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Best election poster selected

Best election poster selected


During the exhibition period of our exhibition 'The voter seduced?', showing election posters from Germany and the Netherlands from 1918 onwards, visitors of the Museum for Communication in The Hague had the possibility to vote for their favourite election poster.
As the exhibition comes to an end at Sunday 27 March, we now have the final results of the poll.
The winner is a poster made in 1971, from the pacifistic socialist party. A naked lady standing in front of a cow in a meadow portrays vulnerability and joy, the word 'ontwapenend' meaning disarming, thus also referring to the issue of armaments, in that time a hot political issue.
Second place is for a poster from the conservative party VVD, made in 1986. The party uses this logo since 1967 and has changed it ever so slightly over the years.
A poster from the Christian party CDA comes in third, made also in 1986. On this poster the leader of the party is portrayed with the slogan: let Lubbers finish his job.