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Design by Timo ter Braak and Jasper Terra

Proposal by Timo ter Braak and Jasper Terra to make the police more effective: by inflating the uniform.


A multicolour police?

A multicolour police?


Imagine a colourful pattern based on all flags of the 27 European countries. Make a uniform out of it. Stripe a car. And give them to... a European policeman. The designers of this idea, graphic students Timo ter Braak and Jasper Terra, are rewarded with a ticket to Istanbul for their design of a visual identity for the not yet existing European police. Both a uniform and a car will be produced on a 1 to 1 scale after their design. And what would a police car be without a sirene? Timo and Jasper composed a European sirene out of all 27 European anthems. In the coming months they will detail their design in order to present it to the public during the Istanbul Design Week in September.

This afternoon fourteen graphic students of the Royal Academy of The Hague presented their idea for a visual identity of the European police. The workshop resulted in seven very different starting points which are all interesting to start a discussion with. Some focus on the tension between the diversity and the unity in Europe. Some have a focus on the appearance of the police. And in some ideas both come together. The teachers Gert Dumbar, Michel Hoogervorst and Ada Lopes Cardozo and Ed Annink and Laura van Uitert (Design and Government) selected next to the proposal by Timo and Jasper, two other uniforms to be produced. The design of Bram de Leeuw and Romana Siemons is based on connections within the contours of the European countries. All countries would have the same dark blue uniform but a difference in the fluor orange pattern derived from the country's contour. Erik Muusse and Danisha Leliveld want to reduce the gap between the appearance of the police and (a part of) their target group with their design. A nice detail: soles and tyres that leave tracks that literally say 'police'.

Parallel to the Dutch students, Turkish students are working on the same project. All results of the workshop will be part of the exhibition and debate  Politie-Polis-Carabi... during the Istanbul Design Week. 

Timo and Jasper can present their design in Istanbul thanks to a subsidy by the Dutch embassy in Turkey.