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Proposal of the design studio Fuenfwerken, Berlin: a basic form that the police in every country can use to make its own pattern, in their own chosen colour.

Proposal of the design studio Ontwerpwerk, The Hague: a shield containing much used symbols by police: a star and a friendly heart, in blue and pink.

Carabinieri does not travel in pink

Carabinieri does not travel in pink


On Saturday 5 June, 12 European police cars drove in a parade through The Hague city center. Two were specially designed for this occasion. The Hague based design studio Ontwerpwerk and Berlin based design studio Fuenfwerken were invited to design a not yet existing identity for a 'European' police. Ontwerpwerk chose pink and blue, a heart and a star, and thereby gave expression to the 'sheriff' and the social role of the police. Fuenfwerken showed a system in which the national police are free to show their own colour and pattern, based on a basic shape. During the debate in the Princess Juliana Barracks, it soon became clear that the design of Ontwerpwerk was looked upon by the present international police officers as a Ken and Barbie car. The design made by Fuenfwerke lay closer to reality but was still lacking scope for national, heraldic symbols. In the end, one thing was for sure, the Carabinieri will never travel in pink, but nevertheless would not mind getting a speeding ticket from Barbie.