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In summer 2010 many activities

on Design and Government took place. This event entailed a cooperation between the city of The Hague and the German governmental Capital Berlin. Projects with a German 'schwung' are marked with a red berlin bear. The programme was composed by Ed Annink (†2012), Ontwerpwerk.

With 30 projects in The Hague, Berlin and Essen (RUHR.2010), 83.000 visitors, 1 hour television, 1 hour radio and lots of (inter)national printed and digital press we are inspired and encouraged to deepen and widen our research between design, government and society within the contours of Europe. Look here for footage of the activities that took place.

We thank the city of The Hague as an encouraging and financial partner, the Mondriaan Foundation and Dutch DFA for their financial support and we thank many other organisations for making this event successful.

Police_suits and hats.gif
Exhibition with European police uniforms in The Hague City Hall.

The police have the same mission in every European nation, but nevertheless, they look different in every country. English Bobbies wear a remarkably shaped helmet while Italian carabinieri have red stripes on their trousers. Read more

Biological German Currywurst in various café's.

You can try and taste authentic organic German Currywurst at various locations in The Hague in June. Go to Dungelmann Butcher’s, café bijHem, de Haagsche Kluis or Schlemmer for a German taste experience! Read more

The style of the state.gif
The style of the state.gif
Publication on the visual identity of the Dutch national government.

Following surrounding countries, the Dutch national government is getting one new look. All ministries will apply the same cross-government house style and all old house styles and logos will be phased out. Read more

The first floor.gif
Books on design and government in the National Library.

The National Library owns six million items that together offer 110 kilometres of reading material. Among the books, newspapers, maps and manuscripts there is a growing collection of publications on design and government. Read more

Government rules design.gif
Exhibition Schoon of Schijn in the Affiche Galerij.

Sixty designers from The Hague and Berlin comment on the pros and cons of government policy through posters. Read more

martin azua.png
Tomorrows election.gif
Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art.

Through the successfull application of various digital platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, Barack Obama proved that he was able to reach enormous amounts of voters during his election campaign. Could this mean that political campaigns will unfold themselves completely different in future? Read more

Research by students of the Haagse Hogeschool.

Design students developed concepts for  inter-European meeting places in parks and squares in European capitals. Read more

Exhibition on standardisation and design in Essen, Germany.

From shoes and kitchen cupboards to coffee mugs and computer programs: they are all standardised. The industrial demands for the development of standard types inspired designers like Dieter Rams and Piet Zwart, manufacturers like Braun and Thonet and educational institutions like Bauhaus to design good but cheap products. Read more

Exhibition on standardisation and design in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
Bright flags.gif
Outdoor exhibition with 12 proposals for a new symbol for Europe at the Hofvijver.

The current European flag with twelve golden stars on a blue background was designed in 1955. Since then, society in Europe has changed dramatically.
Read more

Police_police car parade.gif
Parade with police cars from across Europe.

Since recently the German police car is covered in blue stickers, while the Italian police force is proud of its fast Lamborghini. On 5 June police cars from across Europe will gather and drive through the city center in The Hague. Read more

The visual language of the German government

In Berlin buildings, forms and working spaces from local German governments have been photographed, the photoseries shows various displays of bureaucracy that we encounter in our daily lives. Read more

Exhibition on Unity and/or diversity for Europe.

Philippe Starck once said ‘I am a European, born in France’. But what exactly is it, this European identity?
Students from design courses across Europe have come to The Hague to jointly develop ideas about a visual identity for Europe. Read more

Research at creative bottom-up projects by the Stadsridders.

The 'Stadsridders' will research creative 'bottom-up' projects in various European cities. The first project they are investigating in Berlin is supported by Design Den Haag. Read more

Exhibition at Stroom Den Haag.

Hariton Pushwagner (1940, Oslo) is a controversial artist who, in the seventies, drew a 'cartoonesk' commentary on the fast developing urban architecture. Read more

Exhibition with German and Dutch election posters since 1918 at the Museum for Communication.

With election posters we quickly think of party leaders who look at us seductively, election list numbers that don’t say anything and sentimental slogans like ‘Fighting for the vulnerable’. Much less often we see still interesting images full of symbolism, such as artist Albert Hahn’s warriors from the 1920s, or the daringly naked woman in a field as featured by the PSP in 1971. Read more

Wanted creativity.gif
Film programme in Filmhuis Den Haag.

Designers and architects often work for the government as their client. However, some architects and designers develop their own ideas and initiatives and offer them to the government, because they think things can be better or different. Read more

Police_one european police force.gif
Presentation and debate at the Prinses Julianakazerne.

So far there are only a few visual means that connect the European countries. Think for instance of our number plates and European money. What could a European police look like? Read more

Exhibition with European police uniforms in the International Design Center in Berlin.

The police have the same mission in every European nation, but nevertheless, they look different in every country. English Bobbies wear a remarkably shaped helmet while Italian carabinieri have red stripes on their trousers. Read more

Around the table.gif
Creativity and government in discussion at the Lange Voorhout.

The Hague is growing. The city is considering expansion of its harbour, following other world cities, the Spui square is supposed to become a large cultural forum, and traffic is since recently diverted around the city centre. Read more

Exhibition with election posters from The Hague in the Affiche Galerij.

Sometimes they’re informative, sometimes they’re a call to action, sometimes they’re simply beautiful but don’t give away much about the party’s aims. A selection of historical election posters from The Hague from 1950 onwards. Read more

Bright flags.gif
embassies in Europe.gif
Debate on the future of embassies in Europe.

With over a hundred embassies, the Netherlands comes seventh in the global list, while The Hague hosts as many foreign embassies. What would happen if we were to let go of the notion of one embassy per country and thought of one European hub for economic and cultural collaboration? And what would such a building look like? Read more

Exhibition in the Affiche Galerij.

Students at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam have worked on the visualisation of a campaign for fictional social and political organisations. Read more