"EUROSTARS" The idea of integration and one European community is the inspiration for the five interlinked stars. The stars represents stability, unity, cooperation, peace, and prosperity. The positioning of the stars may also be viewed as a letter "E", for Europe. The image of stars and the colors blue and yellow were not totally abandoned to establish a continuation to the current symbol.
roberto enrique salazar palacios, mexico
geometric shapes and aligned with each other, forming a trejo that symbolizes the union of races. colors represent the different cultures in conjunction with each other forming a whole
The night become day
Rúbrio Nóbrega, Portugal
The sun has replaced the stars. The day will prevail over night. Europe has become a beacon of light to the world. White for peace. Yellow for a better future.
Big order
Elena Diaz, Colombia
It indicates the evolution of the circle formed by stars to a star composed of circles of various sizes as a symbol of social and cultural diversity, immersed in squares, allowing equality and respect. The circle as symbol of perfection, uniformity and lack of distinction or division that although apparently limits, is open to transcendence and evolution is considered permanent and undivided whole. The square is taken as a symbol of order, emblem of the world and nature, the four elements, the four cardinal points are identified as de big square.
Color blind
Slaven Božić, Croatia
The idea is to represent Europe as it is, place where all have same chances regardless of their skin color and everybody is considered a citizen.
Europe Outline on Blue Field
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
Inspired by the UNASUR flag, this design's main feature is the map of Europe with the current European colours (blue and yellow). The ring around the map represents unity and the diaspora.
EU-Fleur-de-lis (My idea 100.1)
All European stars united in the great star (EU-FLEUR-DE-LIS) heraldic symbol of a united Europe as a home of equal peoples, languages, religions and cultures.
Positive Space
Taylor Holland, United States
This flag takes a capital "E" and turns it on its side, creating a "U" in the negative space. Magenta has been removed from the blue color field to lighten the mood of the flag.
European interconnectivity 2
Tim Holmes, England
Again, symbolises interrelatedness of countries, but incorporates tertiary flag colours.
bandiera europea
Ferrari Silvia, Italy
Europe is a continent with a common and in Europe many people work and live.
The place where sun sets
I'd like to express about Europe's various colors that is symbol.Five of colors combine each other that means EU is very flexible each country. And EREB means that it's the place where sun sets. RED : EU's passion BLUE : EU's ocean GREEN : EU's nature BROWN : EU's ground YELLOW : EU's sun
Perspective 2
Patrick McCallion, Northern Ireland
The six stars are representative of the six inhabited continents, with Europe central. The stars also represent each individual and how every star is as important as each other. Europe's star is central to show how other stars from around the world are welcome and can make one big star. Learning from Northern Ireland, I have learnt that in “Perspective” we are all the same.
The game
Men and doves are playing.Men are turning into doves.Together they are representing freedom,democracy and the power of EU.
Expansive Union
Robinson Brunetto, Brazil
The expanding central star with twenty seven intersections formed by the union of circles represents the nerve of an European Union in a cultural and economic expansion. The set of color represent the diversity of this dynamic multiethnic union capable of adapting to modern art languages.
river of stars
The design follows as an evolution from the present Eu flag where the stars as a river flow through the circle of unity . Just like the river assimilates everything in its flow the idea of europe has to emerge and evolve from the awareness of a common shared destiny
Transform is inspired from transforming round to star shape. star is well known for european falg, To indicate indication of joined many communities we have transformed circle to star. These transformation images will show diff regions identities.
Unity in variety
The seven sided yellow star on the blue background stands for peace, justice and refers to the old flag of the Counsel of Europe / European Union. The coloured circle parts stand for the unity in variety of the different populations with their own identity, language, traditions and values. The heraldic orientated colours refer to the colours of the flags from the participating countries.
Spring awakening.
Frank Gruber, Germany
On the fertile soil of freedom flourishes Europe – a sprout fertilised with the spirit of equality and tolerance. The sprout symbolizes innovative energy and vitality. Although it is rooted in a certain area, it is always on the move. And finally the sprout is growing up to a colourful bloom – just like the European community.
EU Flag, 1 and 2
No explanation
Bert Moritz, Germany
… is there a better symbol?
United Twenty-Five Stars sans Band
Brian C/Jordan Penny, NZ/US
Here the current flag's colours are used, plus white, for peace. Each star, including that in the center, represents a member in the UN. The outside white circle stands for unity abroad, while the inner golden one is for unity within. The "E", of course, stands for Europe.
Mains 2
Franziska Holly, Mirja Vollgraf, Germany
We took every european country and indicate them in form of circles. One can also see them as burls. All circles/burls are interconneted with eachother. The circles/burls are yellow and the background is blue. So we get recognition value to the old EU flag.With our design we want to show that Europe has changed, one is adjunctive, a community and hold together.
Ivan Krizan, Croatia
This design consists of two elements: blue rectangle and white capital latin letter U. Blue rectangle symbolizes open space and white letter U literally symbolizes union, and also in color, since the white is a “union of all colors”. Those two, when put together, create a new symbol - a capital letter E, symbolizing Europe. Both symbols are strongly connected and cannot exist separately.
Sven Bjelan, Croatia
Rings are making a chain that represents a range of European countries formed in circle. Rings are firmly bounded to each other regardless of that some are large and some small.
Global Europe
Tim Holmes, England
This design symbolises the global influence and application of Europe's principles. In essence, their universality.
EU New Symbol_d 003
All of the world but EU marked!
Ilpo Jäykkä, Finland
Stylized eternity signs form a circle which presents the globe. The circle and the eternity signs present continuity; Europe is an ongoing project and a process, Europe is an idea. Colours Green: environmental awareness White: the colour of prism together create it; We are Europe. Blue: an allusion to current sign; a historical continuity.
Unity In Diversity
Circle is symbol of completeness.But modern Europe is changing towards progress.So, half circle divided by a straight line represents progress,many small circles of different sizes represents the different cultures, languages, traditions and believes of European countries.Blue color units these countries.
bandiera europea
Guzzetta Rosa e Sif Dine Amal, Italy
The European tree eats and live of all colors.
5 senses, 1 europe/
Bob Jones, England
The success and diversity of the European Union rests on the ability to communicate in an informed and diplomatic manner. This dynamic emblem of 5 circles represents the 5 senses. Its through these senses every person in Europe can enjoy and be part of the international community,have an opinion. This modern and clean design is flexible whereby circles can be arranged in any manner of formations. A diverse, versatile logo for a modern society.
Maria Reniers, netherlands
The Wave stands for water, the connection of all life forms of earth, and earth itself. We in Europe are in movement to make the connection with another, work for a better life. With respect for nature and his elements. Water also connects Europe with all continents of the world. It is an open symbol with all colours in it.
Multifaceted one Europe star
You sell the product by spotlighting what is unique about it while casting a shadow on its competitors. The strength of Europe is not about stars that stand next to each other in a circle, but the unity of its heterogeneity. Its multifaceted culture should make it strong. The one star is composed of the different colors of the flags used in Europe (members, candidates and other European countries).
bandiera europea
Figoli Alessio, Italy
My banner simbolize the union of state and the guitar simbolize the music, and this unite all peole.
gate in better place
Marijana Mikulic, Croatia
the original sign of euro is making door who are taking us in better place on this world, and that is EU
The Stars Of Unity
While still keeping the 12 stars, which we all know symbolises unity and perfection, these are now proportioned in the same way they would appear on the Euro - also enclosed in a circle. This design is more consistent. The colours, however, remain the same because they are internationally recognised as the 'EU' colours.
Judit Klapka, /
My flag contains all the EU countries in 2010. The first countries (Belgium, France, Hollands, Luxemburg, Germany and Italy) who founded the EU and then the others in the order of the date when they were voted to be the part of the EU. In alphabetical order.
people chain
gonçalo bruno, portugal
The "People chain" is: every person is a link, each nation is a set of links. Some big some small, but solid form this great European power. All together hand in hand to make a greater common good.
The Political Cultural Narrative of the European Union
This flag represents the historical expansion of the European Union. In ’57 the precursor of the current EU started off with six countries; in ’73 three; in ’81 one; in ’86 two; in ’95 three; in ’04 ten; and the last two countries joined the EU in’07; and possibly more will follow in the near future. This open design concept articulates the political and cultural narrative of an incremental and evolving civic identity of the European Union. It shows the intervals and it has an open end. There is no logo, but a visual language instead. Knowing about the story of the past is essential to develop perepectives for the narrative that lies ahead.
michele Luttik, The netherlands
This sign of the salamander is an old symbol of enduring faith, courage, changes, growing and that cannot be destroyed. The difference between the colors and sizes shows the variation between all the human cultures within Europe. By make the circles transparent it need to shows the open borders and strong stable connection between the countries.
bandiera europea
Figoli Davide, Italy
The flag rapresentation alla cultures and all peolple of UE. The white line indicate the uniy.
The woollen formula
My flag is a knitted blue flag on which a yellow formula is embroidered. This formula contains the various European unions, explained by the official country codes, and shows that different countries are European, according to different definitions. My flag represents the opaque, complex and 'woolly' image (a Dutch expression) that Europe has for me. What Europe is, is difficult to explain without a formula.
Falling Star
Sanne Dietz, Nederland
The strenght of the wind is more powerfull than the stars in their original circleshaped position.The stars are forced in the lower angle, because the stars have lost treir strenght. The twelve stars are symbolizing harmony and solidarity, unfortunately those powerfull words aren't always lived up to it. We should be a union again.
EU New Symbol_d 002
All of the world but EU marked!
equal in creating better future
Anna Katarzyna Plotecka, Poland
A new symbol for Europe is for me the equality sign. It means equal chances for every country in creating better future of European Union and democracy.
Waleed A.kawi Saleh, Yemen
Combined of water waves indicating the sea that surrounds Europe from most sides .. And which is considered as a big blessing from God. Also a shield of four hands holds each other together as a meaning of community/group power. Color is chosen to be unique.. There is no such color in any flag exists..!
Dario Elio Nubile, Italy
The flag represent an evolution of the actual one, where 12 stars become a big one, meaning European Union and its green color is the hope for a better world. There are some common elements remembering the actual flag: circle, star, the blue and yellow colors. The yellow circle represent equality and it has the same dimension of the stars circle in the actual flag.
bandiera europea
Giovanelli Riccardo, Italy
The significate of this flag is that all the other four continent, rappresentate with their four colors ( red, yellow, black, green)are now present in Europe and the different ethnic group are stir in Europe.
Taylor Holland, United States
This flag takes the 12 existing stars and expands them to 27, (the current number of EU states) repositioning them to suggest infinity and expansion. The design is flexible enough to allow for the future inclusion of member states.
Open Star
Open Star: i have left the ends of the star open to signify a willingness to expand and let other countries in. the colors are meant to show the diversity of the union itself.
Transparent flag
Roberto Voorbij, The Netherlands
With this design I plead for a symbol of the EU that administers justice to the dynamic, heterogeneous and transparent actuality. The current corporate identity which has been designed following the marketing rules of consistency and coherency corresponds not enough with reality. By making the flag literally transparent it will merge with its surroundings, change in time and form an honest reflection of the EU.
The design is inspired the Phi ratio . The underlying unity in the diversity of life is a perfect metaphor for the myriad peoples ,socio cultural and geo political influences that are shaping the Europe of the future . The phi star seems to grow organically both inwards and outwards and contains infinite stars symbolizing the confluence of hopes and aspirations of the people of Europe in an interconnected web
Andrea Caviglia, Italy
When you see a shooting star, you make a wish. Here, we have 8 star, 8 like the symbol of infinity: the non countable possibilities that you can have when you mix different coulters. The graphic result of this is a nest: a lovely place where the new generations can grow.
A New Star
12 stars join together to create one in a dynamic flow of people, ideas and cultures.
The EU flag
Caroline Barske, Germany
The world represent the global aspect of the EU. Mainly the EU is trying to bound and bring countries together. To live in freedom and as one unity. The Map represents the nations which belong to this union. The blue and yellow is the trademark of the EU and as a high recognition value to it.
The independent unity in variety
The seven sided yellow star on the blue background stands for independence, peace, justice and refers to the old flag of the Counsel of Europe / European Union. The coloured circle parts stand for the independent unity in variety of the different populations with their own identity, language, traditions and values. The heraldic orientated colours refer to the colours of the flags from the participating countries.
United We Shine
Orio Tonini, Netherlands
The 27 states get united becoming one glowing star, a dynamic composition of golden individual stars rotate together at the centre of the blue: together the stars loose their edgy individuality to become a powerful luminous sphere. They all have the same intensity but only as one they reach the full power of brightness.
Europe flag 2
Yellow stars defines the projection of Europe and symbolizes all Europe's countries.The "E" of Europe is the extansion of stars, it's the result of Europe. The "U" of Union got the same color as the background the show unit. We do nothing any more but one.
Merging in the Circle
Erhan Ay, Turkiye
This logo which is the constitution of a proper circle by the combination of two independent forms, expresses intercultural merging and an effort to build a new world.
In Varietate Concordia
Marcel Oosterwijk, The Netherlands
Unity through diversity. Converging and diverging rounded stars, grabbing into eachother. Necessary colour familiarity with the previous European flag.
Starry Map
Sandro Vrbanus, Croatia
The design is a simple decomposition of the current EU flag, trying to resemble a geographical map of Europe. The flag represents a strong eastern joint between Europe and Asia, and the openness to the Western world through the vast Altlantic Ocean.
bola azul
Alejandra Idiarte, chile
The ring is the union. European Union the word that contains it.
Branchy star-4
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
European Union grows from the unity of diverse parts and different colors, it branches and continues to rise in communion with each new member. Blue background as a symbol of trust, loyalty and as a continuing idea of existing European symbol for their recognisability.
The Sun of Europe
Kayo Takasugi, USA
The brightest star at the center that shines countries, cultures, and people of Europe.
This design represents unity, solidarity stronger than the existing symbol for the EU. The stars are united in agreement, the collective ring of leaders unified in stance affecting not just a singular region but have a global influence. A new global perspective on the flat arrangement of stars. Continuous and timeless, the unity is one for all, all for one... The new symbol for EU
jenny storey, england
The shape is the middle section of the Celtic symbol for unity, which I narrowed down to remove the possibility of people reading it as a Celtic symbol. The colours that are used, including the white background, are the four most commonly used colours in the flags of the European Union.
colour cube
Andras Herczku, Hungary
The flag reminds of a jigsaw puzzle. The cubes as if freely can be shuffled they would be. The white part is free place indicating reception in the middle. The colour palette spiral into a shape it is growing dark.
Artur Demianiuk, Poland
new symbol for Europe
Organised multiplicity
Teija Lammi, Finland
The design bases on a grid, as there is an institutional grid behind the European Union. This democratic grid enables freedom and independency. The square is a basic form, a solid base upon which to build and to expand. The number of the blocks is symbolical. The colours reflect natural and cultural diversity as well as a dynamic, progressive and open minded Europe.
Simple Europe v1
The sign on the flag is a simple and effective symbol of the circle that represents the symbol of unity and fulfillment of the customs and the diversity of different nations in Europe. Colors remain unchanged, mutually complementary.
Marco Grieco, Portugal
UNITY AND STRONGNESS are the main messages of this flag. The small white and blue stars inside the diamond (the hardest gemstone and the most valued one) represent the power of the 27 European countries in the international community. It’s simple and has the dynamic possibility to evolve as the Europe Union grows.
europe a new symbol.
The three overlapping circles abstractly bring to mind the most geographically recognizable part of Europe. The outer circle can either represent the changing EU boarders and represents the possibility of growth, or simply a larger sphere of connection that extends beyond geographical boundaries with the world as a whole, through trade, culture, aid, design! family and friends.The overlapping colors represent the diverse spectrum of peoples, cultures, languages, history, ideas, and interconnectedness that is Europe. Also since The EU you is relatively young, the bright colors represent the youthful vibrancy of the future.
Be Europe
Each person is Europe, the icon symbolizes a person embracing everyone.
Organised Flux
Ivo Widjaja, Australia
The symbol illustrates the organised flux of change as it is represented by the symbol‘s simplicity and clarity. The circle symbolizes a unity in which various sub-identities, and cultures intermingled, as well as constructing the letter "e". The use of yellow and its complementary blue suggests an affinity with the existing Euro identity and demonstrates the coalescence of hopes and histories.
I chose the sign of victory which is especially strong in my country (Poland)that reminds me of solidarity and special unity between people. 12 hands are forming one big star which is a reference to the European Union flag.
Colorful garland-1
Ivana Mrcela, Croatia
Different colors, different people, nationalities together constitute a symbol of wisdom, glory and victory. Blue background as a symbol of trust, loyalty and as a continuing idea of existing European symbol for their recognisability.
European rings
Tim Holmes, England
This design denotes the working together and equal standing of european member countries.
Chris Bassett, United Kingdom
The formation of connected shapes creates an endlessly looping ribbon that symbolises unity amongst the countries of the EU. The shapes throughout the design are identical, indicating fairness and equality. The twelve connected segments and the colours used relate to the existing EU flag, aiming to continue the values already established. These segements, when connected together, form an unbroken circle, as a representation of the individual countries forming part of a greater whole.
Circle of Colors
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
A more colorful version of Hans Kruits proposal from 2005. The colors come from all the European members flags. They are sorted in chronological order, starting with Belgium at "12 o'clock".
What has changed is ... other than small details.
One Future
Anne Charnes, United States of America
The flag was designed to represent renewal and unity. The colors are lighter to revitalize the flag and show rebirth, but they are variations of the original colors, making it recognizable. Five circles represent unity and outline the center star, reinforcing the oneness of the European Union. A white stripe adds movement and represents forward movement. The symbol is off center to balance the design.
As One
The colours have been taken from the current symbol so as not to change the complete look and feel, it is still Europe after all. I have united the stars to be as one larger star showing the change in growth and collaboation of Europe. The semi-circle and 2 dashes are taken from the Euro, a widley recognised symbol of Europe.
Unified Harmonious Encounters
Ivo Widjaja, Australia
The symbol illustrates the ever-changing collection of cultures as Europe reaching out and embracing the globalized world. The circles symbolize a unity in which harmonious encounters of various kinds that have established and will manifest Europe identity. The use of yellow and its complementary blue suggests an affinity with the existing identity and demonstrates the juxtaposition of hopes and histories.
Based on the ethnic background of Europe's inhabitants, it has become a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. A new flag should symbolize these cultures
27 stars (EU members ) are presented on the flag as people holding hands and by that creating a two sided doors that are opened for welcomed new members. Holding hands also represent continuous communication between member countries and a new member that is waiting to enter will also be included in his cycle.
My next vision for a new simbol, could be a flower. Golden-yelow flower with petals (petals can be removed or added).