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Note from the editors:
We reserve the right to decline submissions which do not meet with our (sometimes subjective) requirements. Have a look on our website to see what kind of projects we aim at. We will not correspond about submissions, so keep an eye on the website to see if we accepted your project.


Requirements for sending in projects for Designed for the Government

We invite designers and architects to send in projects which are commissioned by the government.

 Send in your own project to
. 1 image: 72 dpi, 220 px wide
. facts: project title, year, location project, client, designer(s), link to projectpage in your own website
. text: English description (max 65 words)

. the project is in the field of design for public space, architecture or visual communication
. client is the local, regional or national government or a governmental service
. the project has a large public visibility
. the project shows the surplus value of hiring a designer or architect

Design for public space includes:
. functional objects in public space, like a bridge, or a square
. free accessible entrances from public buildings, such as a town hall or a library
Art and exhibition design do not have our focus.

Architecture includes:
. governmental buildings, such as ministries and embassies

Visual communication includes:
. visuability from the government to the public (police identity, fire brigade, ministries, ...)
. informing and promotional campagins by the government
. political campaigns
We don't place publications from the government for intern use or aimed at professionals.