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Photos: Saskia Nagel | © IDZ Berlin


Police uniforms from Bulgaria, Germany, England, Finland, Slovakia, Italy, Luxenbourg, Letland and the Netherlands, click here to see more uniforms.

Proposal of the design studio Fuenfwerken, Berlin for a 'European police identity': a basic form that the police in every country can use to make its own pattern, in their own chosen colour.

Proposal of the design studio Ontwerpwerk, The Hague for a 'European police identity': a shield containing much used symbols by police: a star and a friendly heart, in blue and pink.















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International Design Center
Address: Reinhardtstr. 52, Berlin
Entrance: free
Opening times: Monday - Friday,
11.00 – 18.00 hrs

In the media

14.10.2010 Polizeiuniformen mit Logo, Stern und Mütze, interview on DRadio (German/ English)

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IPA Haaglanden

National Police Agency (KLPD)

Politie Haaglanden

Royal Netherlands Marechaussee


Politie-Polizei... Berlin


Suits and hats

International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)
Monday 11 October until Friday 22 October
Opening 8 October, 7 PM

This exhibition has been on view in The Hague City Hall
(7-27 June 2010)

The police have the same mission in every European nation, but nevertheless, they look different in every country. The Dutch police are recognisable through the logo of an exploding grenade on top of a book of law, while English Bobbies wear a remarkably shaped helmet and Italian carabinieri have red stripes on their trousers. You’d rather go around the block once more when you encounter police in Spain, while you’d be happy to ask directions from a Danish cop wearing a light-blue shirt. How we experience the visual identity of the police is tied in with our cultural background. Does a government opt for authority or accessibility? This exhibition shows the commonalities and differences between police uniforms across Europe.

Opening, debate
On Friday evening 8 October, the exhibition will be opened and a discussion will take place on the idea of one visual identity for the police in Europe. The Hague-based design agency Ontwerpwerk and Berlin-based agency Fuenfwerken have tackled the question what a European police force could look like and visualised their design on a car. Both proposals will be presented this evening and discussed with the public.

Programme (language: German and English):
18.30 Doors open
19.00 Welcome by Cornelia Horsch (director IDZ) and Ed Annink (intendant The Hague Design and Government), presentations by Priska Wollein (Fuenfwerken) and Pieter Boddaert (Ontwerpwerk)
19.30 Discussion, moderated by Lucas Verweij: 'One visual identity for the police in Europe?' Erik Spiekermann, Jerszey Seymour, Karsten Henze

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