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Election posters from the German PDS party (1998) and the Dutch PSP party (1971)

Should the police in Europe wear one uniform in the future? We asked the people on the street.

Exhibition Norm=Form in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

One of the 12 selected flags for A new symbol for Europe? Victor Hertz, Sweden.

The Style of the State, book cover.

Succesfull first edition

Succesfull first edition


More than 80.000 visitors have visited the activities of The Hague Design and Government edition 2010, in The Hague, Berlin and Essen. In exhibitons, workshops, publications and discussions the relation between the government and the creative sector (architecture, public design and visual communication) was explored.

In the Museum for Communication in The Hague the exhibition The voter seduced? is on show until 6 March 2011. The Dutch and German election posters in the exhibition show how the political parties seduce the public to vote for them. Visitors of the exhibition choose the best poster; the poster from Dutch party PSP, made in 1971, with a naked woman, and the poster from German party PDS, made in 1998 with the word 'Geil', are number one at the moment. 

The parade Politie-Polizei-Carabi...., with police cars from all over Europe through the city center of The Hague attracted a large crowd. When asked about one visual idenity for the police in Europe, the majority of the people in the crowd answered with no, watch photos here

In the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag the exhibition Norm=Form, on standardisation and design was on show, curated by Timo de Rijk, professor Design Cultures at the University of Amsterdam. Norm=Form travelled to Essen in Germany, in the context of RUHR.2010, cultural Capital of Europe.

The international call for entries 'A new symbol for Europe' called upon graphic designers to think about a new symbol for Europe. More than 1400 submissions were received, from more than 60 different countries. Twelve designs were selected, printed on flags and exhibitited at various locations.

The Style of the State is a book on all the different housestyles from the Dutch governmental departments that are now being replaced by one new logo. Design Den Haag initiated this publication together with the Ministry of General Affairs.