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Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, with a Belgian  politie officer

Police officers in City Hall The Hague

Police officers in City Hall The Hague


Don't be alarmed. 22 Police officers stand in the Atrium of City Hall in The Hague. Officers from 22 European countries. They are 3 meters tall and all look slightly different. Yet they all have the same mission: order and security. The Italian Carabinieri had their uniform designed by Valentino, the Portuguese police from Porto has a heart on her sleeve and the police in Luxembourg has a beautiful white hat and boots. Some agents look stern, others have a friendly smile. Is it conceivable that all policemen in Europe will ever wear the same uniform? And what will 'the look' of this uniform be?

The exhibition Police-Polizei.. is on show till 26 June in the Atrium, City Hall The Hague.