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The current European flag is since 1986 the symbol for all European institution. But the design dates back to 1955, when the German Arsène Heitz designed the flag for the Council of Europe, established in 1949. Twelve is a symbol of perfection, completeness and unity (think about the months, hours and the zodiac). The circle is amongst all the symbol of unity and equality.

Rem Koolhaas proposed in 2001, at the request of the European Commission, this European barcode. The design exists of the colours of the flags of the European countries.

Graphic designer Hans Kruit about his proposal for a new European flag (2005): ,,The stars we change in one solid circle... A clear symbol, a nice round EurO.”

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01.03.2010 Boundless creativity!


All entries submitted before March 1, 2010, will be judged by the international jury during the month of March 2010. In two rounds, 12 designs will be selected by the jury. All submissions will be kept anonymously till the selection is made. The 12 selected designs will be announced in June 2010; the designers will be notified in May 2010. The jury’s decisions are final.


The call for entries is organised by Foundation Design Den Haag 2010-2018 in the context of the biannual Design and Government 2010.
If you have any questions, please contact our project office:
Hester van Kranendonk
+31 (0)70 313 20 60

A new symbol for Europe

A new symbol for Europe

International call for entries

We expected a total of about 400 entries and we have received an overwhelming 1416 ideas for a new symbol for Europe! The ideas are coming from 63 countries including 33 countries outside of Europe.

The current European flag with its twelve identical yellow stars placed in a circle on a blue field, was designed in 1955. Since then Europe has changed. About 30 million people from Middle Eastern, African and Asian origins are living and working in Europe. Besides these new cultures, the inter European immigration creates a new mix of cultures as well. In the last 50 years Europe has become a very fine maze of identities. What is the identity of this cultural, economical and dynamic Europe with its diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes? And what is the perception on Europe, from within and from the outside? How would a new symbol for Europe look like? Should it be one symbol? Or more?

Designers were invited to send in their design for a new symbol for Europe. 12 symbols will be selected by an international jury and printed on flags. The flags will be on show from May 31 through June 6 at de Hofvijver in The Hague.


An international panel of judges, representing the creative sector and the government, will choose 12 designs. The jury members are:

Gert Dumbar, Chairman of the jury
Graphic designer, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Alex Ward, Senior Curator of Design and Architecture, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Anna Bernagozzi
Professor Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris, France

Anniina Koivu
Design editor Abitare, Milan

Dinu Dumbravician
Head of Design Department National University of Arts, Bucharest, Rumania

Emily Campbell
Director of design Royal Society of Arts (RSA), London, United Kingdom

Ewa Kumlin
Managing director Svensk Form, Stockholm, Sweden

Guta Moura Guedes
Director Experimenta, Lisbon, Portugal

Jacopo Crivelli Visconti
Writer and curator, São Paulo, Brazil

Ludolf van Hasselt
Head of Representation of the European Commission in The Netherlands, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Mateo Kries
Head of Programme, Deputiy Director at Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Max Bruinsma
Head editor Items, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Timo Salli
Professor University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH), Helsinki, Finland

Tulga Beyerle
Managing director Vienna Design Week, Vienna, Austria