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Ed Annink on The Hague Design and Government

Joris Demmink receives the first copies of 'The style of the State'


Report symposium 'The style of the State 2010'

Report symposium 'The style of the State 2010'


Friday June 4, project team 1 Logo in cooperation with Foundation Design Den Haag, organized the symposium 'The style of the State'. The symposium took place at  Sociëteit de Witte in The Hague. About two hundred people coming from the government, design agencies and corporate design implementation agencies were present.

Chairman of the day, Guido Rijnja opened the symposium and gave the word to Ed Annink. Ed gave a short introduction on The Hague Design and Government and presented the book 'The style of the State'. The book was made possible by a collaboration between project team 1 Logo and Foundation Design Den Haag. This book gives an insight in the visual communication of the Dutch Central Government through the years, related to developments in Dutch and worldwide society of graphic design. The book (available in Dutch as well as in English) was handed to Joris Demmink, secretary-general Ministry of Justice. All visitors of the symposium received their own copy of the book at the end.

The third part of the symposium consisted of a presentation by Frits Spangenberg (research office Motivaction). Frits spoke about his empirical research passionately. In this research he distinguishes four civilian-styles. He pointed out that there is a shifting from one civilian-style to another and that the government should be aware of this.

Before the break the first edition of the 'corporate identity award' took place. The jury selected five award winners from almost a hundred submissions. The categories were printed matters, digital and spatial (3D).

After handing out the awards, Erik Spiekermann (German typographer, graphic designer and owner of design agency Edenspiekermann) and Lucas Verweij (design reporter) gave an interesting inside story on implementing the German government logo some years ago. This gave an interesting but also amusing comparison to the situation in the Netherlands.

To finalize, the chairman of steering committee1 Logo, Joris Demmink, closed the symposium. Joris showed his appreciation for the devotion of all people responsible for the implementation of the corporate identity of the government. 

source: Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst