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Police uniforms from
all over Europe

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Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, with a Belgian  politie officer

Police uniforms from Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and Sweden

Police hat from Belgium, 'City police' (worn till 2000)

Current 'kepie' for male officers in Belgium (photo: Police Brussel)

Current 'kepie' for female officers in Belgium (photo: Police Brussel)

Police hat from England, Metropolitan Police

Police hat from Denmark

Police hat from Finland

Police hat from Austria, Gendarmerie

Police hat from Monaco, summer hat

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Police-Polizei Suits and hats


Suits and hats

Atrium, The Hague Town Hall
Monday 7 June until Saturday 26 June

The police have the same mission in every European nation, but nevertheless, they look different in every country. The Dutch police are recognisable through the logo of an exploding grenade on top of a book of law, while English Bobbies wear a remarkably shaped helmet and Italian carabinieri have red stripes on their trousers. You’d rather go around the block once more when you encounter police in Spain, while you’d be happy to ask directions from a Danish cop wearing a light-blue shirt. How we experience the visual identity of the police is tied in with our cultural background. Does a government opt for authority or accessibility?

This exhibition shows the commonalities and differences between police uniforms across Europe.

Debate: One European police force?
Saturday 5 June a debate is being organized about the visual identity of the not yet existing European police force. Two proposals by design agencies are being uncoverd about what a European police car could look like. You can read more about the debate here and please subscribe if you want to join.