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KABK students: Nienke Kersten, Arthur Reinders-Folmer, Kirsten Smit, Peter van der Weij, Sanne Wessels

Students Royal Academy of Arts design symbol for creativity

Students Royal Academy of Arts design symbol for creativity


What would you do if your mission is to protect birmese villagers from a opium drug lord, only equipped with an old car, wood drill, bamboo, fire ashes and some saki? Don't panic, just drill a few holes in the bamboo pipe and attach it to the car's exhaust. An instant smoke machine will arise and you can call yourself MacGyver. Isn't that creative?

Amongst many others, examples like this pass by when students of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) explore the different aspects of what we call creativity. Their mission? Designing a pictogram that represents creativity. Foundation Design Den Haag has addressed them to do so as part of the symposium Norm=Form in Leipzig on September 2nd, 2011. The Dutch students get the chance to present their individual designs during the symposium.

In their exploration it is required to go beyond the borders of strictly graphical design, and to see what kind of role such a pictogram would play in our society. Who is responsible for it? What kind of system is involved? How can people use it? Questions like this have been no exception and are handled with a little more than merely some duct tape and a swiss pocket knive. We are curious to see what kind of designs they come up with!