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über Standardisierung und Design

Saxony-Dutch symposium, September 2nd, 2011, Leipzig, Germany




Norm=Form, on standardisation and design

Publication and exhibition in Essen and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
[Download exhibition text and press release]

From left to right: Sikkens color series, Model of modular audio equipment (1957, Herbert Lindinger, ©Ulmer Museum/HfG-Archiv, Ulm), Diamond, Colt revolver (1851), book cover Norm=Form, computer models of Chinese heads (


The voter seduced? Election posters NL/DE

[Download press release]

From left to right: ARP (1925, ©Historisch Documentatiecentrum voor het Nederlands Protestantisme), CDU (1957, ©Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung), Trots op Nederland (2007)



Exhibition in Berlin, exhibition in The Hague, discussion in Berlin, discussion in The Hague and police car parade

[Download press release and text]

From left to right: Police uniforms from Europe (Bulgaria, Germany, England, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Luxemburg, Latvia, the Netherlands), Police cars from Europe (Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, England, Belgium), Proposal for a European police car by Fuenfwerken (Berlin); Proposal for a European police car by Ontwerpwerk (The Hague) (3x)


The Style of the State
The visual identity of the Dutch government

[Download introduction]

Book cover The Style of the State (Ontwerpwerk), 'the wall of shame', a collection of all the different government logo’s


Bright Flags,
A new symbol for Europe

Call for entries; more than 1400 submissions

[Download text and 12 flags]

From left to right:
'Symbol and flag for Europe' Bas Pronk, the Netherlands
'Night sky', Matea Topic, Croatia
'Europespace', Charles Bignon, Spain
'Spectrum', Viktor Hertz, Sweden
'Join the stars', Brunno Jahara, Brasil
'Unity in the European Union', Menelaos Vakhou, Cyprus
'United we shine', Orio Tonini, the Netherlands
Time on Europe', Jonathan Kischkel, Germany
'EU sphere', Rachel Graham, United States
'Colorprints', Eleni Iliadou, Greece
'Europe - united in diversity', Emilia Palonen, Finland
'Europtimism', Youngha Park, South-Korea