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The Foundation Design and

Government is formed by the supervisory board and the project office. For the event in 2010 an intendant was appointed who was responsible for the content of the programme. An advisory board supported the intendant with this task. The concept programme for Design and Government was initiated and formulated by designer Ed Annink (†2012), on request of the city of The Hague. On this page you can find an overview of the staff members and organisation of foundation Design and Government.

Ed Annink
Intendant 2010 (2009-2012)

Ed Annink (†2012)

Ed was responsible for the assembling of the programme for Design and Government in 2010. On request of the city of The Hague he initiated and formulated the concept of Design and Government. He was co-founder and owner of the design studio Ontwerpwerk in The Hague.

Intern (February - August 2009)

Annemarie van Noort

Annemarie, graduate in Industrial Product Design at The Hague University, has prepared one of the projects of Design and Government and conducted research for various other projects.

Advisory Board 2010 - Hans Maier-Aichen

Design advisor Hans Maier-Aichen is founder of Authentics, a design business for consumer products. He is a lecturer at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, Germany and a member of the German Design Council.

Advisory Board 2010 - Max Bruinsma

Max Bruinsma is a design critic and editor of the magazine Items in Amsterdam.

Advisory Board 2010 - Arno van Roosmalen

Arno van Roosmalen is director of Stroom Den Haag, a center for art and architecture.

Lukas Verwij_zw.jpg
Curator lectures/debates 2010, Berlin

Lucas Verweij

Lucas was dean at the Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (2005-2008), and manager at Premsela, the Dutch platform for design and fashion. At this moment Lucas initiates Design Platform Rotterdam. For Design and Government 2010 he developed the content for the lectures and debates held in Berlin.

Supervisory board, chairman

Guus Boudestein

Guus is owner and art-director of the design studio Ontwerpwerk in The Hague. He is Chairman of the supervisory board since 2013.

Programme assistant

Laura van Uitert

Laura is project manager at the design studio Ontwerpwerk in The Hague. For Design and Government 2010 she conducted research and was responsible for managing the various projects that took place.

Intern (May - August 2010)

Nienke Hollenberg

Nienke, graduate in Industrial Design at the TU in Delft, was assisting the project office of Design and Government.

Intern (January - June 2010)

Lisa Grahner

Lisa, product designer, has assisted the project office in organising various projects.

Advisory Board 2010 - Bruno Ninaber van Eyben

Product designer Bruno Ninaber van Eyben is owner of Studio Ninaber.

Advisory Board 2010 - Leo Voogt

Leo Voogt is director of the Netherlands Institute for Public Libraries (SIOB) in The Hague.

Eva Kuipéri.jpg
Supervisory board, secretary

Eva Kuipéri 

Eva is deputy administrative secretary and complaints officer at the Supreme Court in The Hague. She holds the position of secretary in the supervisory board of Design and Government since 2009.

Project office, Organisation

(October 2009 - April 2011)
Hester van Kranendonk

Hester was responsible for managing the project office and the organisation of Design and Government 2010.

Project office, Communication (January - July 2010)

Maaike Molenkamp

Maaike was responsible for PR and communication within the project office. She has also conducted research for the publication The style of the State.

Romy Krautheim.
Intern (May - August 2009)

Romy Krautheim

Romy, Architecture student at the University of Technology in Delft, has supported the project office in maintaining the website.

Advisory Board 2010 - Els van Odijk

Els van Odijk is director of the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam.

Advisory Board 2010 - Titus Yocarini

Titus Yocarini is director of the Museum for Communication in The Hague.

Supervisory board, treasurer

Hans Bergwerff

Hans is founder and partner of the tax consultant office Bergwerff ten Cate in The Hague. He holds the position of treasurer in the supervisory board of Design and Government since 2008.

Supervisory board, chairwoman

(2008 - 2012)
Liesbeth in 't Hout

Liesbeth is former director of the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She held the position of chairwoman in the supervisory board of Design and Government from 2008 till 2012.

Intern (January - June 2010)

Moniek van Adrichem

Moniek, master student Industrial Design at the TU in Delft, has assisted in realising various projects during her internship at Design and Government.

Advisory Board 2010 - Mateo Kries

Mateo Kries is curator at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

Advisory Board 2010 - Maarten Okkersen

Maarten Okkersen is head of Design and Productions at the Museon in The Hague.

Advisory Board 2010 - Gert Dumbar

Founder of Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam.